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Will you change your name after Marriage

Will you change your name after Marriage?

Amal Alamuddin, an accomplished and internationally-known lawyer, made headlines when she changed her name to Amal Clooney after marrying a certain George. Some criticised her decision, while many others are defending the now-Mrs. Clooney’s choice. While we didn’t follow every marriage tradition, the tradition to change your name after marriage was one that felt really right to me. […]

Photo Album Extinction? Don't let your Wedding Photos live in iPhoto!

Photo Album Extinction? Don’t let your Wedding Photos live in iPhoto!

Have you ever spent a holiday taking beautiful photos of everything you see, only to leave them sitting in an iPhoto album?  Even if you upload your favourite photos to instagram or Facebook, you’ve got to wonder whether it was worth hauling around an SLR and pausing before each cocktail or entree to capture the moment, for […]

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