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Gorgeous Mudbrick Winery Wedding on Waiheke Island

Anna Allport Photography

A South African girl meets a Kiwi Guy and they fall in love (sooooo in love) Everything about this wedding is oh so fab, from the their love story, the cool choice of tunes, their diy touches & of course that stunning venue, this wedding is refreshingly simple and unique and I am in love with it ALL!

Beautifully captured by talented Auckland based photographer Anna Allport, these images so perfectly portray the love between the couple and the happiness and style of this magical day.

A huge congratulations to gorgeous couple Melani & Joel, and a big thank you to the lovely Anna Allport for sharing these incredible images with Paper & Lace.

Anna Allport Photography

How did your love story begin?

Joel was on a rugby contract in South Africa in 2008. A school friend of mine introduced us. He told me I was rude  for not wanting to talk to him – that got my attention and a week later we went on our first date. We were inseparable, but unfortunately Joel had to come back to New Zealand. We started dating long distance and did holidays in both countries for the rest of that year until I moved to New Zealand to be with him.

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

Why did you say ‘YES’?

I knew from that first date. I thought to myself – I would really like to get to know him better. Every quality he possessed was what I needed in a partner with out me even knowing it until I saw it in him.

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

Tell us about your budget?

We decided that we would pay for most of the wedding and our parents would pay what they were willing to, or could put in. We put most of the budget  into the food as that was important to us, and kept cost down by lots DIY on decor and finding amazing suppliers. But in the end I did blow the budget – whoops!

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

What music did you play for those special moments?

A special moment was when Joels uncle Tony Williams serenaded us with the song I Cant Stop Loving You. It wasn’t planed so that made it even more special.  It was a memorable gift.

We had music playing the whole time thats 8 hours worth! The Dj thought I was mad and not to happy but he did it any way. I spend hours timing and getting the right songs to play through the whole ceremony. It was like being in a movie. It started with me and the bridesmaids walking down the ale to A Thousand Years by The Piano Guys.

When we were  pronounced husband and wife the music got louder with Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. We did our first dance to Michelle Jackson The Way You Make Me Feel, and the night ended with its Business Time by the Flights Of The Concords.

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

 What were your Splurge & Save items?

Splurge – We went to Rarotonga 3 weeks before the wedding on a ‘pre-moon’. I highly recommend doing this!  And we gave wedding gifts to each other. He bought me earrings that I wore on the wedding day and I bought him a watch.

Save – We made our own save the date, invitations and name cards, so easy and great idea  if you have the time.  Also I made all the table decorations. The bridesmaids from South Africa and Joel needed to jump in and help out to finish it up the week before the wedding. It was a big job, but we had great chats while wrapping twine around jars.

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Weddings are stressful,  but those little moments like walking towards your groom, that inside joke, special hugs and having beautiful people that you love share in that moment makes all the crazy before hand worth it!

However if I had to choose… we had a lot of overseas guests so transport was a big issue on Waiheke Island. I suggest hiring bikes or cars for overseas guests.

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

What advice do you have for future brides to be?

Suppliers recommended to you by wedding coordinators might not be the best for you and your wedding. Do your own home work. Choose someone that understands you, and your budget. There isn’t a one-size fits all when it comes to weddings, you are unique and the wedding should be too.
And most important: remember to be kind to your fiancé, families and friends. Everyone just wants the best for you both in the long run.

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

What was your inspiration or theme for the day?

Firstly I really wanted Joel to be involved, so I planned the wedding around Joel’s suit as he wanted a dark brown suit. I made a few look boards for him, took him out for breakfast and he chose what he liked. From there it was all about the venue and what would look good in that setting. I wanted things simple, but still us.

Anna Allport Photography
What do you love most about being a Mrs?

When I refer to Joel as my husband. I hear myself saying it and I get a little buzz every time. I love it!
There is something special about being married. I can’t  put my finger on it, but its great!

Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography
Anna Allport Photography

Photographer // Anna Allport Photography

Flowers // Verity Paper Flowers & Vicky from Wild Flower Waiheke

Venue // MudbrickVineyard, Waiheke Island

Hair for the bride and bridesmaids // Amy from Loxz Hair Auckland

Nails // Amber McIver from Verdo Nails, Parnell

Brides Make up //  Heather Vette

Bridesmiads Make up // Morgan – Ann Manson

Cakes // All three cakes made by Mary Wright from Food With Flair, Waiheke

Bridesmaid dresses // Dotti

Brides Dress,Veil and Hair Piece //  Hera Bridal

Accessories // Simply Italian

Groom Suit // French 83

Accessories // 3 Wise Men and Armani

Invitations // Made by the couple via Wedding Chicks

A Stylish Southland Wedding by Acorn Photography

Today’s stunning Southland Wedding is full of inspiration for the classic modern bride (and animal lovers!). Featuring a fabulous Grace Loves Lace wedding dress, a gorgeous couple, super adorable furry friends and a spectacular wedding venue 15 minutes out of Invercargill (the country’s most southern city), you can’t help but fall in love with every image by the talented Erin. Enjoy xox


Who Nathan & Erin Milne
The Hideaway 201

How did you meet?

We meet 9 years ago, at high school, in Nathans maths class where I had been moved in too – which is a whole other story!

In three words describe your wedding style…

Simple, classic with a modern/contemporary twist.


What music did you play for those special moments?

The first song that was sung was a song that Nathan and I wrote – it was sooo perfect! Khellsey-Anna performed it beautifully and our guests loved this fun loving song that started of the celebrations.

When I was walking down the aisle Khellsey-Anna sung a song by Emily Hearn called “Ships Need the Sea”. While signing the registrar we had another song by Emily Hearn called “Found a Heart” and after we were announced Husband and Wife we walked out to Ed Sheeran and Rudimentals “Lay it all on Me”.

Neil Chilton and Pearly’s band got our guests dancing right from their first song. For our first dance we had the song “Fire” by the Pointer Sisters then the band performed the night away adding in the odd sneaky Wagon Wheel tune throughout the night!


What were the save and splurge items for your wedding?

Saved on alcohol and catering as we could get our own in as well as wedding stationary and the cake as I had help from friends.

Splurge items include the venue, videographer and continuing the party for the next couple of days!

Did you DIY?

Yes, stationery, photos in frames of our parents and grandparents at their wedding, and other bits here and there.


What was the most difficult part of planning your wedding? And the most fun?

The only thing that was difficult was the guest list! I loved the whole process!

Do you have any money saving tips for engaged couples?

Don’t spend too much time or money on the smaller things that no one will notice or remember about the day. Remember what is important and what the day is actually about. A lot of things you can do yourself also.



Photographer Acorn Photography
 The Hideaway 201
Videographer Queenstown Wedding Video
Marriage Celebrant Judith Mitchell
M.C Guy Tallboys
Catering Country Manor
Flowers Rachel Reed Floral Design
Music Khellsey-Anna Atley
Band Neil Chilton & Pearly Music
Cake Tash Hamilton
Transport Jeannie Peebles “Little Miss Blossom” (Caravan) and “Billy the Bus” (VW Van) via Country Manor
Stationary Amanda Keen
Makeup Chloe Black
Hair Jane King
Brides Dress Grace Loves Lace
Bridesmaids Dresses Forever New
Grooms Suit & Accessories Hallenstein Brothers
Rings Michael Hill

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: 50 Years of gifts for him & for her

Your wedding day is such a momentus, important day in your lives, and celebrating your wedding anniversary each year recognises its significance. The day you celebrated your love, were legally bound to each other, and began your marriage in the presence of family and friends. Many couples also choose to exchange Wedding Anniversary gifts, but it can be difficult to find the right balance between traditional, sentimental and actually desirable!
Historically, wedding anniversary gifts were only for certain years. Prior to 1937, only the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversary had a material associated with it. In 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association issued a more comprehensive list, which associated a material for each anniversary year up to the 20th and then each fifth year after that up to the 75th, with the exception of the 65th.
I have created two journals especially for celebrating wedding anniversaries. Celebrate and I still do make the perfect first wedding anniversary gift, ticking the traditional box of being made of paper, and also being something sentimental that you will love to use. I still do is a wedding anniversary journal, with 10 pages of thoughtful relationship journalling prompts each year – best for the couple who want to spend a few hours talking through their relationship goals and what they love about each other. Celebrate is a larger memory book for recording special occasions, of which anniversaries are the perfect subject matter. With four pages of prompts and illustrations per year, this 200 page heirloom book has room for up to 50 years of wedding anniversaries.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts You Actually Want

According to Tradition:
The tradition of giving a specific gift on a specific wedding anniversary dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. I’ve put together the complete list of wedding anniversary gifts and ideas to help you celebrate each of your wedding anniversaries.
1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Traditional Gift Material: Paper
Meaning: It symbolises the strength in paper that comes from the interlaced connection of the paper’s individual threads. While there is a second, modern gift of ‘clocks’ we suggest that the traditional first wedding anniversary gift of paper is best.
Gift idea: gift our I still do wedding anniversary journalI still do is the perfect wedding anniversary gift (for any year) but what better time to start than on your first wedding anniversary! Other idea, this beautiful framed paper map heart print including where you met, married and live.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Traditional Gifts: Cotton
Modern Gifts: China
Idea: If you haven’t already, our linen memory book Celebrate is a beautiful second wedding anniversary gift, a space to record all of your wedding anniversaries for 50 years. Another lovely idea…. gift your loved one a set of beautiful new bedsheets for an excuse to spend the day in bed to celebrate your second year of marriage, or this adorable custom portrait.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Traditional Gifts: Leather
Modern Gifts: Crystal
Idea: Celebrate your third wedding anniversary with a trip out of town for a steamy weekend away, and taking matching leather carry-alls. If you travel further afield, take personalised leather passport covers too.

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Traditional Gifts: Fruit or Flowers
Modern Gifts: Electronics
Idea: For an electronic gift, buy yourselves a sleek new nespresso machine to enjoy together for your fourth wedding anniversary, or fitness trackers to reach your health goals.
5th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Wood
Modern Gifts: Silverware

Anniversary Gift Ideas: A cute silver spoon set like this ‘Spoonful of Strength’ (or entire cutlery set) makes a great silver anniversary gift, or a monogrammed wooden cutting board for something really personal.

After 5 years of marriage, consider starting  I still do – the perfect way to reflect on your relationship so far, and work on strengthening it too.

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Traditional Gifts: Candy
Modern Gifts: Wood
Anniversary Gift Ideas: It’s easy to tick the box for candy, but if you want something to keep, consider candy styled cufflinks or jewellery.
7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Traditional Gifts: Wool or Copper
Modern Gifts: Desk Stationery
Gift ideas: Wow your spouse with a new suit or scarf or a wool throw for the bedroom, or for a modern gift: or a nice piece of stationery to enjoy together for your seventh wedding anniversary. No seven year itch here 😉

8th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
Modern Gifts: Linens or Lace

8th wedding anniversary gift ideas: These personalised pottery pieces are adorable, and you can’t get wrong with a modern gift of lovely new bed linens.
9th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Pottery and Willow
Modern Gifts: Leather
Ideas: For traditional, a pottery mug-set to enjoy your morning coffees together, or celebrate your third wedding anniversary with a trip out of town for a steamy weekend away, and taking matching leather carry-alls. If you travel further afield, take personalised leather passport covers too.
10th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Tin or Aluminum
Modern Gifts: Diamond Jewelry
Ideas (I think this one’s a little too easy, diamonds it is!)
11th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Steel
Modern Gifts: Fashion Jewellery

12th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Silk or Linen
Modern Gifts: Pearls
13th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Lace
Modern Gifts: Textiles or Furs
You can’t go wrong with lace lingerie for a wedding anniversary, sex things up with something unexpected…

14th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Flowers
Modern Gifts: Gold Jewelry

15th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Crystal
Modern Gifts: Watches
While my husband would never go past a watch, Etsy has beautiful Crystal gifts, or you could think outside the square.

20th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: China
Modern Gifts: Platinum
Yes, from the 20th Wedding Anniversary onwards… it gets expensive! However, think outside the square for each of these. Diamond doesn’t necessarily have to mean purchasing a diamond stone or jewellery piece…

25th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Silver
Modern Gifts: Silver
30th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Pearl
Modern Gifts: Diamond
35th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Coral
Modern Gifts: Jade
40th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Ruby
Modern Gifts: Ruby
45th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Sapphire
Modern Gifts: Sapphire
50th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Gold
Modern Gifts: Gold
I hope this article has been useful in helping you find the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your spouse! If you enjoyed it, I hope you’ll consider the wedding anniversary journal and keepsake of marriage I created for this very purpose – I still do.

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