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A Beautiful Central Otago Wedding | Jim Pollard

We all know Central Otago is a dream wedding location but when Jim Pollard get’s behind the lens, the photo’s are ALWAYS amazing. Stunning scenery, a gorgeous couple and insanely beautiful images, today’s wedding is full of inspiration for a South Island shindig (and how gorgeous are the bridesmaid dresses!) Enjoy!

Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0001
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0002
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0004
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0003

In three words describe each other as individuals…

Kate about Manson Loyal, Fun, Generous // 

Manson about Kate Driven, Creative, Beautiful

How did you meet? 

We met through mutual friends in our hometown Dunedin, our relationship started as a friendship and grew from there.

In three words describe your wedding style…

Vintage, Rustic, Relaxed

Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0009
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0010
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0011
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0013
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0012
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0014
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0015
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0018
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0016
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0019
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0007
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0017
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0006
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0008
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0005
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0020
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0021
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0022
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0023
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0024
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0025
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0026
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0028
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0027
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0029
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0030
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0031
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0032
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0033
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0035
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0034

What were your save and splurge items for your wedding?

I splurged on the dress, saved on the decorations

What music did you play for those special moments?

Walking down the aisle –  Ho Hey, The Lumineers

Announced as husband and wife –  Happy, Pharrell

First Dance – Make you feel my love, Adele

Where did you go for you honeymoon and why?

We haven’t gone on the honeymoon yet but are planning to go to Thailand. We’re keen to have an adventure that combines relaxation and a few parties with plenty of swimming, exploring beaches and great food!

Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0041
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0040
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0037
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0038
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0082
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0039
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0042
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0043
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0044
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0080
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0045
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0046
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0047
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0048
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0049
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0051
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0052
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0053
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0054
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0055

What advice would you give to future brides to be? Any tips or tricks?

If you start to feel nervous or stressed remember that on the day the guests are your close family and friends who love you and are there to support you.

If someone gets lipstick on their dress you can use hairspray to remove the stain. Saturate the spot with hair spray, let it sit for 10 minutes, then dab it with a damp cloth or sponge. I know this works as one of my bridesmaids got red lipstick on her grey dress and this did the trick and averted disaster!

What do you love most about being married?

When you get married there’s a sense of your relationship deepening, you’ve both made this commitment to one another and there’s a shift in your perspective. You want to do the best you possibly can to make ever day more amazing than the last which makes life pretty wonderful. Calling each other husband and wife is actually pretty cool too!

Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0056
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0057
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0059
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0060
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0061
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0066
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0069
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0067
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0068
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0070
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0071
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0073
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0074
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0072
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0075
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0076
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0063
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0064
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0065
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0077
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0078
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0079
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0088
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0089
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0090
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0091
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0085
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0087
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0086
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0083
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0036
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0084
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0097
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0092
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0095
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0093
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0094
Jim Pollard Goes Click - Central Otago Wedding Photography_0096


Photographer Jim Pollard Goes Click
Flowers The Flower Room
Hair Kylie Hayes and Nelson Morrison – Moha Hairdressing
Brides Dress Designer Raimon Bundo
Bride’s Accessories House of Kavina
Bridesmaids Dresses & Accessories Liam from Ruby
Groom Suit Barkers
Groomsmen Ace Suit Hire
Venue The Winehouse
Catering In2Food
Invitations Paperless Post

Chic Meets Rustic – Wedding in 115 year old family woolshed

Today’s gorgeous wedding is the perfect blend of elegant + rustic! A good dose of kiwi flavour, a traditional church ceremony, a 115 year old family woolshed (with a seriously chic twist), you can’t help but fall in love with Jared + Sarah’s big day! Enjoy xox

Who Jared (LJ) & Sarah Weir (nee Press)
Where Woolshed, Mangatarata Station, Waipukurau
Guests 120

Our love story began… in 2011 at a ‘Frat and Sorority’ Party. Turns out sneans and plaid pleated skirts were the way to each other’s hearts.

I said yes… on the 30th of December 2015. LJ called a ‘family meeting’. We were sitting on our deck with Harry (his son) and our two pooches. He said he had all the things he loved sitting around him, and produced a stunning ring he had designed with Jaime Lucinda, followed by “What do you reckon?”

Our wedding inspiration was… City meets country. We were lucky enough to use the most stunning 115 year old family woolshed, with some beautiful decorations and lots of scrubbing we managed to turn it into a dining hall.

We saved by… using a family woolshed. Sheep were shawn 4 days before the wedding which added a little stress, but my beautiful bridesmaids were there scrubbing the floor once the wool had been taken away.

We splurged on… Stunning decorations from Miss Frou Frou (Hawkes Bay) – beautiful silver cutlery and Waterford crystal glasses.

Our advice to engaged couples… Always have each other’s back.


Photographer Bespoke Photography 
Flowers Melissa Jane Flower Studio 
Venue Mangatarata Station (Mathew + Gemma Barham)
Catering Kate Lester Catering
Hire Company Miss Frou Frou
Hair Abby Schofield Hair
Makeup Envie – Melissa Campbell
Cake Organic Ash
Celebrant Father Paul
Brides Dress RSVP Bridal Couture, Hastings
Brides Accessories & Shoes Dune London
Bridesmaid Dresses Juliette HoganWitcheryShona JoyVeronica Maine
Grooms Suit & Accessories Rembrandt
Rings Jaime Lucinda
Music Mix Tape Brothers

Ways to Strengthen your Relationship like these Everlasting Hollywood Pairings

Personally, I don’t know anyone who has became “boring” when they get married, and thanks to these hot celebrity couples, marriage is getting a reputation reboot!

Boring Old Married Couple?

Well deserved too, I don’t know where the expression “Boring Old Married Couple” came from, but there’s nothing boring about starting a shiny new journey together as newlyweds, heading on a (hot and steamy) honeymoon and even just growing up while having fun with the person in the world who’s craziest about you!
Whether you’re a celebrity or not, yes, marriage takes work (like everything else in life worth having). No two marriages are alike, and each couple has their own ‘something special’ to keep the love alive, so if you’re feeling even the least bit ‘bored’ or ‘old and married’, take a look at these Hollywood pairings and remind yourself how cool it is that you found the one, too.


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

These two are known for keeping it real when it comes to their personal life, and they aren’t afraid to share aloud. Chrissy loves to tell it like it is and inspires couples worldwide by speaking out about topics many consider off-limits, such as her experiences with postpartum depression.
Chrissy and John are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and are constantly praising one another’s successes. With a toddler (and a baby on the way), they make sure there are always enough hours in the day for family time, and time just for them.



A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Chrissy and John’s marriage secret: Keep the relationship fresh and exciting. Chrissy and John are often travelling and/or have to spend time away from each other. Organising date nights and putting effort into their time together helps keep their relationship strong.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi

Hollywood’s most iconic same-sex couple, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi have been married for almost an entire decade! Both have said that it took a while to find each other, but they are blessed to have found it. Finally being able to marry once same-sex marriage became legalised within the United States was a monumental moment for the couple, and inspired many same-sex couples around the world to also signify their marriage.


@PortiadeRossi and I got married 9 years ago today. Being her wife is the greatest thing I am.

A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

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A post shared by Portia de Rossi (@portiaderossi)

Ellen and Portia’s marriage secret: They are each other’s best friend. Ellen and Portia make time for each other, documenting their special moments on their journeys. Planning vacations and getaways and continuously reminding themselves of how lucky they are to be in each other’s lives.
Read more: Remind yourselves of what’s special about your marriage with I still do wedding anniversary journal.

🌈 Just incase you didn’t know, all of our books including the little white book wedding planner is gender neutral!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Meeting as kids on the set of ‘That 70’s Show’, then reuniting many years later, falling in love, getting married, and starting a family, Ashton and Mila have one of the most adorable love stories, and one that the public has loved to follow.
Both insisting they are still very much in the ‘honeymoon phase’ of their relationship and are both still head-over-heels in love with one another.

Ashton and Mila’s marriage secret: Starting off as friends before embarking on a relationship allowed Ashton and Mila to get to know each other before becoming romantically involved. Both have said having the stability of a friendship created a solidarity for the couple – hence why they are both still so in love!

Jay Z and Beyoncé

Sharing their recent relationship struggles, Jay Z’s cheating scandal, through their music – Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and Jay Z’s “4:44albums, Queen Bey and Jay Z have proven to the world that marriage is not perfect. Opening up publicly about the cheating allegations against them, and their decision to work on their marriage, shows that marriage does take work and in order to keep a marriage together, communication is key.


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage secret: Music. Music has been Jay Z and Bey’s outlet. They have been able to keep their marriage together by expressing themselves through their music and using it as their way of communicating with one another, and their fans.


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Two years into their marriage, Sofia and Joe appear as in love as the day they met – each constantly gushing over the other during interviews, they’re each other’s number one supporter. Keeping the romance alive with date nights and reminding each other how lucky they are to have found one another are just a couple of ways Sofia and Joe have officially become one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples!


Sylvia Weinstock cake. ❤️😘😘😘😘😘

A post shared by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

Sofia and Joe’s marriage secret: They appreciate and value being in each other’s lives. Both have spoken in interviews about how fortunate they feel to have found each other, with Joe once mentioning that he married his “celebrity crush”.

Victoria and David Beckham

Posh and Becks have been one of Britain’s (if not the world’s) biggest ‘it couples’ for over two decades. Both with highly successful careers and having raised a beautiful family, they also maintain a strong marriage. Though they’ve faced rumours and tabloid tattle from time to time, Posh and Becks are celebrating a marriage of 18-years with 4 beautiful children, and frequently show their unwavering support for each other. Read How do we stay in love?


My #VBPreSS18 Contrast Leather trousers and Polo Neck have arrived! 😘 Head to my website to get the look now! x VB

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

Victoria and David’s marriage secret: Having time for family and time to have fun is an important part of keeping their marriage alive. Making sure they set aside time for themselves as well as making time to spend with their children is what makes their family dynamic still work after almost two decades of marriage.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Finally getting to marry once same-sex marriage became legal in the United States, Neil and David are happier than ever after celebrating 3 years of marriage. The two have seven-year-old fraternal twins and are often spotted taking family vacations or trips to theme parks.


I got married three years ago today. Thanks, David, for choosing me. For challenging me. For creating a family with me. For being a safe space that I can call home. And for your bountiful love. Happy Anniversary. 💕@dbelicious

A post shared by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

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A post shared by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph)

Neil and David’s marriage secret: Finding ways to keep the love alive in their marriage and understanding what defines their relationship is how Neil and David have been able to keep their love strong for the last 13 years.

Keep your love and marriage alive!

It’s totally natural to have a lull from time-to-time, but your marriage should definitely be fun for the most part. Being in a relationship is completely different from being single because you have to consider another person’s time, feelings and schedule – which can lead to less freedom and spontaneity. The trade off, of course, is that someone is also considering your feelings and your schedule, and hopefully finding room to fill it with happiness and excitement wherever possible. Read Awkward Conversations All Couples Need to Have.

Like the glamorous couples above do, make time for each other and cherish each other’s successes.

  • Go on a date! Be it as casual or glamorous as you are up for, head out and make your day or evening together the priority.
  • Tell your significant other how good they look, when you’re heading out together.
  • Talk about your favourite memories together, whether your honeymoon, recent holidays, or the way you met and fell in love.
  • Discuss issues as and when they arise, and work out how to best navigate any potential problems before things get awkward or uncomfortable.

Working through I still do couples/wedding anniversary journal together is an ideal way to get things on the table, talk about your hopes and goals for the future, handle any hurdles along the way, and cherish your marriage.

How to plan your wedding according to your Zodiac

The full moon last night got me thinking (don’t even get me started on the Mercury retrograde December…*) about all you newly engaged babes planning your nuptials, and the importance of realising that not one wedding planning style suits everyone. Sure, we all need to cover the same important stuff like starting your wedding budget and writing your guest list, but what does astrology say about your wedding planning style?
*Incase you didn’t notice, Mercury retrograde is when the planet is apparently moving backwards when viewed from earth, sending conversations haywire, scalding carefully laid (wedding) plans, and seemingly wreaking havoc on everything from important work contracts to your iPhone and computer.


Your Star Sign, the Planets and Your Wedding Planning Style

Here’s how to plan your wedding, according to your Zodiac Sign and ruling planet. Each planet has an effect on our astrological makeup, and, in turn, our personalities and organisational style.

The ARIES Bride – Chaotic Passion!

Ruled by Mars, the Aries bride’s wedding will be one of high excitement and passion, and your wedding planning style will be of a similar vein. The Aries bride moves FAST with wedding planning, just like she does in her relationships, career or lives in general, so don’t be surprised if you’ve somehow got your wedding venue booked before you even announce your engagement.

Beware… Often more confrontational ‘Rams’ can find themselves butting heads with friends, family and wedding planners, due to their boundless energy. Be aware of this and don’t be in too much of a hurry to rush through planning your wedding without really thinking about each decision and vendor you book. The little white planning pack will help with that, giving you a very detailed checklist and FAQ for all the wedding vendors you work with, to ensure you are both on the same page.

TAURUS Wedding – Why the Bull is the most Beautiful Bride

Ruled by Venus, the ‘Bull’ pays close attention to details in all things, so wedding planning will be no exception. Drawn to all things beautiful and romantic, your ruling planet Venus – planet of love and attraction, will be your guide towards a picture perfect wedding.
Beware, this is a lavish affair – the Taurus bride won’t spare any expense, so stay on track with your wedding budget, and consider using the budget spreadsheet, as well as your little white book.

12 month wedding planning relax

The GEMINI Bride – Non-stop fun!

Geminis, you lucky brides-to-be, you are practically designed to plan your weddings: happy to let other people help out, while you have fun along the way, planning an understated but elegant wedding!
Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, making Gems the chatty, friendly babes they are. Happy to let their BFFs and bridesmaids take the reigns, fuss and organise your wedding for you, ensure YOU are still having enough input in your big day (even though you’ll love it whatever it is!). As well as getting amongst all the fun of the parties, do take the time to think about what marriage means to you, and how to make your ceremony personal and special. Don’t let the fun pass you by in a whirl either, take notes throughout the year in your little white book, and when it comes your vows and wedding speeches, you’ll have plenty to draw from.

Wedding planning with CANCER and the Moon!

The moon rules one’s moods more than any of the planets, so its significance to your wedding planning style is equal to any other. The moon instils the Cancer bride with palpable emotional energy, she is sensitive and sentimental. Your wedding ceremony will be personal and special, and the wedding itself oozes culture and uniqueness. Thoughtful vows, seating arrangements and tear-jerking speeches are the Cancer bride’s specialty.
What to look out for: sentimental Cancer won’t want to leave anyone out, so starting and sticking to the guest list can be a struggle. You will make sure everyone feels welcome, loved and special, but ensure you have time for those most important to you, by keeping the numbers reasonable. Throughout your wedding planning experience, of all the Zodiacs, you are most in need of taking time for yourself too. Take stock, relax, and reflect on your wedding plans in your little white book – the sentimental in you will love to look back on it in future years to come.

LEO – The Bold, Assertive Wedding Planner

Oh LEO, you Sun-ruled superstar, I cannot wait to see your wedding! Leo brides are not easily impressed, their powerful, fiery presence demand a big, bold and expensive wedding. You’ll need the best venue available and the most luxurious feel to your day – not to mention the fashionable statement you’ll want to make with your wedding dress.
While you should soak up every moment of the attention your lavish wedding extravaganza ensues, make sure you plan a wedding that’s all about you, the right way. Of course, you’ll also want to keep stock of the wedding budget, and when it comes to the big day, let go of the reigns, trust and relax – we all know you’re the boss!

The VIRGO bride (It me!) – Multitasking, organised precision and confidence (Perfection, right…?)

Like Gemini, this Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, but rather than chatty gem, we see Mercury’s energy in the Virgo Bride’s multi-tasking ability and capacity for organisation.
Executing wedding planning to-do’s with ease, you’ll be through the 12 month planning checklist within days (I booked my wedding venue 4 days after getting engaged).
While every single detail is important to Virgo, your fault-finding ways can have your friends, family and bridal party at their wits end helping you strive for perfection, and you also need to learn to let go. You probably don’t need me to tell you to keep on track of your wedding budget or your little white book checklists, I know you’re already working through it religiously.
Oh, and ensure to give thanks to everyone for their help, rather than merely giving constructive feedback!

The LIBRA’s Wedding Planning Style – Exquisite, Romantic Perfection

Libra and Taurus are the charmers of the Zodiac, sharing a ruling sign, though the Libra Bride is more likely to use their charms to achieve social harmony. Your ruling planet, Venus – of love and romance, further fuels that diplomacy.
The Libra bride needs everything to be in balance, with absolute, exquisite perfection. The goddess of love and beauty demands a wedding of soft, feminine perfection, a scene from a bridal magazine, with touches of love and romance throughout.
So, how does that affect your wedding planning style? While peaceful and loving, you can also be moody, stubborn and indecisive. Indecision is fraught with difficulty when wedding planning, as you need to be firm with your choices – a change of mind is difficult and expensive. Trust your instincts, Libra, and work with your partner. You also find it difficult to say no to anyone, and as a result can get stressed out too.
Take stock, relax, and reflect on your wedding plans in your little white book – the sentimental in you will love to look back on it in future years to come.

The SCORPIO Bride – Cool, Calm Collected

Scorpio born are passionate and assertive people, but mysteriously manage to stay cool, calm and collected under ruling planet Pluto. Resourceful and smart, you may wish to undertake some DIY projects, possibly leaving them til the last minute to finish off…

Your wedding itself will be exciting, you don’t do anything by halves, and Scorpio can be a little intense with their planning. You want it all done the right way (your way) and that’s a non negotiable.
I suggest you work closely with your bridal party, allow them to help out now and then, and be flexible about your expectations. While you have a tough surface, we know you feel emotions more deeply than most Zodiac signs too, so don’t be afraid to lean on your fiance a little.

A SAGITTARIUS Wedding Planner – The Lucky One

Planetary giant Jupiter rules the Sagittarius bride, one of the biggest personalities in the Zodiac. Sagittarius wedding planners like to dream big, with possibly a little too much optimism (i.e. that Pinterest wedding that’s way out of budget
Often impulsive, the ‘Archer’ star sign will have fun wedding planning, perhaps leaving things til the last minute and maintaining a little mystery. When it comes to your wedding, though, you can’t leave too much up to chance. While you’ll want to try your luck and never want to miss a last minute exciting opportunity, you also need to get organised and stay on track with realistic timelines and checklists. Some things just shouldn’t be left to chance and luck, you know. Start your 12 month checklist now, even if you’ve got longer to go, and keep on track with the little white book, while leaving just a few things up to chance!

The CAPRICORN Bride – Disciplined, Structured Efficiency

With Saturn as this Zodiac’s ruling planet, Capricorn is renowned for her discipline and maturity. Sometimes referred to as the ‘authoritative figure’ of the Zodiac, the ‘Goat’ wields efficient, planning perfection – you’ll have organised the bridal party before they’ve even had a chance to say “Yes” to “Will you be my Bridesmaid“. Saturn and Capricorn crave structure – yours will be a well planned production with sophistication and class, you’re budget conscious, but not at the expense of quality.
With so many considerations to wedding planning, you may feel a little overwhelmed from time to time – there’s so many guests to accommodate, so many things to add to the wedding budget, and so many things to get structured and organised (with outstanding discipline and efficiency).
You’ll thrive using the little white wedding planning pack, keeping on track with the excel budget template, updating your guest-list spreadsheet and ticking off those to-do’s in the little white book.

The AQUARIUS Wedding Planner – Anything Goes for this laid-back bride!

Individualistic Aquarius is inspired by ruling planet Uranus, planet of innovation and originality. Expect surprised from an Aquarius bride, this will not be a mediocre affair. Unique, personal and totally original, the Aquarius reading this will already be thinking of what she can do differently at her wedding – and anything goes.
How to plan a wedding that’s all about you (the right way) is the first thing you’ll want to read, Aqua brides, while thinking about your style and personality all the way through. Aquarians love to inspire and create change in the world (the perfect Bride Tribe babes!).
While you want to plan a wedding that’s totally ‘You’, don’t feel too pressured to make everything original and unique, you still want to have a sense of cohesion, and ought not put too much pressure on yourself to change the status quo.
I suggest you choose a few priorities, and make those your projects, inspiring each of those with your own je ne sais quoi, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel at every turn. Being original and different can also be expensive, so keep an eye on the wedding budget.

The PISCES Princess – The Zodiac’s Cinderella Wedding

Finally, the Cinderella of the stars, the Pisces Princess sometimes has her head in the clouds, and wedding planning can be no exception. She gets her most obvious traits (sensitivity, imagination and spirituality) from ruling planet Neptune, and her wedding will be enchanting, magical and whimsical. It’s all about love.

As ethereal as Neptune’s influence can be though, it can also be pretty intense, and you may be disappointed if others don’t listen to your dreams, or tell you they can’t be done.
In your quest for the greatest love story ever told, and most romantic, beautiful and magical wedding imaginable, you’re likely to encounter a few hurdles, and at times feel frustrated and stifled by less fanciful things like the guest list and wedding budget. Don’t let your dreams pass you by though, in the midst of wedding planning, write down your thoughts, hopes, and what you are grateful for in the little white book as you plan your magical day.
Now that you all know your nuptial attitude according to your zodiac sign, make sure to get and stay on track with the wedding planning index. Happy planning star-crossed lovers!
little white book wedding planning organiser diary 2

The one thing you MUST do as soon as you get engaged!

You said “Yes!”, took a teary-eyed selfie and announced your upcoming nuptials to the world, but there’s one more thing you MUST do immediately…
When things go awry, mostly they’re fixable.  Whether it’s a wedding dress that’s too small (mine) or wedding cake smashed en route to venue (also mine), there’s few things that can’t be solved. However, if your engagement ring is damaged, lost, or even stolen, and you haven’t notified your insurer of your rock – or you don’t have insurance at all (seriously?) there is very little you or anyone else can do.

Nothing can replace the sentimental value of your ring, but if something happens to it, at least with adequate insurance, you can get your money back. Remember, if there’s an engagement ring on your finger, you need the little white book in your hands, undoubtedly the best wedding planner book for making sure you don’t forget anything important (like this!)
Ensure you’ve properly insured your engagement ring by having a quick read through the below. It could save you a lifetime of regret.

Insure your Engagement Ring

Of course, it will always be devastating to lose jewellery that represents something so special, but it would be so much worse if you were unable to cover the cost to replace it. In most cases, adding your ring to your contents insurance costs less than 1% of its value, and it’s worth it for the peace of mind alone.
As you may know, in a past life I was a lawyer and worked on some insurance litigation cases. Oh, and I lived in Christchurch until a couple of years after the earthquakes. Having adequate insurance is something I feel very strongly about.  So strongly, in fact that it’s included in our wedding planner book (the little white book) all of 5 times, to remind you (first steps checklist, budget pages, a note on travel insurance, a reminder, and yet another note on your honeymoon planning pages)

How to ensure you get Adequate Insurance

The most important thing you can do to protect your engagement ring, or other jewellery or special items is to have home and contents insurance (which also protects your belongings outside of the home too) and advise your insurer of your new acquisition as soon as possible.  Second to that:

  • Have the jewellery appraised by a certified jeweller, so that you have the right amount of cover;
  • Take photos of your engagement ring from all angles for proof of its style/design;
  • Hold onto your store receipt, or email yourself a picture of it;
  • Ensure your ring fits snugly, so you can’t lose it;
  • If you take your engagement ring off, keep it in a secure place – this is a requirement of insurance (put it in one of these beautiful velvet boxes (pictured below), and then in a safe);
  • Be especially careful when travelling (and have travel insurance);
  • Have your jewellery cleaned regularly, as the jeweller is likely to notice any loose stones or damage, making it less likely you’ll lose a precious stone.

Mistakes to Avoid!

Whatever you do, don’t make these engagement ring insurance mistakes!

Waiting too long to insure your engagement ring

Preferably, you should have the ring insured before your partner (or you) walk out the store with the ring in tow, and it should go without saying that if you’re picking it up duty free to save GST, you’ll need travel insurance for while you’re away too.

Assuming your engagement ring is automatically insured

If you have contents insurance (please, please do), insuring your engagement ring is as easy as notifying your insurer. Many people will assume that their insurance ring is automatically fully insured with your house and contents, but most insurance policies exclude jewellery over a couple of thousand dollars unless specified. Read the policy. One in five people, and a whopping 44 per cent of Aucklanders, have been unable to claim for high value items because they did not specify them on the policy.

Thinking your engagement ring is insured in every situation

No matter the insurance company, there are conditions, of course. Off the top of my head, if you’re irresponsible, such as leaving your engagement ring in the car or lending it to a friend, you probably won’t be insured. Take reasonable care.

Going on your honeymoon without checking the terms of your travel insurance

Like regular contents insurance, you’ll have to notify your insurer if your ring is worth more than the standard insured value under the policy when you go on your honeymoon. Once again, read the policy, and be aware you may have to specify its value under your travel policy too.

Exaggerating the value of your engagement ring

You’ll pay the policy based on the value you insure, but insurance can only compensate your for your loss, so you’ll be paid on the basis of the cost of replacement.  Over insurance or exaggeration will only cost you money. Get an official appraisal and tell the truth.

Under insuring your jewellery

When you notify your insurer of your engagement ring, you’ll have to confirm the sum insured. Don’t skimp on cover, because not only will you lose out in a circumstance of total loss, but if you under-insure, your insurer can under-pay you.

Paying too much for insurance

It’s worth shopping around and doing some research, you may even consider using an insurance broker. You may save money on all policies if you use the same company.

Keep your ring cosy and safe in one of these beautiful Velvet Ring Boxes (made by Yana in Ukraine) when you’re not wearing it.

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