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The legalities of Marrying in New Zealand: How to Apply for a Marriage Licence

It’s all very exciting planning your wedding, but without following the legalities of marrying in New Zealand, you’ll end up with a brilliant party but no spouse! NZ’s legal marriage requirements are fairly simple, the key element being to arrange a marriage licence between 3 days and 3 months in advance; and registering the marriage […]

What foods should you avoid when pregnant?

What foods should you avoid when pregnant?

What foods should you avoid when pregnant? Please say my brunch benedict with smoked salmon is still on the menu…? Heartbreakingly, no. On the 20th of September I said goodbye to anything involving raw, unpasteurised egg, raw or smoked fish, and rare meat, and began to scrutinise everything else. Pregnancy food restrictions are to avoid […]

found out I'm pregnant now what

My Pregnancy Journal: I just found out I’m pregnant! Now what?

I’m 29, I don’t use contraception, and I have regular sex with my husband… yet I just found out I’m pregnant and I’ve never felt so unprepared or surprised. To give you a little more perspective, I’ve had hypothalamic amenorrhea for around four years, rendering me infertile. I had my first period in February, and […]

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