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How to set up a Nursery

How to set up a Nursery before Baby arrives – Dorothy Waide’s Advice

How to set up a Nursery before Baby arrives The prospect having to create and set up a nursery can sometime be a daunting and overwhelming task. I suggest that you don’t leave this until you’re heavily pregnant and exhausted – but rather tackle it in the first or second trimester, when you’re hopefully still […]


What to do when you find out you’re Pregnant

The moment you find out you’re pregnant will be one of the most emotional and overwhelming feelings of your life – whether the pregnancy is a complete surprise or a long-awaited miracle, you may be wondering exactly what to do. Try not to stress, there isn’t a long list to follow, the most important thing […]

The best engagement gifts for the Bride-to-be!

Whether she’s your best friend, your colleague or even your daughter, we’re rolling out the red carpet of the absolute best engagement gifts for a new bride to be. Whatever your budget, these are thoughtful ideas for engagement gifts the bride will treasure. Cue the Celebrations… The Best engagement gifts for your Bestie BFFs, you […]

Bridal Bargains for a Luxe Wedding

Noone wants a “budget” wedding, but the reality is we’re all trying to plan the wedding of our dreams while spending comfortably within our means. There’s no recipe for unease like heading into your newlywed years with crippling wedding debt, and I’d much rather help you to plan and budget for a wedding you can […]

Wedding Dress of the Week – Counting Stars (NZ Made)

When I discovered this gorgeous unique star inspired wedding dress my mind was blown. White stars, silver sequins, european fabrics and wait for it…. the COUNTING STARS DRESS is MADE IN NEW ZEALAND by designers Bloom Blush! Whaaaaaat!? “The dress is unique and airy, and it is a perfect choice for a boho or a […]

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