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36 Weeks Pregnant – Second Baby

Baby is the size of a: Pineapple, apparently!

Cravings: None really, but I certainly have more of a sweet tooth than usual.

Symptoms: Insomnia, tiredness (probably the result of the insomnia), and a little bit of heartburn starting, but not bad at all. My skin is looking pretty good and my hair is really lush, neither of which I noticed last time. 

My weight: 80 kg (gain of 11/12 kilos so far, four kilos less than total gain in my first pregnancy).

I’ve been feeling: Mostly happy, but a little anxious. Especially about how our 2.5 year old will cope and who will look after her while I am at the hospital. A few lovely people have offered but I don’t want to burden them or I’m not sure whether our daughter would be happy to go to someone else’s house, but we are living in Australia and have no family here, nor can they come from New Zealand because of work commitments. 

This week I learned: Quite a bit about subdivisions. 

My baby’s movements are: Fairly constant, especially when I’m working or when I first hop in bed at night, but I can tell he’s getting a little constricted now. Lots of little shuddery type movements, which I don’t remember from my first pregnancy. 

I’m still wondering whether: Everything is ok and whether the baby will be similar to his sister (and never sleep through the night). 

The hardest thing about being pregnant is: The waiting and not knowing. I’m a very impatient person and I just want to know how everything is going to go, and that everything is going to be ok. The antenatal care here in Australia is definitely not as good as the care I had from the community midwives in Auckland with my first pregnancy – I feel quite in the dark, no one seems to really have any oversight. The GP thinks that the hospital midwives will manage my care and the hospital midwives think the opposite. We should have just gone with a private obstetrician. 

The most uncomfortable thing right now is: Not sleeping. Carrying an older child. The occasional leg cramp in the night. 

The things which make me happiest right now are: Working, and when my 2.5 year old is in a sunny mood, she can be an absolute delight.

How I’m going with diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and other health goals: Definitely not as well as last time. I was so consistent with a healthy diet last time, I think because I was working at a regular desk job it was easiest just to eat the same old healthy things. Probably still a reasonably healthy diet though. Exercise – is really just transport now. I walk up the hill to take our toddler to Kindy and back at least two days a week, but that’s about it. In my first pregnancy I remember walking up Mt Eden a couple of times a week. 

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: Please be head down!

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23 Weeks Pregnant – First Baby, first grandchild

With just under 18 weeks to go, things are full speed ahead, but she feels ready and happy to share how she is feeling just over halfway in her pregnancy.

What’s the best piece of pregnancy advice you’ve received so far? This is our first pregnancy, it’s first grandchild in the family, and both my partner and I are first in our friend groups to have a baby. So, we don’t get too much advice, but oh man, the grandparents are excited! I am very grateful to have the support we have on both sides.

Any morning Sickness? I didn’t have morning sickness; I mainly just felt a bit tired and groggy. I have however constantly hiccupped throughout this journey which my co-workers make fun of saying, “ribbet!” I had zero appetite in my first trimester meaning toast for dinner, however now in 2nd trimester it’s come back in full force. The strangest thing, not sick the whole first trimester, and then I do two prenatal Pilates class, and throw up in both! It makes me a little scared to return…

Will you find out babys gender? In terms of elaborating on other parts of pregnancy, we both decided we wanted to know the gender when we could, which is a boy! Everyone in the circle except for grandparents thought boy (including my partner) so I wasn’t surprised when he was a boy. However, me being a girl with no brothers, I find it a bit of ‘the unknown’! But either way we would’ve been happy.

My partner and I don’t actually live together yet, and neither of us have ever lived with partners, so this year will be a massive year of changes. From moving in together from flatting situations for the first time this August, to having our baby in October, many firsts to come!

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41 Weeks Pregnant – And waiting!

At 41 Weeks pregnant, her bun is still very much in the oven! Elyse shares her pregnancy journey with us, read on to hear more about her experience.

I’ve been feeling: Tender, excited. Lower back and pubic bone have felt tender this week. Thankfully, I have felt pretty amazing through the pregnancy and am not ‘huge’ so going over 40 weeks hasn’t killed me too much – just hit the boredom level in the last 2 days! Consisting of bringing out a puzzle and knitting … neither of things I usually do!!

I can’t wait to be able to: Lie on my stomach when sleeping!!

When I see my body I feel: Empowered, I’m so unbelievably proud of my mind and body and how I feel towards it. So grateful!

How I’m feeling about the birth: Excited!! I get to meet our babe and find out the sex and start our next chapter in our life journey!

What I’ll miss about being pregnant: Everything! The ups, downs all the feels. Baby’s movements.

The most uncomfortable thing right now is: Pubic bone!! Baby’s head feels like it’s right there!

When I picture my life a year from now I think: We nailed it!!

My story…
2020 started off with a pregnancy loss for us which was heart breaking – however coming out the other side I’m so so grateful this happened as it made us so much stronger and more excited for what was to come in the future. Going into this second pregnancy was a challenge knowing what happened previously for us, however at the same time we were so excited and had done so much inner work to have such a positive outlook. It all paid off! From the very get go I was experienced only a couple of weeks of evening nausea – I would say I got off very lucky and my body looked after me well! I have spent up to 37 weeks saying ‘pregnancy is nowhere near as bad as I expected’ which was so so nice. I ‘haven’t felt pregnant’ until I got to 37 weeks, the heaviness I started to experience is what I expected so much earlier on!
After experiencing people around me and through social media on their pregnancy journeys the picture, I had painted in my head about pregnancy was certainly that it isn’t easy! I managed to continue my training throughout pregnancy right up to 38 weeks, stopping purely because I knew these last few weeks I wanted to enjoy doing nothing while I had the chance! Continuing walking the dog when I felt up to it right up to now 41 weeks. With training and nutrition being my forte – nutrition went out the window, all I have focused on is eating whatever I felt like when I felt like it. I aimed for at least 2 nourishing meals a day but was fine for any little treats and goodies in between (there was a lot!) Now being just over 41 weeks, the time is ticking and I’m feeling so positive about it all. I have been excited for birth from day one (I’m lucky enough to have been at 3 births prior and am so empowered from coaching family through their labour/birth). I am human and have moments in concern about the possibility of induction and anything that may happen but have spent a lot of time accepting whatever happens is absolutely perfect. My ideal is to labour at home as long as possible and then head to the local birth centre (7 mins away and where I was born) to bring baby earth side. I’m very open to whatever has to happen for the best for me and baby, however. Just in the last 24 hours I have had a few niggles hoping they will turn into something over the weekend! To date I have gained 14kg and feeling amazing for it. It feels so natural, and I think I have been on the scales 4 times in 9 months which I’m so proud of! I feel absolutely privileged and proud of how my body has grown this little babe and looked after me the whole way through!

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).

35 Weeks Pregnant – Heartburn, Worries & Preparation

Baby is the size of a: Honeydew melon  

Cravings: I haven’t really had too many cravings, usually I just really want the foods I liked pre pregnancy and once I eat it I’m satisfied. But throughout pregnancy have been loving icey cold drinks.

Weight: Currently 65kgs (pre pregnancy was 54kgs) 

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton hicks/tightening’s this week, heartburn & acid reflex, I also started mildly swelling around 34 weeks (hands, feet, face) 

I have been feeling: Very impatient, I’m so ready for our little man to make his entrance into the world. I’m feeling stretched to the max & sore and finding it harder to do daily tasks like the washing and cleaning without getting a backache. Also, very grateful that my body is cooking our baby so well and I have made it this far without any issues or concerns. 

I worry a bit about: I think throughout my whole pregnancy I’ve always just worried a bit about the things that could potentially go wrong (I’m sure this will continue into motherhood and beyond). But I just keep reminding myself that my body was made to do this & I talk to other pregnant ladies or mums and my midwife to reassure myself when needed which really helps. 

When I need to relax I: Get into bed and put my feet up with some yummy snacks and Netflix. 

I can’t wait to be able to: Meet my little boy & give him all the love & cuddles. I’ve always felt like being a mum is my calling in life, so it’ll be so amazing to finally be a mama!! Oh, and be able to eat sushi & subway again haha 

When I see my body I feel: Puffy yet proud haha definitely trying to make the most of my body in its pregnant state. Even though I have my moments of feeling a bit gross I spend much more time amazed with my body and what it’s been able to achieve over the last 8 months! 

In preparation for the baby, we are: The last couple of weeks I have been in full on nesting mode, however my body doesn’t really agree with all the cleaning and organising, so hubby has been super helpful and being there to do things for me. Our nursery is ready for him & all his washing from newborn – 6 months has been done. We are also making sure we use these last few weeks to appreciate our time together, just the two of us. Spontaneous dates, sleeping in on the weekend and late-night Netflix because soon we won’t have the flexibility to do these things together. 

I feel most loved and valued by my partner when: I love when he expresses how in awe of my body he is and being able to grow our child also when he expresses his appreciation for me sacrificing my body & comforts for our family. Also, when he stops me from doing something as simple as putting my shoes on, bends down and puts them on for me because he knows it’s a struggle for me now. 

The best piece of pregnancy advice I’ve been given so far: Everybody is different, every pregnancy is different & every baby is different. Trust your motherly instinct! 

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: I can’t wait to meet you my little mr, not long now. The love I already have for you is something I have never experienced before and it’s only going to grow! When you finally make your entrance into this big crazy world, I promise your dad and I will always be here to protect you & love you with everything we have! 

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).

Breech Birth – Emergency C Section

A beautiful brave Mumma, Trace, shares her story of the birth of her little girl Harriet who arrived a few weeks early!

Our baby’s name – Harriet 

Gender – Female (we decided to find out but had the sonographer call my sister to tell her and then she sent an outfit up to us which we opened at my husband’s Bach -the same place he proposed! It was very special sharing that moment of what we were having just the two of us in a very special place and then the following day we shared with our families and close friends that we were expecting a girl!)

Birth date and time – November 21, 2020, at 8.05pm

Size & weight – 42.5cm and 5lb 11oz 

Where did you go into labour? I was out in New Market grabbing a few things for her nursery and my water broke as I was leaving a clothing store (not like movie scene breaking but that thought of did I just wet my pants or have my water broke!) – I was 35 weeks + 3 days

Waters broke at 4.05pm and I was fully dilated by 7.30pm and was rushed to theatre about 5 minutes later as baby was breech.

Birth plan wasn’t really finalised… around 20 weeks we found out she was breech and at a 26- and 32-week growth scan she was still breech. At 34 weeks, our midwife spoke about options and booked us in for an ECV when I was 35+6 (we didn’t make that appointment!). From about 32 weeks I did lots of baby spinning exercises to try get her to turn. 

We were pretty flexible and open to how birth could look. We were initially asked on the assessment ward if we wanted to consider a vaginal breech delivery (we had not discussed this with our midwife) however this was no longer an option when they did a scan and discovered she was ‘extended breech’ so very much wedged under my ribs (c-section only option!)

Memories of the birth – Pretty whirlwind and crazy but surprisingly both my husband and I stayed very calm and just rolled with it. Being wheeled to theatre was pretty surreal, my husband was walking at the end of the bed and talking to our parents to let them know what was happening and then I got really nervous waiting for the epidural to kick in as they had to get baby girl out asap so if it didn’t work, I would have had to have had a general (luckily it worked!) C-section was intense; lots of pressure as she was very stuck but hearing her cry was a huge relief! Seeing Harriet for the first time in my husband’s arms was amazing however her heart rate dropped quickly, and she needed help breathing. Asking what was going on and not being able to see was really hard but the anaesthetist was amazing at giving me updates on how things were going.

Harriet needed help breathing with CPAP and was taken up to NICU. My husband went with her (we had discussed that at antenatal) and then I went up after 50 minutes in recovery. 

Not being able to hold her when I got wheeled up was so hard. It was so scary seeing her in the incubator with CPAP on, an IV line and all the cords attached to her. But she was in the safest and best place! I went into NICU at about 5am the next morning and had my first cuddle then! That was AMAZING! My husband and I then did lots of skin to skin with her for next 5 days till she moved onto the ward with me. I cannot recommend skin to skin more to any new parents! Whilst the clothes are cute and lovely, put them in a nappy on your or your partner’s bare chest and soak up those snugs! She was put on the boob 36 hours after birth (finally) and latched beautifully and that was a pretty incredible feeling too!

How were to feeing post birth? I felt pretty good after the birth – was up in the shower at about 3am in the morning and walking around my room like a baby giraffe but I truly feel having a baby in NICU helped my recovery from surgery as I just sat in a chair all day (or walked back to my room on the ward every 3 hours to pump!)

Who does baby look like? Baby definitely is a mini version of my husband! But she has my eyes!

First visitors? Were our parents! Pretty intense taking them in individually to introduce them to our baby lying in the incubator!

Post baby meal – Crappy hospital food! Wasn’t really thinking what sort of food I really had missed but night 7 in hospital (our second night with baby girl on the ward with me), my husband organised White & Wong uber eats and holy crap it was the best meal I feel I’d had all year! Haha!

It was the best feeling being discharged 8 days after she arrived: just to be in our own space and environment! It was very special! We were extremely lucky Harriet was a wee fighter and went from strength to strength each day so quickly! NICU is a crazy intense place but the nurses, doctors, lactation consultants are absolutely incredible! We felt so well supported and even when we were on the ward, the nurses and midwives helped with checking latch, syringe top ups to get her weight up so we could get home quicker and ensured we were well looked after! 

Trace x

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of the pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal)

18 Weeks Pregnant – Surrogate Pregnancy

Baby is the size of a: Capsicum.

Cravings: Carbs! Give me all the hot chips!

Symptoms: Nothing currently so enjoying these few weeks before heartburn kicks in!

I’ve been feeling: Great! Time is absolutely flying by! I’m so busy with my own three kids that I don’t really get a chance to stop and think or dwell too much. 

My partner has been: The most incredibly supportive guy in the world. Having your wife carry a child for another couple isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, but he’s been with me every step of the way, my biggest supporter, will go to the supermarket late at night to get mint chocolate and puts up with my mood swings. 

I feel anxious about: Hormones post birth. Being a surrogate, bubs obviously goes to parents from birth and I CAN NOT wait to witness this incredible moment but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about how I’ll feel in the weeks following. My heart will be happy, it’ll just be an adjustment period of waiting for my body to settle and realise it’s all good. 

When I need to relax I: Jump in a scolding hot shower, comfy pjs then bed! I’m a total Nana and not ashamed to admit it!

When I see my body I feel: Incredibly proud! It grew and nourished my three children, was home to my three angel babies if only for a short time and is now helping to make another couple’s dream come true. I will never take that for granted.

The most helpful person to talk to recently has been: Two friends who have also been surrogates. These amazing women have been a wealth of knowledge and guidance and I’m so grateful to be able to flick them a message at any time.

Diet/exercise/sleep/stress: My diet is fairly standard except the hot chips I’m living on! Exercise is pretty much non-existent however I’m all my feet all day at work. Sleep is good (touch wood!) Stress is inevitable being a busy working mum and also studying part time but I’m a sucker for punishment! Just have to take each day as it comes….

If I could say anything to baby right now it would be: It’s not my baby but I can’t wait to meet my little womb mate, you have the most amazing Dad’s waiting patiently for you!

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of the pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal)

32 Weeks Pregnant – Mid to Late Thirties

A first time mum shares her story on conceving in her mid to late thirties, read on to hear about her journey and see her journal entry at 32 Weeks pregnant!

Baby is the size of a: Large Cabbage!

Would you mind sharing how old you are? Totally fine re. Age! I’m 36 (will be 37 come due date)

Can you tell us about your fertility journey? We were actually really lucky with our conception journey. We had a heap of friends who needed to go down the IVF route so the advice we kept hearing was come off the pill ASAP! We figured we’d need to start trying ASAP after the wedding to give ourselves the best chance – and 2 / 3 days after we were married we fell pregnant (not that I knew so lived it up on honeymoon – EEK!!) When I count back now the timing ovulation wise from my app couldn’t have been better. My Mums reaction when we told her (at about 5 weeks) was literally ‘oh I wondered as I knew you’d be ovulating on your honeymoon! – she knew as I started my period one week before the wedding). 

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).

26 Weeks Pregnant – Restless sleep

Week 26

Baby is the size of a: Red Cabbage.

Cravings: Kiwifruit & Chocolate

Symptoms: Tired, sore lower stomach

Weight: 60kgs

I’ve been feeling: TIRED! Suppose that this normal being pregnant with a toddler. Been really sore in my tummy, like growing pains/stretching. I have found this pregnancy very different to my first. I was sick this time as well but it was a lot later in my pregnancy and resulted in me having to go on anti nausea medication.

My sleep has been: Very up and down, I’m up a lot to pee and have been for a while. Some nights I’m tossing and turning lots, other nights I’m sleeping well.

This week I learned: More info on perineal massage/hot compress and the injection you receive to birth the placenta.

I feel happiest when: I get a well-rested sleep. Feel my little bubba move.

I hope my parenting style is: Relaxed and easy going like I am with our toddler.

Before baby arrives, I would like too: Have the nursery set up, toddler in a big girl bed and baby clothes all washed.

Advice I would give a friend about the second trimester is: Rest when you can, get a massage, go on holiday. Enjoy feeling your baby move.

How I’m going with diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and other health goals: I’m eating a balanced diet and not being super strict. My exercise is running after a 2-year-old. Sleep is up and down; I do need to start going to bed earlier. Feeling a bit stressed with other personal things in life. I found myself feeling way more tired this time, but I suppose that comes with being pregnant and running round after a toddler. The last few weeks I have found myself feeling less tired and more energized, my first pregnancy I remember feeling amazing through my whole second trimester, this time has definitely been different. I been waking for a while now needing to pee 2-4 times a night. I‘ve been trying to rest and relax when I can and start organizing bits and pieces for bubba. We need to start talking more about names. I’m so excited I have 13 weeks left I’m so excited for bubba to arrive. 

What have you struggled with in this pregnancy? I lost weight and struggled to put it on round 12 weeks as I was struggling that much to eat and was that sick. I ate a lot of bread and only wanted salty things opposed to last time where I wanted sweet a lot. In the beginning I just ate what I could keep down or made me feel okay, sometimes I just needed to get through the day.

Will you find out babies’ gender? At my anatomy scan we found out what we are having, we were told we are expecting another little girl (we were both so sure we were having a boy this time)  I then went to my midwife appointment the week after, where I got really worried as my backup midwife was reading through my scan notes and I felt she was acting a bit strange, and I remember at my scan being told baby looked good and there were no concerns. She then read to me that they wanted me to go back for another scan as they were not 100% sure I was having a girl. I was told that in my scan it looked like she had clitoral hypertrophy and wanted me to go back for another scan at 32 weeks to make sure I wasn’t actually having a boy or that it had settled down and it is a girl. I was told this is common with girls and goes away so it’s nothing to worry about which made me feel better and less worried.

If I could say anything to my baby right now, what would it be: You are so loved already, and we all can’t wait for you to be here, especially your big sister!

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).

38 Weeks Pregnant – First time Mum

Week 38

My Weight: 77kg – 11kg weight gain

Baby is the size of a: Watermelon

Cravings: Nothing crazy! Have loved all different types of fruit throughout my pregnancy, nectarines, watermelon, pineapple, apples, mandarins. Oh, and also days when I really want frozen coke and I am not a big soft drink person.

I’ve been feeling: Pretty good! Tired and she is started getting really heavy, but I am still managing daily walks without too much discomfort so that’s a win! The odd day I get a bit of reflux or feel a wee bit nauseous, but it usually only lasts the day.

Mentally it is all getting pretty scary, first baby and there is the constant feeling of can I do this? The birth itself is not what scares me…it is the 4th trimester (which no one seems to talk about!). The sleepless nights, learning to breastfeed, giving your body the chance to heal and being completely selfless it is all quite daunting…mix that all in with financial stress and you can see how I am wondering how people manage! They are definitely right when they say it takes an army, so I am going to have to get better at putting my hand up and asking for help when I need it. The thing that ALWAYS puts a smile on my space when I start thinking about all this and work myself up is thinking about my husband’s face the minute, she enters the world…I cannot wait for that moment, makes me cry now thinking about it…hormones are such a wild ride! 

This week I’ve learned: To slow down and take a moment to relax, first week of maternity leave and I am always an all go kind of a person. Taking a moment for myself and not feeling guilty for having a sleep in. On the baby side of things, I learnt about padsicles! And will definitely be making some of these to help with after care!

I am most excited about: Meeting my little one! Seeing my husband’s face when she arrives, giving her a cuddle! Oh, and regaining my full wardrobe again ha-ha it’ll be like having all new clothes again…although I will definitely miss the bump!

I am most nervous about: 4th Trimester and being responsible for a wee human. I’m nervous about being able to breastfeed, all things post birth and finding myself in the new role of being a mother.

When I imagine my baby, I see: Perfection, I can’t imagine anything but the most perfect little soul…with a touch of sass…if she’s anything like her mother!

After my baby is born, I can’t wait to: Look at her, it still doesn’t feel real that I am growing her. I can’t wait to have her in my arms and just stare at her.

The funniest thing that has happened: Not being able to see my vjj so didn’t realise that the hormones have made a few stray hairs grow (I’ve had laser and haven’t had hair there in years) my partner kindly pointed it out after my midwife appointment and I was mortified that he hadn’t told me sooner!

My most worn maternity outfit: Stretchy knit dresses, sooooo comfy and show off the bump!

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: I love you, you are already our world.

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of the pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal)

11 Weeks Pregnant – Baby number 2

Baby is the size of:  A fig I believe!
Weight: 78kg (increase of 3 kg)
Symptoms: Nausea and Vomiting. Although slightly improved from the first few weeks, I am still vomiting 1-2 times a day. I have a really sore lower back, maybe sciatica. It has been giving me grief particularly the past 2 days.
Cravings: Nothing specific yet. I am enjoying mandarins and raspberry milkshakes. I don’t crave them but when I have them, they seem to taste better than they ever did haha!

I’ve been feeling: Better emotionally, not as tearful this week. A little stressed about how fast my pregnancy seems to be going and that the baby will be here before we know it. Excited, I’ve been counting down the days to my midwife appt to hear a little heartbeat 

My partner has been: So thoughtful and supportive. Helping me when I could not walk well with the back pain the past couple of days. Doing more with our toddler so I can rest more.

When I see my body, I feel: Honestly not great. I am not happy with how much weight I have gained already; I am showing much much sooner than I did with my daughter and I just felt bloated and horrible. It’s an awkward stage where no one knows we are pregnant, but I’ve got a tummy on me, and I feel as though everyone is noticing it and gossiping. I wish I were one of those people that were comfortable with their body no matter the shape but I’m not and I’m struggling this week.

Something I need to get done is:
So much, endless to do list. Have not started anything for bub yet. We’re working on upgrading hubby’s car so we can actually put a car seat in their cause currently it has been a lot of car swapping depending when I’m working etc.

The best thing about being pregnant so far is: That first scan, seeing the tiny little ‘blob’ on the screen and seeing their little heart beating.

Will I find out babies gender: Totally undecided on this one! Leaning more towards a surprise baby. We did not find our daughters gender out until 35 weeks and I almost wish we had waited a few more weeks.

How I am going with diet, exercise, health goals, sleep, stress:
Diet-terribly-carbs are the only thing that is settling my stomach right now and meat is not okay at all. Exercise – I am still attending my HIIT classes 2-3 times a week so I am okay with that, struggling a bit through classes but persevering. Sleep- great! I have been trying to nap with my daughter each day, it’s been so nice to cuddle up with her and to get some extra rest in.

What I would say to my baby right now: “We told your sister about you tonight, she was so excited and can’t wait to give you big cuddles”

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of the pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal)

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