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Wishing Well Asking for Cash Gifts Wedding Money Present Wording

Wedding Gift Wording: How to Politely Ask for Money instead of a Gift Registry

When it comes to asking for wedding gifts, and wording your wedding invitations, the one question which comes up the most is “How to politely ask for money for your wedding gifts.” Photo: Perspex Wishing Well Asking for Money as a Wedding Gift is now the Norm When your parents got married, they probably wouldn’t […]

28 Weeks Pregnant – Single First Time Mum

This brave 22 year old first time Mum is single and going to raise her baby herself, living with her parents and having the support of her family and friends. She generously shared with me the personal circumstances leading to this decision, and I think like me, you’ll be in absolute awe of her. 28 […]

36 weeks pregnant after loss of child baby size nz pregnancy journal blog

35 Weeks Pregnant – Second Pregnancy

35 weeks pregnant Baby is the size of a Pineapple My Weight: 66kgs (11kg gain) Cravings: None – still everything tasting a bit blah. Could do with some fresh watermelon though. Symptoms: Heartburn, lightning crotch, shortness of breath, increased discharge (TMI?) I’ve been feeling: Emotional, sick and drained this week. Pregnancy has been far from […]

20 Alternative Wedding Venues For Unique Couples (at Every Budget)

It’s time to think outside square and find unique and alternative wedding venues to suit you and your budget! Whether it’s an industrial space, backyard wedding, high-country lodge, or the middle of nowhere, this list of 20 alternative and unique wedding venues is sure to inspire

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