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Mother of 1 | Premature Baby Girl after early pregnancy loss

Your Family Tell us a little about you/your family. Our family is the 3 of us. Mitch and I got married two years ago, and have been together for about six years. Mitch is a professional sportsman and F45 owner, I am an ex primary school teacher and then I moved onto working at F45 […]

Mother of One | Emergency C Section HELLP Syndrome

Jahna has recently joined our Forget Me Not Journals team and we took the time to ask her some questions about her family and journey to delivering her gorgeous little boy, Benji. Her story may be of particular interest to those with HELLP syndrome, which affects less than 1% of pregnant women. Tell me a […]

Three under three | The best thing that’s happened to me

Becoming a mother has been the best thing that has happened to me. “I mean it has it’s good and bad days. I struggle daily, my house isn’t always spotless, but my children are always fed, bathed, clothed and warm. Remember, we aren’t always going to be perfect parents, there is no such thing as […]

Wedding Planner Advice

Allely Estate Wedding

Today we are sharing the newly wed couple Ryan & Alexandria’s wedding, after being postponed three times due to Covid like many of you who are engaged and are wedding planning may have experienced too. “Our florist was incredible, she came up with heaps of ideas to keep the costs low. Like using our arch flowers […]

Wedding Planning Book

Winter wedding at Kumeu Valley Estate

Today we feature the handsome couple Nick and Shameel, whose wedding was celebrated only 5 days after New Zealand went into level 1 after lockdown. “We were offered to move the date if we wanted to but we stayed positive. Thankfully my stubbornness paid off because we had the best wedding and all our guests […]

10 things all newlyweds argue about (and how to deal with them)

Money Creating a shared account can be scary; firstly, you need to share your current situation, your spending habits, budget and expectations with your partner and they need to share theirs with you. There will be things that you can justify to spend your money on and things you don’t justify spending money on. There […]

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