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How to Celebrate a New Mum this Mother's Day Gift Ideas

How to Celebrate a New Mum this Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas & Ways to Appreciate Her

Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate all of the amazing mums in our lives, and for new mums, it can be an especially meaningful occasion. If you are close to a new mum, take a moment to appreciate all the hard work and dedication she’s put into her new role. It’s not easy becoming a Mother, and she might be facing all sorts of physical and emotional challenges. So, instead of just buying her a gift, why not find a way to acknowledge her strength and resilience? Becoming a mum is a life-changing experience, after all! Let’s make sure every new mum feels appreciated and loved this Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re a partner, a family member, or a friend, here are some ideas for celebrating a new mum this Mother’s Day.

  1. Acknowledge a Mother’s hard work: One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate a new mum is to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that goes into being a parent. Take the time to thank her for all that she does, and let her know how much you appreciate her efforts. Being a parent is a tough gig, and being a new mum is a whole other level of challenge. From juggling the never-ending messes to keeping the little one fed and happy, it’s a 24/7 job that deserves some serious recognition. Take the time to show her that you see and value all the hard work and dedication that she puts into her role. A heartfelt note detailing all the amazing things she does can go a long way in making her feel appreciated and loved
  2. Give the gift of relaxation: New mums can often feel exhausted and overwhelmed, so giving the gift of relaxation can be a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. Consider giving a gift card to a spa, a set of luxurious candles, or a cozy bathrobe and slippers. Encourage her to take some time for herself to unwind and de-stress, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. If she’s an active relaxer, find a way to encourage her to relax in a way that she will enjoy, or if she has trouble relaxing, encourage her to find ways to wind down. If she enjoys writing, she may love writing in a journal, like our ‘note to self‘ which encourages mindfulness and self-reflection. Mothers so often are focussed on their children and partners, they forget to look after their own mental health, and reflect on what makes them happy, or what their goals are – both questions our gratitude journal prompts will guide her through.
  3. Create a personalised gift: A personalised gift can be a great way to show a new mum how much you care. Consider creating a photo book featuring pictures of the baby’s first year, or a custom piece of jewellery featuring her birthstone, or her initials. You can use ‘megan’ for a 10% discount on Happy Moose custom photo book, prints or art.
  4. Plan a special outing: New mums can definitely use a break from their daily routine and enjoy some fun activities outside of the house. How about taking the planning and organising out of the equation and treating her to an exciting outing? Take her on a tour of a local winery, pack a cozy picnic in the park, or explore a nearby museum or gallery if that’s more her style. Plan around baby’s schedule, so that she can sit back, relax and enjoy the moment without any stress or worries.
  5. Encourage her to spend time with her friends. As much as Mother’s Day is about being a new mum, it can be quite isolating from friends, so consider getting in touch with one or two of her closest friends, and organise a brunch or lunch with them to give her a break. It’s important to remind new mums that they are more than only parents, and that they still need to have lives of their own.
  6. Cook her a special meal: New mums are often too busy to cook for themselves, so cooking her a special meal can be a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. Consider making her favourite meal, or preparing a batch of healthy and nutritious snacks that she can freeze and reheat as needed. Don’t forget to include some treats, such as her favourite dessert or chocolates, or something she can have next to the bed at night when she’s feeding baby.
  7. Let her take the lead: Finally, depending on the mum, it may be best to ask how she wants to celebrate Mother’s Day – so check in with her in advance, let her know you want to make her feel special, and find out how best she would like to spend the day.
    Asking her what she would like to do and how she would like to celebrate can also make her feel more involved and appreciated. The key is to make her feel loved, supported, and celebrated on Mother’s Day, and every day.Some new mums may prefer a low-key day at home with their family, while others may want to plan a special outing or activity.

Of course, as well as showing your appreciation, you may also may want to give a thoughtful gift to make sure she feels pampered.

Here are a few more gift ideas for a new Mum this Mother’s Day:

  1. Give her the gift of entertainment and relaxation! A subscription to her favourite magazine or streaming service can give her a chance to unwind and enjoy some downtime whenever she needs it.
  2. A plant or some flowers can really brighten up any room and bring a sense of calm and tranquility. Choose a low-maintenance plant that’s easy to care for, like a succulent or a peace lily.A plant or flowers. Plants and flowers can brighten up any room and bring a sense of calm and tranquility.
  3. Whether she’s a fan of fiction, non-fiction, or self-help, a new book or audiobook can be a great gift for a new mum. It’ll give her a chance to escape into a different world or learn something new, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day.
  4. A simple yet stylish piece of jewellery or accessory can be a great gift for a new mum. Choose something that matches her personal style, or opt for a piece that has special meaning, like a birthstone necklace or a bracelet with her child’s initials.
  5. If the new mum in your life enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a cooking or baking kit can be a fun and practical gift. Choose a kit that includes all of the ingredients and instructions she needs to make a delicious meal or dessert, or put together your own kit with her favourite ingredients and tools.
  6. A postpartum care package, including items like herbal teas, natural skincare products, and other self-care items that can help the new mum feel nurtured and supported.
  7. A thoughtful book or e-book, such as a memoir or down-to-earth, relatable parenting book, to provide inspiration, guidance, or a relatable perspective on motherhood. If she loves recording baby’s memories and milestones, have a look at our Baby Book Your First Years too – for birth to give years.

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