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How do we stay in love?

When we’re short on time, sometimes the first thing to go is quality time with our partner. How do we stay in love, despite all the other demands of our lives?

As we rush around – between work and working out, from one social occasion to another commitment (and possibly try to set aside ‘me-time’ too) it can be easy to overlook the needs of our significant other – especially if we’ve been in a relationship for a long time.

Positive communication and happiness in a long romantic partnership are so inextricably linked, while a stable relationship is also the most important predictor of our own happiness.

Put simply, prioritising communication with your partner is the key to your own future happiness – it really is in both of your interests to stay in love!

The secret to happiness isn’t falling in love; it’s staying in love – Arthur C Brooks 

So how do we stay in love?

You might be surprised to learn that it has less to do with passion, and is more firmly rooted in companionship. Being rooted in friendship is the reason that companionate love creates true happiness. Friendship, more than anything, requires prioritising your time and positive communication.

These are our top 3 tips for staying connected and in love with your partner forever.

1. Happy Couples Really Connect To Each Other

This is why we created both ‘our love story‘ and ‘I still do‘ – couple’s journals for couples to begin at any time in their relationship, to connect with each other and strengthen their relationship.

Many of us spend most nights scrolling on our phones instead of really connecting with each other – we can get out of practice at starting meaningful, important conversations with each other, which is where these journals come in. Prompting you with thoughtful questions, you will reflect on your relationship so far, talk about what is important to you both now and in the future, and work through any issues as they arise.

Couples who manage to stay deeply in love are fully present when they’re alone together. It’s hard to truly connect with your partner when you’re distracted, so put away your phones and open one of these journals instead.

2. Forever Couples Communicate their Expectations

Things change! Our feelings, expectations, and what we seek from each other in our relationships are fluid, especially over years of being together. At various points in our relaitonship or marriage, we may not feel like our expectations are being met. Acknowledging that there’s something which feels ‘off’ allows you to openly communicate your feelings so you can work together as a couple to turn it around.

3. Successful Couples Argue – and then Resolve their Conflicts

Every couple argues – it’s actually part of a healthy relationship not to agree with each other on everything, and to challenge each other’s views from time to time. However, what most truly happy couples in long-term relationships know, is that repeated, unresolved arguments are damaging. There’s a difference between having a disagreement, and being repeatedly disagreeable and judgmental towards the other’s opinions and feelings.

Don’t let your disagreements drive you apart – accept that your views differ, and find a resolution to suit both of you. Successful couples stay in love by trying to understand why they disagreed and how they can make up, they really want to resolve the situation and want to make sure their partner is feeling heard and supported.

Our couples journalsour love story‘ and ‘I still do‘ will help you stay in love, and help your relationship by prompting you to start these open conversations, start a productive dialogue about your conflicts, communicate your expectations and more. For other ways to stay together and connected, see 6 Keys to Staying in Love, If You Do These 7 Things With Your Partner, You’re More Likely To Stay Deeply In Love and The Type of Love That Makes People Happiest.

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