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12 Weeks pregnant, Third baby

Week: 12

Baby is the size of a: Plum

I’ve been feeling: A lot better as of late the symptoms have died down and I have managed to put some weight back on… my husband is now getting back into work and now that stress is also gone…. feeling the excitement of having a third coming along wondering what/who they are going to look like… my first born is a spitting image of me while my daughter is a spitting image of her dad pretty scary really Lol! Been able tonnage my anxiety and just getting better sleep and eating has really improves my moods.

How have your family and friends reacted to news of baby #3? My family have been the most supportive ever… the occasional I told you guys to wait a bit till the other 2 were older from my dad but that cones from a place of genuine concern as he knows our situation. At the moment we’ve only told my immediate family and my husband’s mum, and all have been extremely supportive… I’ve only told my closest friend so far as she Is my greatest support can rely on her all the time… that one friend u know u can rant to at 2 in the morning and she will be there.. what’s also beautiful is that she is also pregnant, and we have had similar experiences… it’s just nice to have someone who can understand how I’m feeling!

When we have a chance to find out this baby’s gender…I think that’s when we will break the news to everyone in the family and also friends…. I don’t think we will keep the gender a secret as we didn’t for the first 2.

What I’m most looking forward to, either during pregnancy, or in starting a family of three… is the first kicks I can’t wait till that moment…. that’s just the most amazing thing ever I loved it so much in first 2 pregnancies and would take 5-10 mins a day just lying down feeling my belly and waiting for the kicks… was a pre-birth bonding activity for me and it makes the experience so surreal… in terms of starting a family of three, the thought of it is actually quite scary… how am I going to cope? The first 2 are already a handful how am I going to be able to split my time? What if I end up neglecting 1 of the kid? All these questions but also the excitement of having a new addition how are the other 2 going to react? We need to buy new things, clothes shopping etc… that first skin to skin contact after they are born, that first feed all of that!!! Can’t wait!

How I will deal with any feelings of anxiety in future, do you have a support network, are there people to talk to? I’m glad to say I have a good support network and liek a mentioned a very good friend who has been there for me!

What will you do differently as a third time Mum? Be more present…. eat healthier and take care of myself more… get to sleep early I have a bad habit of being on my phone all night and I suffer because of this and it 100% my fault.

What’s making you the happiest right now? Knowing that this baby is healthy and thriving even though I had the worst first trimester… it didn’t affect the baby and that makes me so relieved!

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be:  I know it didn’t seem like it at first but mummy loves you so much!!! I wouldn’t change anything, and you were never a mistake…. you have already changed my life and its definitely for the best. Love you my little butter bean!

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