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24 weeks pregnant - made with love journal

24 Weeks Pregnant | Time to Relax and Unwind

You’re now well into your 6th month pregnant, a special time where you an feel your baby’s movements more and really bond with your bub. 

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1. Take it easy, make life stress-free

By now, you’re probably starting to feel the weight (physically and mentally) of carrying another little person, so it’s time to take it easy, and make life easier on yourself. Don’t feel bad about having ready-to-eat meals or takeaways, but if you do feel like cooking, start popping leftovers in the freezer for when baby arrives. Though you may be getting that ‘nesting’ feeling and want to rearrange the house, try and be rational with yourself about what you can really achieve right now, and don’t put too much on your plate.

2. Give your body a physical break

You may be noticing swelling now around your feet and ankles, especially later on in the day, or if it’s particularly hot. Try to remember to drink lots of water, and when you are sitting down, elevate your legs if possible. 

If you’ve managed to continue exercising through pregnancy well until now, well done, and keep it up, but don’t be surprised if it starts getting a little harder from now on, you’re exercising for two as well as eating for two.

Focus on moving your body, rather than challenging it too much – don’t feel that you have to push yourself through a workout or a run, just do what feels comfortable.

3. Stay positive

If you’ve never tried mindful meditation, now is a great time to start. You’re in a completely unfamiliar stage of life, and about to embark on one even more out-of-this-world, so it’s completely normal to over-think things. Try to stay calm, mindful, and focus on doing things that make you happy, rather than stressing about things out of your control.

Decorate, buy some clothes for your baby to come, have fun!

4. Consider how to get your home ready for a baby (and soon a crawling baby)

As well as the fun part of decorating, start thinking about child-proofing. Of course, your baby won’t be moving for a wee while, but if you’re already rearranging rooms and nesting, it’s a great time to think about child safety. As you consider buying a baby monitor, or a night light for the baby’s room, think about how you will keep those cords safe from baby to be able to reach.

As you choose and hang photos, consider whether they will be over a space that baby needs to be safe in (I’ve had secure 3M hooks give way for absolutely no reason before).  Have a look at what parts of the house need baby gates and electrical coverings, and start investing in those little things now, you won’t believe how quickly it comes around.

4. Share your journey with us

If you’ve enjoyed these blogs so far, consider being part of them. Click this link and fill in your name, email and week of pregnancy, and we’ll be in touch. All the best with the next few weeks, you’re almost through the second trimester, Congratulations.

Photo credit: @amykatebarrett

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