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26 Weeks Pregnant – Restless sleep

Week 26

Baby is the size of a: Red Cabbage.

Cravings: Kiwifruit & Chocolate

Symptoms: Tired, sore lower stomach

Weight: 60kgs

I’ve been feeling: TIRED! Suppose that this normal being pregnant with a toddler. Been really sore in my tummy, like growing pains/stretching. I have found this pregnancy very different to my first. I was sick this time as well but it was a lot later in my pregnancy and resulted in me having to go on anti nausea medication.

My sleep has been: Very up and down, I’m up a lot to pee and have been for a while. Some nights I’m tossing and turning lots, other nights I’m sleeping well.

This week I learned: More info on perineal massage/hot compress and the injection you receive to birth the placenta.

I feel happiest when: I get a well-rested sleep. Feel my little bubba move.

I hope my parenting style is: Relaxed and easy going like I am with our toddler.

Before baby arrives, I would like too: Have the nursery set up, toddler in a big girl bed and baby clothes all washed.

Advice I would give a friend about the second trimester is: Rest when you can, get a massage, go on holiday. Enjoy feeling your baby move.

How I’m going with diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and other health goals: I’m eating a balanced diet and not being super strict. My exercise is running after a 2-year-old. Sleep is up and down; I do need to start going to bed earlier. Feeling a bit stressed with other personal things in life. I found myself feeling way more tired this time, but I suppose that comes with being pregnant and running round after a toddler. The last few weeks I have found myself feeling less tired and more energized, my first pregnancy I remember feeling amazing through my whole second trimester, this time has definitely been different. I been waking for a while now needing to pee 2-4 times a night. I‘ve been trying to rest and relax when I can and start organizing bits and pieces for bubba. We need to start talking more about names. I’m so excited I have 13 weeks left I’m so excited for bubba to arrive. 

What have you struggled with in this pregnancy? I lost weight and struggled to put it on round 12 weeks as I was struggling that much to eat and was that sick. I ate a lot of bread and only wanted salty things opposed to last time where I wanted sweet a lot. In the beginning I just ate what I could keep down or made me feel okay, sometimes I just needed to get through the day.

Will you find out babies’ gender? At my anatomy scan we found out what we are having, we were told we are expecting another little girl (we were both so sure we were having a boy this time)  I then went to my midwife appointment the week after, where I got really worried as my backup midwife was reading through my scan notes and I felt she was acting a bit strange, and I remember at my scan being told baby looked good and there were no concerns. She then read to me that they wanted me to go back for another scan as they were not 100% sure I was having a girl. I was told that in my scan it looked like she had clitoral hypertrophy and wanted me to go back for another scan at 32 weeks to make sure I wasn’t actually having a boy or that it had settled down and it is a girl. I was told this is common with girls and goes away so it’s nothing to worry about which made me feel better and less worried.

If I could say anything to my baby right now, what would it be: You are so loved already, and we all can’t wait for you to be here, especially your big sister!

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