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28 weeks pregnant baby cauliflower first pregnancy

28 Weeks Pregnant – Comfortable First Pregnancy & Gender Surprise

After receiving this 28 Weeks Pregnant journal entry pictured below, I really wanted to find out more, so I asked a few additional questions. This first time Mama currently has a very relaxed approach to pregnancy and birth, is hoping for a water birth with gas and TENS pain relief. They have chosen not to find out the baby’s gender and are excited for a surprise on the day.

28 Weeks Pregnant, Baby is the Size of a Cauliflower

You’re almost 28 weeks pregnant and currently symptom-free, has your pregnancy been good all the way through? 

All in all it has been pretty good, I haven’t had any spewing the first 16 weeks I was extremely sensitive to smells (meat cooking & smokers mainly) also very tired, I had a nausea feeling but never actually eventuated to vomiting.

Have you found out the baby’s gender?

We didn’t find out, we are having a surprise I have always said my whole life I want a surprise, I really don’t like the idea of buying stuff or being given stuff that might not be of use for the second child so I want to be able to use the newborn items that will get minimum use to have the ability to work for more than one baby even if they are the opposite gender – I have also known of situations where the gender has been wrong & that scares me too much to risk it! My partner also wasn’t phased on finding out what it was either so was a simple decision for us. I haven’t seen anything at a scan for me to assume that it is one or the other either! I have done a few ‘old wives tales’ which have both said boy – so we’ll see how true they are! 

Do you know where you’re planning on giving birth? 

I am planning to birth in Dannevirke (which is a very small hospital that doesn’t have facilities for any complications so c-section etc, nor do they have an option for epidural) so the only pain relief (if that’s waht we’ll call it) is gas & TENS machine. I would like a water birth ideally but we will see how it goes on the day I suppose.

Is there anything you recommend after getting to 28 weeks, it sounds like you found antenatal class quite good, and you seem really relaxed!

I’m trying to have a calm cool relaxed approach as everyone days if you are like this your baby should be too so that the hope I’m living on right now! 

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).


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