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28 Weeks Pregnant – Third Trimester begins

28 Weeks marks the start of the third trimester, with around 12 weeks to go til you get to meet your little person.

Today we are sharing the blog of this brave 22 year old first time single Mum getting ready to going to raise her baby on her own, living with her parents and having the support of her family and friends. She generously shared with us the personal circumstances leading to this decision, and we’re totally in awe:

“How I chose to have this baby on my own… I would say wasn’t really to much for me to think about as I’ve always wanted a baby. Three years ago I had an abortion, the decision never fully felt like my own, and ever since that I have kind of have grieved – and felt like a little part of me had made the wrong decision back then.”

We also have the pregnancy journal of weeks 27 and 28 shared by this Mum-of-one, pregnant while raising a toddler.

1. Antenatal classes

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to either choose a birthing class which often this includes lessons on birth, infant care and breastfeeding. You may also wish to enrol in a first aid course, to give you more confidence. 

There are also a lot of great YouTube videos on breastfeeding that can be helpful to learn how to latch correctly (for breastfeeding) to avoid sore and cracked nipples, and you might enjoy watching other videos about newborn care such as swaddling, burping and bathing your baby in the first few weeks.

2. Stay active

Always listen to your body in what feels right. Going for a walk when you can while pregnant instead of working out can make a world of a difference and make you feel much better, even if your body is achey and feels heavy. Though you may have noticed it has got harder to keep up with your regular exercise, you can safely continue to do most things you’ve been doing, right up until baby arrives (and then take a break for your recovery).

I have previously written a blog about my experience exercising at F45 through pregnancy at you may like to read. It’s only now that I look back on my pregnancy, labour, and – perhaps most especially – the ‘fourth trimester’ (three months postpartum) that I truly appreciate how staying fit and healthy helped me along that journey. 

3. Prioritise your relationship

We suggest you focus on spending more time with your partner while you’re pregnant, as once your newborn arrives, your relationship can take a back seat. Make each other feel special and reassured over this time. Take time to plan date nights and mini road trips to your favourite places or have fun shopping together for baby things.

It’s nice to choose things together and both get excited over all of the adorable baby wear. Don’t be disheartened if you find they are not as interested as you, it’s still important to try to do things as team.

4. Drink lots of water

This is so easy to forget (and I’m guilty of it), but in pregnancy you can become dehydrated very quickly, which will leave you feeling more tired and uncomfortable (even constipated). Do you have a favourite bottle, a herbal tea that inspires you to drink more, or would you consider mixing a flavoured collagen into your water? Drinking enough water will truly help your body feel well during pregnancy. 

Once baby arrives, you’ll be thirstier than ever, so having a large (1.5L minimum) bottle that’s easy to use with one hand (but doesn’t easily spill when knocked around) is ideal. 

5. Consider your Maternity Leave

Whether you are self-employed or working for someone else, you are entitled to the government paid maternity leave, or ‘Paid Parental Leave’. You can choose to start this when baby arrives, or before or after, if that suits you. 

Even if you run a business, you can still do the minimum required to keep that business going, but cannot be actively working throughout your paid cover, so this might be a good time to look at hiring somebody to help you through the period. 

If you are taking maternity leave from work, think about when you might like to take a break, and even consider reducing your hours, or any strenuous work, for your third trimester. See this article on your Employment and Maternity Rights.

6. Share your journey with others

If you have enjoyed these pregnancy emails and the blogs, and would like to share yours, please click this link and we will get in touch. All is anonymous, and your experience could really help others going through the same thing. 

picture credit: Aruni

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