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41 Weeks Pregnant – And waiting!

At 41 Weeks pregnant, her bun is still very much in the oven! Elyse shares her pregnancy journey with us, read on to hear more about her experience.

I’ve been feeling: Tender, excited. Lower back and pubic bone have felt tender this week. Thankfully, I have felt pretty amazing through the pregnancy and am not ‘huge’ so going over 40 weeks hasn’t killed me too much – just hit the boredom level in the last 2 days! Consisting of bringing out a puzzle and knitting … neither of things I usually do!!

I can’t wait to be able to: Lie on my stomach when sleeping!!

When I see my body I feel: Empowered, I’m so unbelievably proud of my mind and body and how I feel towards it. So grateful!

How I’m feeling about the birth: Excited!! I get to meet our babe and find out the sex and start our next chapter in our life journey!

What I’ll miss about being pregnant: Everything! The ups, downs all the feels. Baby’s movements.

The most uncomfortable thing right now is: Pubic bone!! Baby’s head feels like it’s right there!

When I picture my life a year from now I think: We nailed it!!

My story…
2020 started off with a pregnancy loss for us which was heart breaking – however coming out the other side I’m so so grateful this happened as it made us so much stronger and more excited for what was to come in the future. Going into this second pregnancy was a challenge knowing what happened previously for us, however at the same time we were so excited and had done so much inner work to have such a positive outlook. It all paid off! From the very get go I was experienced only a couple of weeks of evening nausea – I would say I got off very lucky and my body looked after me well! I have spent up to 37 weeks saying ‘pregnancy is nowhere near as bad as I expected’ which was so so nice. I ‘haven’t felt pregnant’ until I got to 37 weeks, the heaviness I started to experience is what I expected so much earlier on!
After experiencing people around me and through social media on their pregnancy journeys the picture, I had painted in my head about pregnancy was certainly that it isn’t easy! I managed to continue my training throughout pregnancy right up to 38 weeks, stopping purely because I knew these last few weeks I wanted to enjoy doing nothing while I had the chance! Continuing walking the dog when I felt up to it right up to now 41 weeks. With training and nutrition being my forte – nutrition went out the window, all I have focused on is eating whatever I felt like when I felt like it. I aimed for at least 2 nourishing meals a day but was fine for any little treats and goodies in between (there was a lot!) Now being just over 41 weeks, the time is ticking and I’m feeling so positive about it all. I have been excited for birth from day one (I’m lucky enough to have been at 3 births prior and am so empowered from coaching family through their labour/birth). I am human and have moments in concern about the possibility of induction and anything that may happen but have spent a lot of time accepting whatever happens is absolutely perfect. My ideal is to labour at home as long as possible and then head to the local birth centre (7 mins away and where I was born) to bring baby earth side. I’m very open to whatever has to happen for the best for me and baby, however. Just in the last 24 hours I have had a few niggles hoping they will turn into something over the weekend! To date I have gained 14kg and feeling amazing for it. It feels so natural, and I think I have been on the scales 4 times in 9 months which I’m so proud of! I feel absolutely privileged and proud of how my body has grown this little babe and looked after me the whole way through!

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).

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