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8 Weeks Pregnant | Two Month Milestone

You’ve reached one of the first milestone in your pregnancy, two months pregnant, and you may have just already been for a dating scan and heard that incredible little heartbeat. You may have already shared your news with a few close friends or family members by now and are patiently waiting to tell your wider friend group. How are you feeling? The first trimester can be rough, and even though the fetus is teeny tiny, you could already be bloated and feel your clothes starting to get a little tighter. Soon enough you’ll have a baby bump growing!

Amongst all of the excitement, you may already be feeling very tired, as baby takes so much of your nutrition and energey – you may be needing lots of little naps, like this soon to be mumma of 2 who shares her early pregnancy journey

“My daughter is 3 at the end of August so will be nearly 3 and a half when the baby is due. The age gap wasn’t planned as a certain age, it was more that we were ready to have another one.”

1. Take your first Pregnancy photos

Choose a spot in your house in which you can take the same photo as your bump grows, it’s so nice to look back on your journey and documenting your time with photos will give you a visual reminder of your experience (even though at the moment, you may not feel like being reminded – it’s hard work being pregnant).

Take a photo of your pregnancy test (but I wouldn’t recommend holding onto it as an heirloom, they don’t keep well!), and a photo with your partner, you’re about to embark on an incredible journey.

2. Start writing in your Pregnancy Journal

It’s also time to document your thoughts, feelings and physical experiences, using our made with love pregnancy journal. To give you an idea of what our pages are filled with, I have included a blog from a beautiful Mumma who shares pregnancy journal entries at 6 & 7 weeks. Read on to hear more about her journey and her feelings towards soon having 2 under 2.

3. Start making lists of things you’ll need later

It’s good to keep track of items you will need as the months go on. It can be pretty exciting to go baby shopping for the first time, and you may even get a few little announcement gifts from friends as you tell them, but it’s great to start a list of what you need to purchase, and how much it’s going to cost. 

Then you can wait for the big sales (for instance, Farmers has a bi-annual one), or budget for everything you want to purchase. Consider things which are safest to buy second-hand, such as a good quality wooden cot, and those things you’d prefer to have new.

Although it’s lovely to choose a few little items of clothing to purchase during your pregnancy, you may find you get gifted a lot of newborn clothing too, so err on sizing up a little bit (my second baby was 10lbs and didn’t even fit newborn size).

4. Eat Little & Often to Combat Nausea

If you’re dealing with nausea, you may find yourself also losing your appetite along the way. Try snacking and finding foods that are easy to take with you in your bag or keep in your car to nibble on throughout the day. Eat little and often.

Crackers are great, either on their own or with healthy and more filling toppings for when you are able to stomach it. If your sickness goes beyond nausea, and you are unfortunate enough to have Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), you may wish to read the experience of others going through this, such as Christina Dellar and this Mum on her third pregnancy with HG.

You can also get these blogs and tips emailed to you! Fill in this with email and due date and you will receive emails perfectly suiting your stage of pregnancy.

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