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9 Weeks Pregnant – Second baby

Week: 10

Baby is the size of a: Prune

Cravings: I have had no cravings but the smell of meat is making me feel sick

Weight: I weigh 60kgs and haven’t put on any weight yet

I have been feeling: Very tired and needing naps on the weekend. I am a teacher so by the end of the day I am pretty tired.

My partner has been: Super supportive, our daughter has really bonded with him and he has taken on the primary caregiver of her. 

Morning sickness: I first had a late period so I took a test and then have been having morning sickness on and off. I find if I don’t eat regularly I get sick and will throw up. 

When I see my body I feel: Excited and happy, I love having a bump and the weight gain isn’t something I worry about. I can’t wait to have more of a bump and be able to dress cute to show it off. 

The best thing about being pregnant so far: Is knowing that you are doing this awesome/amazing thing of growing life. I love having to move around to get comfortable and sit in a certain way.

We will/will not find out gender: We will find out the gender as it helps my husband bond and prepare for the arrival of another little one. I also can’t wait to talk about my little one having a brother or sister, so she can feel more involved. 

Exercise, food, sleep: I am not worried about gaining any weight, I go to the gym once a week and when I feel less tired push up to 2-3 times per week. I won’t be trying anything new as that is not safe. Food- I follow guidelines from Healthline about what to avoid and have been weighing in weekly but haven’t gained anything so I will speak to my midwife next week about that, last time I gained more near the end than beginning. sleep I find if I stay up past 10, I can’t sleep that night and struggling the next day. 

How old is your daughter? Was it a planned age gap, and did you have any trouble along the way, or was this a surprise? How has the pregnancy been so far with this one, compared to with your daughter? My daughter is 3 at the end of August so will be nearly 3 and a half when the baby is due. The age gap wasn’t planned as a certain age, it was more that we were ready to have another one. Our first was not planned so we wanted to buy a house and get married before we had a second. Had no trouble for either as the first was a surprise and the second was wanted but we got pregnant first go… We thought there may be trouble as 6 months before getting pregnant with my first I had a cyst burst on my right ovary and there is some damage but since I was 20 at the time they weren’t to worried as I wasn’t wanting children in the next 2-3 years and we had a fun adult weekend and got pregnant. My husband had some tests done and found he had very low sperm so was taking supplements to help support that, as well as some other issues and I guess it was just meant to be. We would like to have a third and would go with a smaller age gap between 2-3. Pregnancy has both been similar with the morning sickness, I feel the second time has been dragging on longer (still haven’t announced as I am not 12 weeks yet) but I found out at like 3 weeks the second time and was nearly 8 weeks with my first. 

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: I would say that I love and can’t wait to meet you. I promise to protect you with everything I have and that I will treasure the 4th trimester (as I didn’t know about it until my first was past that stage) 

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