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pregnancy leggings maternity pants best amy barrett

The Best Pregnancy/Maternity pants and Breastfeeding Clothes

I’m almost half way into my second pregnancy, and honestly, I’m spending at least 16 hours a day in maternity wear, so I may as well share my advice. I get asked about what I love and why I choose it often, so here are my thoughts on the best to buy while pregnant and also breastfeeding.

The comfiest underwear for changing bodies

It’s hard enough not fitting any of your pre-pregnancy clothes, without having your underwires and elastics digging into your growing body during pregnancy. The most important feature of comfortable underwear (besides elastane!) is a wide band that doesn’t dig in. Calvin Klein offers the most comfortable wide-band underwear I’ve tried, comfortable, practical and offer a variety of styles, shapes and colours, but I basically live in the ‘Modern Cotton‘ ones. The matching bralettes are great for pregnancy and also breastfeeding overnight, as you can lift the bra up to feed without fumbling around with hooks and eyes in the dark.

The best maternity pants

During my first pregnancy, I got to at least half way without having to buy proper maternity pants – this time it was around 7 weeks! Even with a small bump, I found any pressure on my abdomen really uncomfortable. I was working with Aimn and started wearing their maternity pants, but now that I’m 16 weeks I’ve found the fabric doesn’t have as much ‘give’ as I need to be comfortable. I’ve just recently changed to to the Lorna Jane maternity range and I’ve found them so, so much more comfortable, both in terms of the stretch of the fabric, and the feel on my skin. The best ones I’ve found have pockets on either side (i.e. snacks and a phone – perfect for when I’m carrying a toddler). I love the ‘French Navy’ leggings, and there’s a matching maternity bra too. As I already have the bras from when I had Teddy, I’ve been wearing them again as they’re much more comfortable than my other sports bras.  They have thick straps which don’t cut in, lots of variation in the clasps so will continue to fit as you change shape.

best pregnancy leggings maternity clothes

Maternity bras for breastfeeding

There are only two bras I ever wore breastfeeding, and I’ve already mentioned them above because they’re also perfect for pregnancy.

Calvin Klein modern cotton bralettes for at home/sleeping (or any bralette without hooks and eyes at the back – I didn’t think of this last time and bought lots of cute bralettes which had clasps at the back I couldn’t sleep in.

Lorna Jane maternity bras for out and about/working out.

Maternity clothing

I actually didn’t wear a lot of specific maternity clothing when I was breastfeeding Teddy, mostly going for a loose tee or linen shirt, or buying wrap dresses I’d be able to continue to wear, but I did discover company ‘Peachy Mama‘ which has everything from nursing camis essentials to beautiful dresses you can nurse in. Soon Maternity is another good one for casual options, and I picked up some cheap maternity jeans here too.

I really hope this helps with your decisions, all the best!

Photo: @amykatebarrett with our pregnancy journal made with love.

pregnancy leggings maternity pants best amy barrett

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