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Best Pregnancy Gifts for the Newly Expecting

Growing a baby can be an exhausting, overwhelming and even thankless task, so when a friend announces she’s pregnant, we all want to spoil her. While it’s easiest, and often cutest gifts for a pregnant woman are for baby, it’s less often an expectant mother gets any gifts to spoil just her during her pregnancy. Here are some ideas on the best gifts for pregnant women, so you can spoil an expectant mother.

1. pregnancy pillow

I cannot stress enough the importance of sleep in pregnancy – both for expectant Mum and baby. Unfortunately, for many women, sleep can be near impossible when there is a bump getting in the way of finding a comfortable position, especially from the second trimester onwards. Pregnancy pillows are designed to give pregnant women comfort and support, as well as encourage sleeping on your side, which is best for the baby and Mum – easing back pain and giving extra support to the growing belly.

There are many different types of pregnancy pillows, dependent on how a person sleeps. If you are looking to gift a pregnancy pillow, you could read The Best Pregnancy Pillows to Ease You Through Every Trimester for what pillow would be the most suitable.

I was completely obsessed with my Growbright body pillow – they do also have a knee pillow and other maternity pillows – and if you use ‘meg15’ as a discount code you will receive 15% off. The body pillow is perfect for women to sleep on their side. The perks of this pillow is that it also replaces your head pillow and gives you something to cuddle at night- especially if your partner is away regularly (like mine).

2. pregnancy massage

When carrying an extra 10-20 kgs, there’s no doubt that an expectant mother’s body is going to be under a lot of stress, causing all sorts of body aches and pains. This is why a pregnancy massage is perfect, as well as forcing the mama-to-be to have some much needed pampering before the baby arrives.

There are so many benefits of a pregnancy massage. Not only does it ease body aches and pains, especially around the lower back, hips and legs, but it also relaxes the body, helping with mental and physical fatigue. Other benefits include reducing swelling, increasing blood circulation, as well as preparing the body for labour.

Not only will the mama-to-be love this gift, but so will their partner – being a relieved of their duties of foot and back rubs for at least a few days 😉


3. pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal to document her entire pregnancy journey, from pre-conception to post-natal care, made with love – the perfect gift for an expectant mother, or a friend who’s trying to conceive. While baby books focus on the new arrival, made with love is focussed on the new mama herself, encouraging self-care, reflection and relaxation,

Made with love contains a weekly journal for pregnant women to track their journey, pages to record each scan and milestone, as well as sections for partner’s notes, where they too get to document their journey to becoming a new parent.

Journals are invaluable gifts. Not only do they last forever and make a beautiful keepsake, but contain memories to be passed down through families to look back on. Made with love can be also be helpful to look back on for future pregnancies. (Aus site)

4. maternity pants

Of course, one of the biggest changes a Mum to be goes through is her growing bump. Some women will begin to change shape almost immediately, but even those who remain the same size for a long time will find that pressure on their lower abdomen is uncomfortable – compression activewear is definitely out.

I’ve worn a lot of different maternity pants over my two pregnancies (and also stretched out a few of my non-maternity ones!) and can honestly say the best are Lorna Jane maternity. I bought the pants during my first pregnancy, and have started working with them this year, so can now offer you 20% off with MEG20 (sitewide). Although I also have discount codes for Aim’n and other activewear brands which make maternity pants, the Lorna Jane ones are the only ones I consistently recommend for baby bumps.

5. New underwear for growing boobs (and tum, bum and thighs…)

It’s hard enough not fitting any of your pre-pregnancy clothes, without having your underwires and elastics digging into your growing body during pregnancy. However, many pregnant women will put off buying new underwear, when there is already so much else on their plate. A voucher for new underwear would be an incredible gift for an expectant mother, as it is something nice they can choose for themselves without having to stress about breaking the bank- let’s be honest, nice bras and underwear can become expensive. 

Knickers or boy-shorts with wide bands are perfect for pregnant women as they give extra support and comfort. Calvin Klein offers the most comfortable I’ve tried, comfortable, practical and offer a variety of styles, shapes and colours.

Bras are just as important, if not more. Trying to squeeze your newly found pregnancy boobs into your old bra is not comfortable AT ALL. While it might be too early to start wearing maternity styles, stretchy bras without underwire are an excellent choice, and wearing them to bed can help to prevent sagging and stretch-marks, as breasts grow.

It is all-too-common for pregnant women to start to feel unsexy. New bras and underwear could help change this. Vouchers are perfect as it means the pregnant mama-to-be can pick out the style herself, as well as be properly measured.

packed hospital bag

getting a bag ready to take to hospital can be a stressful job for a mother-to-be, especially when baby brain is involved and there are so many other things to stress about.

Starting a packed hospital bag with the essentials is the perfect gift for a pregnant friend.

Important essentials include:

  • toothbrush
  • hairbrush
  • hair ties
  • maternity pads
  • socks
  • underwear
  • deodorant
  • body wash
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • breast-pads
  • lip-balm
  • tissues
  • face wipes
  • nipple cream

These are essentials that the mama-to-be may forget to include, especially when they are making sure they have all the essentials for a newborn baby. It also means that the expectant mother can add anything personal that she would like to have at the hospital during birth.

Best Gifts for Pregnant Women - Spoil an Expectant Mother

As a mama-to-be or experienced Mum, what else would you love to be spoiled with – leave us your suggestions!

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