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Miscarriage at 11 Weeks, now pregnant with rainbow baby!

Brave Mumma to be Kirsty, now pregnant with her rainbow baby shares her pregnancy journey. Read on to hear more about her story. Content warning: Blog post mentions miscarriage.

8 weeks pregnant

Baby is the size of a: Olive

Our first pregnancy and miscarriage: My husband and I are both healthy 30year olds who began trying for a baby in August 2020. We were lucky enough to fall pregnant relatively quickly (even though it felt like forever at the time) in January 2021. I spoke to a friend of mine who recommend a midwife who I contacted, and we arrange out first appointment when I was approximately 7weeks. Our midwife asked if I knew my dates or if we required a dating scan and because we were trying, and I had super regular cycles we opted to not have a dating scan. My husband and I met with our midwife when I was approximately 7weeks pregnant, our first appointment went great, we all got long and I felt excited and supported. The next weeks went past, I had some mild nausea and tiredness but nothing extreme and we were looking forward to our 12-week scan. 

At 11w2d (Friday) I had some bleeding, I messaged my midwife immediately and she said she would arrange an urgent scan for me on Monday and to keep her updated. My bleeding became heavier over the weekend, and I started having strong cramps. The ultrasound place contacted me on Monday morning and arranged a scan for Monday afternoon. At the scan the ultrasound technician didn’t say much however she said that she could see a collapsing gestational sac and a foetal pole measuring approx. 5w3d with no heartbeat. She said she would provide a verbal handover to our midwife, and we would hear from her. My husband and I returned home, and I awaited a call from my midwife – which never came. On Monday evening I miscarried naturally at home. 

Another week went by, and my midwife finally returned my call the following Tuesday (8days after my ultrasound). I didn’t answer her phone call as I was too angry, but I text her and said I was extremely disappointed in her lack of follow up, guidance and care over the past week and that my GP would be continuing my care. My husband and I meet with my GP, and she arranged a number of follow up blood tests to ensure my HCG levels returned to normal, offered some counselling and explained what would happen next. 

My husband and I both work in healthcare so we were fortunate enough to know what is ‘normal’ when having a miscarriage, when to seek further hospital intervention etc however no one should be expected to go through a miscarriage without any guidance and follow up is essential to ensure the miscarriage is complete and there is no risk of retained tissue and infection. I feel my midwife completely let us down. 

I had two ‘normal’ cycles post miscarriage and my husband, and I decided to ‘stop not trying’ as opposed to begin trying and fell pregnant the first month. Obviously, we were happy but also very anxious. I have a close friend who is currently pregnant who recommended an OB after knowing our experience last time and so far, our experience has been great. I am currently 8weeks,2days. feeling very sick but very happy. I had some early spotting, so our OB arranged to see me before our first official appointment at 6w4d were we saw our tiny baby and a healthy heartbeat. We had an official dating scan yesterday and everything is looking great. We are yet to have our ‘first’ official appointment with our OB yet, but I anticipate that will be next week!

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of the pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal)

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