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36 Weeks Pregnancy Journal: Simone Anderson

Simone Anderson shares her pregnancy journal entry for week 36 of her pregnancy, read on to find out how she is feeling with being four weeks out from her due date of July 9th!

Week: 36

Baby is the size of a? Winter melon… what is a winter melon haha you tell me “Preggers” app.

Weight/ weight gain: 14.5kg gain sitting at 99.5kg.

Cravings? Weetbix bites and lots of them haha!

 Symptoms? Starting to get tiny amount of colostrum. 

Can you tell us about your fertility journey?

We had our wedding date planned for March 28th and Covid pushed this out, so because I didn’t know when we would be able to get married, we started trying to convince, we tried for two months before we had an idea that we could re book our wedding date, so we stopped trying. Our new date was set for Nov 20th – so we started trying two months out thinking if it were to happen at least we would not be showing on the date and my dress would hopefully still fit! 

How have you been feeling emotionally?

I am a very emotional person so was worried with how I would be but Trent has said I’m very much the same… still a crier haha but nothing worse! Luckily! 

How did you choose to share your news with friends from so early on?

We started telling our friends and family as soon as we found out. We decided that whatever happened during our pregnancy we wanted the love and support of our closest friends no matter what the outcome was. This is such a personal decision and I truly believe only the couple involved can decide for themselves

Did you have fears of miscarrying in the early days?

I guess for me there was always a thought that miscarriage is common and that may be our destiny to. But I had to remind myself that whatever happened was not my fault and have faith in my body and mind that either way we would survive and we would get through that. 

What may have surprised a lot of people is how long you waited to tell your followers. How hard was that?

We waited until about 18 weeks to share publicly online, I always thought I would share sooner but it was just such a special time to enjoy the news with our closest we wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible! We only shared once I could no longer pretend it was just a good bloat! Haha 

How did you choose to have a midwife rather than an obstetrician as your LMC?

We knew we wanted as natural of a birth experience as possible, so this is what led us to a midwife – we feel so lucky in New Zealand to have such a great continuity of care throughout with our midwifes and this is the path we decided to take. We found her profile online via midwifes NZ and had an initial phone call – her profile then manor and ethos around birth aligned and we felt so comfortable with her instantly. We go to her. 

What has surprised you the most about being pregnant?

The amount of unsolicited advice that is thrown at you about EVERYTHING! Very overwhelming for a first-time mum 

You have shared an incredible bond with your baby throughout your pregnancy, do you have any tips for others?

I have made it my daily goal to ensure I give this baby my time and full attention for at least 10 minutes. I want him to know and feel before he is earth side that he is and always will be my priority. By nature, I am GO GO GO, and I wanted to ensure I take time to enjoy and relax though this journey together. Reminding myself that what I feel he feels, what I experience he does to. That was a great reminder to slow and ensure I am looking after myself both physically and mentally. I truly have no advice other than do what works for you, for me this time each day to just sit and be truly gave me the chance to start to form an unbreakable bond with my baby. 

You seem to have maintained your energy levels throughout, continuing F45 all the way through your pregnancy – is there anything you have found hard or not had energy for?

I absolutely love my daily exercise and F45 it has kept me strong and feeling prepared for birth. I have found walking Maddox harder than F45 which is interesting so have scaled the walks right back! 

Are you feeling anxious about anything?

I feel this is a strange answer but honestly, I don’t. I’m excited. 

Have your weight loss surgeries had any effect on your body during pregnancy?

Due to weight loss surgery, there is a higher chance your baby can track smaller, so they have kept a close eye on me with more regular scans. He is tracking averagely on charts but in comparison to my size slightly smaller but still within range. There have been some testing moments where I have been worries about his size but right now, we are looking good.

You are still so fashionable, have you just sized up or are you wearing maternity wear?

That is so kind! I have just sized up to a 14 in most things but also invested in maternity jeans… BEST DECISION EVER in winter. I am wearing most days.

Perhaps leading on from that, how are you feeling about birth? Are you doing anything to prepare currently (hypnobirthing, perineal massage, antenatal courses etc?

I am genuinely excited to experience birthing my son, in whatever capacity that may take for us. I believe my body was designed to do this! I have been doing a hypnobirthing course on my phone, with an app and read a great book which definitely has made me feel mentally prepared. And we have done an antenatal class which also helped me feel more educated on the birthing process.

Have you been flooded with advice already? What would you pass on?

All the advice, none of which I have found that helpful. I truly believe no child is the same and what works for one won’t work for the next. I guess I want to trust in my instincts, try and enjoy each step of the way, even the hard, tough, and sticky parts and focus on the blessing of a child I have the privilege of raising. 

Be honest… have you kept up your pregnancy journal made with love?

We have!! Something I am so proud of!! Every Friday! Trent takes a little more prodding haha but we get there!

How are you planning to balance new-born life?

I will definitely be taking it slow and taking it day at a time, judging what feels right. I want to ensure I am present and lapping up every second of the new-born stage. So will ensure no work gets in the way of this. 

If you could say anything to your baby right now, what would it be?

You are already enough; you have everything you need to live a happy and fulfilled life within you. You are loved and supported, and I cannot wait to watch you grow into an incredible man. You will make waves in whatever you chose to do and whoever you choose to be… because you are you. 

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).

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