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What to Write in a Baby Shower Guest Book

What to Write in a Baby Shower Guest Book

How to pen the Perfect Entry in a Baby Shower Guest Book!

Welcome to the world of baby showers, where love, laughter, and celebrations come together to honor expectant parents and their little miracles! But wait, there’s one element that adds an extra touch of magic to these joyous occasions for expectant parents to look back on — the Baby Shower Guest Book! It can be hard to think about what to write, whether a heartfelt message for the parents, advice for their bundle of joy, or a little letter to the child, so here are some ideas to get you started.

Choosing a Baby Shower Guest Book

At the heart of every baby shower is the celebration of the Mum to be, and desire to create lasting memories. From the heartfelt congratulations to the invaluable advice and warm wishes, each message in a baby shower guest book serves as a time capsule, encapsulating the love and excitement that surrounds the impending arrival of a little one. That’s why we created our versatile guest book, ‘With Love,’ designed to be the perfect canvas for any occasion, be it a baby shower, a wedding, or a milestone birthday celebration.

Our ‘With Love’ guest book is a beautifully crafted keepsake, featuring luxurious 150gsm FSC certified paper and a hard-cover bound in vegan leatherette. With its gold-embossed orchid design and minimalist inner pages, it provides an exquisite backdrop for guests to express their love and support. The versatility of our guest book ensures that it can be cherished and used for countless events, preserving the precious memories shared by loved ones.

Encourage Guests to Write – Set up a Guest Book Table

Picture this: a vibrant table adorned with an array of Polaroid cameras, colorful film, and a guest book just waiting to be filled with instant memories. Imagine your guests stepping up to the vibrant Guest Book table, excitement filling the air as they grab a Polaroid camera. With each snap of the shutter, they immortalize a precious moment—a beaming smile, a silly pose, or a heartfelt hug. These instant photos become a visual testament to the love and connection shared during the baby shower – they also make the process of writing a long letter in a guest book less intimidating – they can stick in their polaroid, and write a short note instead.

If you’re worried about the Guest Book table being bypassed, leave some sweet treats there, like these @amyssecretkitchen personalised cookies.

Pick a Prompt from a Hat for Inspiration

Written questions or prompts are the perfect way to inspire your guests and add a touch of intrigue to the baby shower experience. Set up a hat or a jar filled with carefully crafted questions and ideas, ready to be plucked by enthusiastic participants. These prompts can range from humorous and lighthearted to thought-provoking and sentimental.

As your guests pick a prompt from the hat, their eyes will light up with anticipation. Each prompt becomes a creative spark, guiding them to craft a unique message or moment to capture with their Polaroid camera. The prompts not only provide inspiration but also encourage guests to delve into their personal memories, offering a delightful twist to the traditional guest book activity. Prompt ideas follow ‘guessing games’.

Guessing Games

Elevate the fun and anticipation at your baby shower by introducing engaging guessing games that invite guests to participate and leave their predictions in the guest book. Have each page titled “Guess My ….?,” where guests can write down their predictions and the reasons behind their guesses, for gender, name, weight, etc.

These guessing games not only provide entertainment but also make the guest book a treasure trove of memories, capturing the excitement and anticipation surrounding the baby’s arrival. As the parents-to-be flip through the pages in the years to come, they’ll be delighted to see the range of guesses and heartfelt messages that were shared on this joyous occasion. So, let the games begin, and let the guest book become a gallery of playful predictions and cherished memories!

10 Ideas for Prompts of What to Write in your Baby Shower Guest Book

  1. Share a funny or heartwarming memory you have with the parents from before little one arrives.
  2. Offer a piece of advice for the parents-to-be on their new journey into parenthood.
  3. Predict the baby’s personality trait or talent they might inherit from their parents.
  4. Share a song that reminds you of the expectant parents or one you think would make a great lullaby for the baby.
  5. Describe a childhood game or tradition you think the baby will enjoy with their parents.
  6. Write a short poem or message welcoming the baby to the world.
  7. Share a favorite book or bedtime story recommendation for the little one’s future library.
  8. Share a piece of wisdom or a funny anecdote about motherhood/fatherhood that the expectant parents should know.
  9. Offer a creative suggestion for the baby’s future dream profession or a unique hobby they might pursue.
  10. Describe a special wish or aspiration you have for the baby’s future.

Baby Shower Guest Book Non-Traditional Alternatives

  1. Fingerprints Are Unique and So Is Fingerprint Art: Enlist your guests to create a one-of-a-kind work of art using their fingerprints. They can create a beautiful picture of a tree, balloons, or flowers and sign their names in their dried fingerprints or create a border of love around the artwork with their signatures.
  2. Build Love With Blocks or a Puzzle: Have your guests help create your baby’s very first set of blocks. Purchase plain or alphabet wooden blocks, or a premade Baby Shower Puzzle and provide paints or markers specific to materials like wood. Each guest can personalize a block, and when all is done, your child will have their very own unique set of blocks to play with.
  3. New Parents Recipe Book: Help the new parents-to-be with meal ideas by having guests create a recipe book. Ask each attendee to bring an easy meal idea written on an index card. Paste the index cards into a blank book, creating a personalised recipe book to help them get through those exhausting first few months.
  4. Bibs to Remember Your Shower: Purchase plain bibs and fabric markers, and ask your guests to create designs on them. You can also buy bibs with images already on them and have friends write messages on the backside of the bib.
  5. Create a Group Time Capsule: Purchase a container or box to serve as your baby shower time capsule. Each guest adds one piece of memorabilia from the year to the capsule, capturing big moments in time and creating a collection of memories to look back on in the future.
  6. Count on a Calendar to Get You Through Year One: Customise a calendar to serve as a replacement for your baby shower guest book. Purchase a plain calendar or have a simple one created with phrases like “Baby’s First Year“. Guests can add their creative touches to each month’s page, signing the front or working in teams to personalise each page. Throughout the year, the calendar will serve as a reminder of the love and support surrounding you.

These unique and creative guest book ideas can also be used together with a traditional guest book, allowing guests to contribute their heartfelt messages and well-wishes in fun and memorable ways. Both will become cherished keepsakes that you can look back on and remember the love and support that surrounded you during this special time.

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