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Personalised Wedding Planner Book

our wedding planner uses inclusive, gender-neutral language


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Personalised Wedding Planner Book with two bonus Wedding Planning Tools: Wedding Budget Template & Wedding Beverage Budget which you can download and begin instantly.


The iconic little white book wedding planner is now able to be personalised with your initials – with ♡ or & in between, making it an engagement gift truly like no other. This year marks its 8th year in publication this year, a testament to its elegant aesthetic, user-friendly design and keepsake quality.


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Personalised Wedding Planner Book

The iconic ‘little white book’ is consistently named best wedding planner book in NZ by numerous magazines and online publications, but we are even more proud of the incredible reviews left by our customers. We hope you’ll agree with them, it’s the ultimate wedding planner! The little white book is a wedding planner created to help you get organised and stay on track, by including your essential wedding planning timelines and checklists within a 12 month diary format. This unique design is the first of its kind, and ensures you not only have all your must-have planning tools at your fingertips, but that you will actually use them. Comprised in an elegantly designed hardcover A5 journal, the little white book wedding planner includes:
  • all essential wedding planning tools: wedding budget guides, guest list pages, pages for each vendor
  • wedding timelines and checklists (first steps, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week) integrated throughout
  • ‘our love story’ pages to reflect on your relationship and help you write your vows
  • complete 12 month diary (undated, one page double-spread) with prompts to encourage journaling
  • bullet journal style dotted blank pages for notes, sketches, photos and mementos
  • honeymoon planner, separate honeymoon budget and 18 day honeymoon journal pages
  • ‘the adventure continues’ pages to reflect on your wedding day and goals for the future
Our wedding planner is gender neutral, using inclusive language to support our LGBTQ+ couples and families.

Unique Benefits of our Wedding Planner Book Design

The little white book was designed to be more than just a wedding planner. It incorporates a journal, to be used to write your story, and to become a keepsake of your wedding planning experience, while utilising the structure of 12 month diary, so that planning timelines and checklists are adhered to.

The Journal

When we were organising our wedding, I found it incredibly beneficial to record the experience rather than just the logistics. Writing things down helped me work through decisions, stay motivated and on-track with wedding planning, reflect on what was important to us as a couple, and decide how to implement those things in a way that felt right. Journaling is backed by decades of scientific research to help us to processing emotions, reduce the symptoms of stress, aid with decision making, memory and so much more. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but by writing down your stressors and experience, you can help your brain to process difficult decisions and stressful feelings. Our new gender neutral edition also includes guided journal pages curated from our couple’s journalour love story‘ to reflect on your relationship, prompt you to think about what is really important to you as a couple, and decide how to prioritise wedding planning, and personalise your day. These can also be used to help with writing your vows.

The Planner

The benefit of integrating wedding planning timelines and checklists within a 12 month diary is that by using the book as your weekly planner, you are also prompted to address essential wedding planning tasks, and use the tools within. No longer an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ wedding organiser, the little white book puts wedding planning at your fingertips. Undated, insert your wedding date and the name of each month prior. Each is dated 1 to 31, and the month preceding the wedding day is designed to be a countdown from 31 sleeps.
  • Broken into manageable steps and a workable timeline, wedding planning can be simple, stress-free, enjoyable and memorable
  • Take one task at a time and contact or meet a few vendors in each category
  • Write down questions to ask vendors in advance and take notes at meetings. We have lists of suggested questions for vendors, as well as downloadable budget and guest list spreadsheets available on our website
  • The checklists provide a reference guide, but there is space on each to add your own tasks, and you can take the timeframes at your own pace
The benefit to keeping a wedding planner and diary is that you can use it literally every day, whether it’s for your day-to-day schedule, your work meetings, as a point of reflection, or as a gratitude journal at the end of each day. What’s important is that you have a reason to write in it every day, as much or as little as you like, which actually keeps you on track with all the wedding planning logistics you’ve got to do too.

Personalised Wedding Planner Book NZ – Read Our Reviews

Featured on CNN, NZ Herald,, Paper & Lace, Bride & Groom NZ, New Zealand Weddings Magazine, Modern Wedding Australia Magazine, Glamour UK Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Woman’s Day, Woman’s Weekly, Etsy (Etsy’s Pick 2022, Best Planner 2021, Top 10 in 2020), Wedding Forward, Karen Willis Holmes, Bridal Musings (“best wedding planner book”), VIVA magazine (“perfect wedding planner”), Canvas Magazine (“a very practical wedding planner”), Miss Fashion Quarterly, Unbridely, Polka Dot Bride, Remix Magazine, , M2 Magazine, Elle Cherie, Emma’s Wedding Advice, Mindy Weiss, The White Files,, Heartbeat Bridal, Southern Bride, Irish Wedding Blog, Vanolia, Love Photography, Rime Arodaky, NZ Real Health & more, plus read our customer reviews. little white book contents page best wedding planner book best-wedding-planner-book-gender-neutral-little-white-boo best-wedding-planner-book-gender-neutral-little-white-boo  

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