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How to Stay Motivated with your Baby Book

As parents, we know those early days are fleeting. We try to capture as much of them as we can – first smiles, first laugh, first steps – we fill our phones with photos and scroll through them as our babies grow. While those photos tell part of the story, there’s so much more to […]

Attending the Baby Expo | Tips to Get the Most out of Baby Shows

Attending the Baby Expo | 5 Tips to Get the Most out of Show Day

I personally found attending the Baby Expo as an expectant first time Mum extremely valuable, and now, returning as an exhibitor, I can certainly see a few ways to plan for, and get the most out of the day. The Baby Expo is New Zealand’s biggest baby expo at 5 locations nationwide The Baby Expo […]


Our much awaited pregnancy | IVF & Egg Donor

“We took the all-important home test and for the first time in my reproductive life, we got a very strong positive! We couldn’t believe and after the blood test to confirm later that day, we shared the wonderful news with family and friends.” Your family Our family is myself (44), my partner Rowan (39), Remi […]


First Time Mother | “I didn’t feel super Maternal”

“My midwife made it just in time and told me that I was good to push and everything went by so quickly and within 30 minutes of arriving at the hospital, I gave birth to Theo and I was just in shock at everything that just happened.” Your family I have been a mum to […]


64 hour labour | “Great midwives are worth their weight in gold.”

“Having our baby has only made our marriage stronger. There’s something so incredibly heart-melting about going through birth, and seeing your other half become a parent. Don’t get me wrong, we have our disagreements, but for the most-part we are completely on the same page and so incredibly filled with love for our wee girl.” […]


An interview with Erin Simpson | 41 weeks Pregnant, going for induction

Tell us a little about you and Zac We first met at an event at Sky City, at the time we had respective partners. A few months later we were both single and I was interviewing celebs on the Red Carpet, when Zac rocked up looking extremely inviting. I turned a into hot, melting, embarrassed […]


Best Toddler and Baby Books to Read

There are so many beautiful toddler and baby books on the shelves, how do you choose? We have listed some much loved classic books and also some new and gorgeous ones that your family will be sure to love too. We love to encourage our children to learn te reo as well as English, so […]


64 hour labour | Beautiful baby girl

Your family There is myself, my husband and our 3.5-month-old baby Matilda. We also have two fur-children;our cat Basil and our dog Mila. My husband and I are NZ Pakeha. Basil is a Tabby and Mila is aSiberian Husky x Golden Retriever (not that you really meant to ask for their ethnicities).We’re an active family; […]

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