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breathtaking dunedin wedding acorn photography beach inspiration

A Breathtaking Urban Dunedin Wedding Harbourside

Today’s breathtaking Dunedin wedding is beautiful beyond words. Without a doubt one of my favourites for the year, and a spectacular showcase of my favourite little city, this love story is also a very emotional one. From the bride Rebecca… “Even before we were officially together at High School it was always ‘Bex and Julz’. […]

stunning dunedin wedding on a budget acorn photography

A Stunning Two Day Dunedin Botanic Garden Wedding Under $5000!

Today’s wedding is going to blow your mind. Not only did this wedding cost less than $5000 (AND it was a TWO day event, including a trip to an island!), but the couple realised they really had something special when they went on a date at Taieri Beach, which just happens to be where I live! […]

Romantic Floral Dunedin Garden Wedding by Acorn Photography

We saved by… I have to admit…I’m not a very do-it-yourself kind of person, in fact I don’t think I have a single artistic or crafty bone in my body! Because of that, Andy and I definitely went for convenience over affordability and kept our DIY to the minimum. However, my Mum did spend many […]

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