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Mother of 1 | Premature Baby Girl after early pregnancy loss

Your Family Tell us a little about you/your family. Our family is the 3 of us. Mitch and I got married two years ago, and have been together for about six years. Mitch is a professional sportsman and F45 owner, I am an ex primary school teacher and then I moved onto working at F45 […]

Mother of One | Emergency C Section HELLP Syndrome

Jahna has recently joined our Forget Me Not Journals team and we took the time to ask her some questions about her family and journey to delivering her gorgeous little boy, Benji. Her story may be of particular interest to those with HELLP syndrome, which affects less than 1% of pregnant women. Tell me a […]


Adapting F45 while Pregnant (and Returning Postpartum)

It’s only now that I look back on my pregnancy, labour, and – perhaps most especially – the ‘fourth trimester’ (three months postpartum) that I truly appreciate how staying fit and healthy helped me along that journey. I’ve had a lot of messages on my personal instagram about ‘bouncing back’ (a term I dislike, as […]

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