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35 Weeks Pregnant – Second Pregnancy

35 weeks pregnant

Baby is the size of a Pineapple

My Weight: 66kgs (11kg gain)

Cravings: None – still everything tasting a bit blah. Could do with some fresh watermelon though.

Symptoms: Heartburn, lightning crotch, shortness of breath, increased discharge (TMI?)

I’ve been feeling: Emotional, sick and drained this week. Pregnancy has been far from top of mind.

I’m most nervous about: I worry a bit about how my first born will adjust to the big transition.

When I need to relax I listen to my labour music playlist

I can’t wait to be able to sleep lying down (even if it will be interrupted)

When I see my body I feel proud & confident, it’s quite incredible what it can handle

In preparation for the baby we are doing quick fire name suggestion evenings (to no avail)

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: As much as I’m getting more and more excited to meet you, please stay put for a few more weeks – there’s a lot to do still to prepare for your arrival, plus we need to agree on a name and I need to shake this cold! Keep up the kicks, each one is comfort and reassurance for me. Also if you could shimmy your way into prime position too that would be much appreciated. See you soon enough little man, you’re super loved and a big part of the family already.

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7 Weeks Pregnant – Growing Family

Another beautiful Mumma shares her made with love pregnancy journal entries at 6 & 7 Weeks pregnant. Read on to hear more about her journey and her feelings towards soon having two little ones under 2.

6 weeks pregnant

Baby is the size of a blueberry

Cravings NIL

Symptoms Morning Sickness

I’ve been feeling I’m getting morning sickness this time around it is not fun, and I’m noticing that even after a good sleep I’m still very tired.

This week I talked to some good friends who are also parents, it’s been nice sharing our fears and excitement.

Advice I’ve been given that it’s only going to get harder from here (not very helpful).

What I’m doing to relax looking back of old photos of my last pregnancy and Georgia as a newborn remembering that time brings a lot of peace.

I’m most excited about I’m still adjusting to the idea of baby number two so nothing yet.

I’m most nervous about what being a mum of two under two is going to be like and how I will cope.

How I’m going I could always make improvements but I’m okay with my imperfections

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be

“Dear Baby, I want you to know you are so loved. When I think about you my breath is still a little taken away. It’s crazy to think that in 34 short weeks I could be holding you in my arms, smelling your sweet smell and hearing your little sounds. I hope for you great things, you can be anything you dream of so dream big baby. Lots of love, X0 mummy”

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28 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2

28 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is the size of a: Eggplant

Is this pregnancy similar to your first and will you be finding out the gender? Yes indeedy, number two for us – Paige will be 18/19 months when her brother arrives…EEEK! This pregnancy took us by surprise and freaking the F out about two under two but nevertheless really getting excited now that we’re getting closer to meeting him. Much different experience this time having found out the gender at the request of my hubby – I personally love a good surprise. I started this pregnancy at 62kg so at 27 weeks that’s a gain of 9.6kg and 28 weeks 10kg. With my first pregnancy I gained a total of 9.8kg…interesting, but also who really cares. I’m running around after a toddler this time and choccy biccies are too hard to say no to, haha!! Hoping most will fall out with the baby and some more to melt off with the breastfeeding, right?

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33 Weeks Pregnant – babies close in age

Beautiful Mum Sophie shares her pregnancy journies, now pregnant with her second little one she shares parts of both pregnancies to show comparison and also shares what she’ll do different this time around, read on to find out more.

33 weeks pregnant

Baby is the size of a: Pineapple

How was your first pregnancy? My first pregnancy was horrible!! I was 5 weeks when I found out I was pregnant (I found out for my 21st birthday) and around 8 weeks I started getting the worse morning sickness. By the next week I was in hospital getting diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and it was so bad I lost a whole bunch of weight and kept going back to the hospital because I couldn’t even drink water without vomiting and that lasted for around 25 weeks, then I managed to start vomiting once or twice a week till like 30 weeks. So, you could say I didn’t really get to enjoy my pregnancy at all considering it was full of hospital visits, IV lines, strong nausea medication that made me feel worse and just overall very lonely and not what I had seen on social media or heard others talk about. I never got to experience the “pregnancy glow” quite the opposite I always had red rashes all over my face from my veins popping from all the spewing, I didn’t get to get all glam and enjoy it because I lived in pyjamas in hospital. Which made me really depressed and not really grasp how amazing my body actually was for going through all of that. 

Did you always hope to have babies a couple of years apart, and did everything go according to plan this time? I always did hope for my babies to be close in age, maybe because I’m an identical twin and I obviously shared life with my sister which was amazing growing up with a best friend! So, when my husband and I talked about having another baby it was always in the near future. Everything has been according to plan this time around, everything that I experienced first pregnancy has not been an issue at all this time around, quite the opposite! I have had an amazing pregnancy which I thank God for! I could not imagine going through the same thing with a toddler. 

Can you briefly describe your birth, and has that informed your birth choices this time? This question is always bittersweet for me just because I’m so aware that there are situations so far from mine but I had an amazing birth! I started getting contractions at 5:30am on Sunday 22nd of December and I was all day just chilling, waiting, sleeping, bouncing on my exercise ball just letting my body do it’s thing and around 9pm my midwife came to see me at home, I was 2cm dilated and not in a whole lot of pain. Within the hour I was crying on my husband’s chest because the pain escalated from like a 2-7 real quick. My water breaks and we make our way to the hospital, we got there at midnight my midwife checks me again and I was only 3cm by this point I was inhaling the gas like my life depended on it. 

My midwife realised that my contractions were really strong and close together so she decided to give me a muscle relaxer that way I wouldn’t be so tense from the pain and within 20 mins I was 8cm dilated! Before I knew it we welcomed our little girl into the world at 2:32am just 3 hours after my water broke so that was amazing for me considering I decided to not get an epidural and just try to give birth as natural as possible. I think that I never had a “birth plan” I was really open to doing whatever it took in the moment and whatever was safest, I also didn’t expect anything out of it or didn’t set the bar so high for myself because honestly I had no idea what I was going into and I have the same mentality this time around. 

Have you found out what you’re having this time? Yes, we did find out what we’re having and this time around we’re having a boy  

What will you do differently now that you’re a wise and experienced Mum? Oh, I will bottle feed (pump) I kind of just let my daughter breastfeed and didn’t introduce her to a bottle till like about a month in and she hated it!! We tried everything under the sun for her to take a bottle and she never budged which was so hard because exclusively breast feeding is something else! I’ve never had such a challenging job as breast feeding was! Lots of tears shared, lots of lonely times as I couldn’t even leave the house which caused a lot of separation anxiety that I struggled for the longest time to overcome. 

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12 Weeks pregnant, Third baby

Week: 12

Baby is the size of a: Plum

I’ve been feeling: A lot better as of late the symptoms have died down and I have managed to put some weight back on… my husband is now getting back into work and now that stress is also gone…. feeling the excitement of having a third coming along wondering what/who they are going to look like… my first born is a spitting image of me while my daughter is a spitting image of her dad pretty scary really Lol! Been able tonnage my anxiety and just getting better sleep and eating has really improves my moods.

How have your family and friends reacted to news of baby #3? My family have been the most supportive ever… the occasional I told you guys to wait a bit till the other 2 were older from my dad but that cones from a place of genuine concern as he knows our situation. At the moment we’ve only told my immediate family and my husband’s mum, and all have been extremely supportive… I’ve only told my closest friend so far as she Is my greatest support can rely on her all the time… that one friend u know u can rant to at 2 in the morning and she will be there.. what’s also beautiful is that she is also pregnant, and we have had similar experiences… it’s just nice to have someone who can understand how I’m feeling!

When we have a chance to find out this baby’s gender…I think that’s when we will break the news to everyone in the family and also friends…. I don’t think we will keep the gender a secret as we didn’t for the first 2.

What I’m most looking forward to, either during pregnancy, or in starting a family of three… is the first kicks I can’t wait till that moment…. that’s just the most amazing thing ever I loved it so much in first 2 pregnancies and would take 5-10 mins a day just lying down feeling my belly and waiting for the kicks… was a pre-birth bonding activity for me and it makes the experience so surreal… in terms of starting a family of three, the thought of it is actually quite scary… how am I going to cope? The first 2 are already a handful how am I going to be able to split my time? What if I end up neglecting 1 of the kid? All these questions but also the excitement of having a new addition how are the other 2 going to react? We need to buy new things, clothes shopping etc… that first skin to skin contact after they are born, that first feed all of that!!! Can’t wait!

How I will deal with any feelings of anxiety in future, do you have a support network, are there people to talk to? I’m glad to say I have a good support network and liek a mentioned a very good friend who has been there for me!

What will you do differently as a third time Mum? Be more present…. eat healthier and take care of myself more… get to sleep early I have a bad habit of being on my phone all night and I suffer because of this and it 100% my fault.

What’s making you the happiest right now? Knowing that this baby is healthy and thriving even though I had the worst first trimester… it didn’t affect the baby and that makes me so relieved!

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be:  I know it didn’t seem like it at first but mummy loves you so much!!! I wouldn’t change anything, and you were never a mistake…. you have already changed my life and its definitely for the best. Love you my little butter bean!

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19 Weeks with Hyperemesis Gravidarum & Third Pregnancy

Baby is the size of a: Mango

Cravings: Bacon & egg muffins & mandarins 

Symptoms: Unfortunately I was diagnosed with hyperemesis so I have severe vomiting on random days mostly every morning, and sometimes from about 4pm onwards.  My husband would probably say I have severe mood swings as well haha!

I’ve been feeling: a little down honestly. Overwhelmed? Busy with two kids, a job, and a household to maintain. I never thought I’d take this pregnancy easily, but I didn’t think it’s be this hard. 

I’m most nervous about: going from 2 kids to 3. Haha! and that’s about it.

I am most looking forward to: my youngest becoming a big sister & her reaction to a baby along with my eldest becoming the “leader” of the babies. (In her own words)

Advice I’ve been given lately: be kind to yourself and do something for you. I think this is very important as mother’s we lose ourselves and who we are.

The hardest thing about being pregnant is: Lack of energy, nausea and not being able to enjoy this pregnancy like I have the last two. 

My favourite part of being pregnant would be: when I found out, and feeling the fluttering begin which makes the pregnancy feel real.

When I think about how much my life will change, I feel: overwhelmed, excited & nervous.

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: I do love you, I do care, I do want you and we can’t wait till you are here. 

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9 Weeks Pregnant – Second baby

Week: 10

Baby is the size of a: Prune

Cravings: I have had no cravings but the smell of meat is making me feel sick

Weight: I weigh 60kgs and haven’t put on any weight yet

I have been feeling: Very tired and needing naps on the weekend. I am a teacher so by the end of the day I am pretty tired.

My partner has been: Super supportive, our daughter has really bonded with him and he has taken on the primary caregiver of her. 

Morning sickness: I first had a late period so I took a test and then have been having morning sickness on and off. I find if I don’t eat regularly I get sick and will throw up. 

When I see my body I feel: Excited and happy, I love having a bump and the weight gain isn’t something I worry about. I can’t wait to have more of a bump and be able to dress cute to show it off. 

The best thing about being pregnant so far: Is knowing that you are doing this awesome/amazing thing of growing life. I love having to move around to get comfortable and sit in a certain way.

We will/will not find out gender: We will find out the gender as it helps my husband bond and prepare for the arrival of another little one. I also can’t wait to talk about my little one having a brother or sister, so she can feel more involved. 

Exercise, food, sleep: I am not worried about gaining any weight, I go to the gym once a week and when I feel less tired push up to 2-3 times per week. I won’t be trying anything new as that is not safe. Food- I follow guidelines from Healthline about what to avoid and have been weighing in weekly but haven’t gained anything so I will speak to my midwife next week about that, last time I gained more near the end than beginning. sleep I find if I stay up past 10, I can’t sleep that night and struggling the next day. 

How old is your daughter? Was it a planned age gap, and did you have any trouble along the way, or was this a surprise? How has the pregnancy been so far with this one, compared to with your daughter? My daughter is 3 at the end of August so will be nearly 3 and a half when the baby is due. The age gap wasn’t planned as a certain age, it was more that we were ready to have another one. Our first was not planned so we wanted to buy a house and get married before we had a second. Had no trouble for either as the first was a surprise and the second was wanted but we got pregnant first go… We thought there may be trouble as 6 months before getting pregnant with my first I had a cyst burst on my right ovary and there is some damage but since I was 20 at the time they weren’t to worried as I wasn’t wanting children in the next 2-3 years and we had a fun adult weekend and got pregnant. My husband had some tests done and found he had very low sperm so was taking supplements to help support that, as well as some other issues and I guess it was just meant to be. We would like to have a third and would go with a smaller age gap between 2-3. Pregnancy has both been similar with the morning sickness, I feel the second time has been dragging on longer (still haven’t announced as I am not 12 weeks yet) but I found out at like 3 weeks the second time and was nearly 8 weeks with my first. 

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: I would say that I love and can’t wait to meet you. I promise to protect you with everything I have and that I will treasure the 4th trimester (as I didn’t know about it until my first was past that stage) 

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34 Weeks Pregnant – 11 months apart

Joanne shares her pregnancy journey with baby number two. Her little girls will be 11 months apart when she is due to give birth via planned c section. Read on to hear how she has been feeling this time round and how they are preparing for their next little bundle of joy!

I have a 10-month-old baby girl…so she was only 3 months when I found out I was pregnant again! I ended up having an emergency c-section with my little girl Cartier, so the hospital has recommended for me to have another c-section this time as it is so close to the last birth…so I have a c-section booked in 4 weeks’ time…I will have two little girls 11 months apart!

Baby is the size of a: Pineapple

I have been feeling: I have generally been feeling fine this pregnancy, but finding it hard looking after a crawling baby in these last few weeks! This pregnancy has been smoother than my first one so far, with Cartier I had high blood pressure towards the end and was in and out of hospital for monitoring and was also very swollen, I was on the verge of pre-eclampsia.  My midwife prescribed me an aspirin a day for this pregnancy and so far, I my blood pressure has been fine, and I am not swollen yet! 

I am most looking forward too: I am looking forward to having two girls grow up close together, but I know it will be hard work too!  My sister-in-law has the same age gap, so I have seen a bit of what goes on! My babies’ movements are more frequent and stronger than my first baby!  With Cartier I sometimes got worried that I could not feel her, but not with this baby!  I am hoping this baby won’t be the naughty/fussy one as Cartier was fairly good and I have heard lots of friends tell me not to expect them to be the same!

My favourite part about being pregnant would be: My favourite part of being pregnant is feeling the baby moving inside you, other than that I cannot wait for her to come out!

I feel most loved and valued by my partner when: My husband as a parent is great, Cartier is definitely a Daddies girl and once he is home from work, she doesn’t want him out of her sight!  He always checks on her before he goes to work and gives her a bottle if she is awake so I can get more sleep. He is a very busy director and salesman in his family business so it can be hard juggling the work/life balance, but I am grateful for how much he loves his girls and provides for us, before we had Cartier, he wanted a boy but now we have a little girl he thinks girls are just the best and loves being a girl Dad…apparently, he does want a boy one day though! My husband is the eldest of 8 kids and I am the eldest of 9 so we both know a bit a bit looking after babies and children while we were growing up!  We will both be 34 this August and were born 10 days apart… I am from UK and he is an NZ resident, we met nearly 4 years ago and got married 9 months later!

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: You have no idea what you are in for!!  I feel really bad that I am having another baby so close to her and don’t want her to feel neglected by me or jealous of the new baby… however I have heard from friends with similar age gaps that they are actually too young to worry and that you get a worse reaction when it’s a bigger age gap. I just can’t help feeling guilty and want to make sure we love them both as much.

Something I need to get done:  Pack hospital bags. I have started filling another wardrobe and drawers with stuff for the next baby – I have SO many baby clothes! All mainly designer clothes from the UK.  I need to clean the baby car seat and set up the pram for day sleeps downstairs… I have a new bassinet set up in our room and need to wash the sheets for it.  I have a double buggy on order which I am waiting for… would highly recommend going to a baby show if you can before your baby as we got the bassinet and pram then just a few weeks ago.  The bassinet I used for Cartier turned into a cot so she is still sleeping in that hence the new bassinet.  I have to be organised otherwise I will go mad when I have two little ones!  Each will have their own baby bags stocked ready in the car so there’s no panicking each time we go out.

Something I worry about: I am probably most worried about contraception after the birth… I have talked with a couple of obstetricians at the hospital now and the first one said, ‘do you remember what you were told after your baby about birth control?’ (Because after a c-section you are meant to give your womb a year’s break before the next baby) …. I laughed about it after but found it a bit rude as well!!  Like I can do anything about it now!  Anyway, I know I need to do something after this baby because we can’t go getting pregnant again for a while at least!  I have been recommended to have an IUD put in at the time of my c-section, but I am wary of it and not sure if it’s a good idea to put my body through that at the same time as trying to recover from the birth, and I don’t like the possible hormonal side effects.  I have only ever been on the pill for a short period of time, and it made me feel horrible and bloated so I am also not sure about that … I would be interested in other points of view although I know everyone is different. I’m actually not too worried about having another c-section. Cartier was a big baby, and I was induced because of my high blood pressure, the induction lasted for 4 days which ended in an emergency c-section as baby was posterior and got distressed, she was 9 lbs.  I didn’t find the recovery too difficult, and I can’t face going through another long induction or going overdue with a big baby, so it is kind of a relief that I have a c-section booked in about 10 days before my due date. My family in UK haven’t seen Cartier yet, so it’s another thing I feel guilty about having another baby when they haven’t even seen the first one!  Especially for my mum it is so hard for her not being able to see us and help me after the birth.  I am fortunate that I have very supportive in-laws who live just around the corner otherwise it would be very hard to get by with no family support. I didn’t get on very well with breast feeding last time… only lasted about 6 weeks as I didn’t have much milk and once Cartier knew the bottle was so much faster and more efficient than me she wouldn’t take the breast.  I want to try again this time but I’m not going to push it if it’s a struggle.  I did have to try a lot of different milk powders as she was intolerant to so many, and I ended up with prescribed extra hydrolysed milk which she is still having until she is 1 … so far, she seems tolerant of most foods including dairy so I am hoping she has grown out of any intolerance she may have had, and we can transition her to normal milk when she is 1.

Diet, exercise, sleep, stress….!  I really want to get fit after this baby… I put on lots of weight after I got married and have always struggled with my weight… this is always in the back of my mind, and I need to make it a reality and set some firm goals re food and exercise.

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of these pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal).

31 Weeks Pregnant – PCOS & Second Pregnancy

This is my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy took about 5-6 months (which is completely normal timeframe, but felt like forever), when we decided to try for our second, we thought it would likely take similar time frames for things to happen. We were very lucky and fortunate it happened first try. Which also very much surprised us. We had obviously made the decision and were trying but we had not completely got our heads around things! So took a little time for the wonderful news to sink in. I felt very nauseous for the first trimester and into the second, it was a constant nausea that was there in the background all day every day. My hat goes off to the ladies who deal with this all pregnancy and worse! It was not a fun time. Second trimester things really settled down though and was very cruisy and easy. Now into the third trimester I can feel myself slowing and needing to listen to my body a bit more.  I am very lucky on the whole though that I have had two good pregnancies. I have PCOS and am coeliac, both of which can have a significant impact on fertility, so I feel very relieved that my journey to motherhood has been so seamless. 

Week: 31

Baby is the size of a: Winter squash (and approximately 2kg (per my scan yesterday)

Cravings: None at the moment but during this pregnancy, Mandarins, stone fruit, doughnuts and anything plain and buttery in the first trimester to help me battle the constant nausea.

Symptoms: Starting to feel my pregnancy in the lower back and hip joints and I’m getting pretty achy over the course of the day. I have started noticing some Braxton Hicks contractions in the last few days.

My Weight: 84kg (Currently +11kg)

I’ve been feeling: A bit worried this week about the size of my bump, I am very lucky that I am reasonably tall and have quite a long torso. With both you and your brother my bump has not been very big, you are much smaller than Archie was. I was not at all worried, but multiple people had made comments to me on how small my bump was. I wanted to make sure you were ok, so we went and had a look at you on a growth scan! I was so relieved that you are perfect! Just a small bump and there is nothing wrong with that! It was really nice to get to see you and check in on you and I am so relived now. I am also pretty tired this week, but we have had lots going on, so maybe that’s you trying to tell me to slow down!

I am most looking forward to: Holding you in my arms, the new born baby smell and generally you being earthside and completing our little family!

Advice I’ve been given recently: All bad habits that get made when your second new-born comes home can be fixed later. So just do whatever you need to do to survive, with no mum guilt or second thoughts.

The most uncomfortable things has been? How low your head is!! Trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep! 

When I picture our life a year from now, I think: WOW how life has changed and how amazing it will be to be the mum of two incredible little boys! I am excited for you to be getting to an age where you and your brother can really interact and form stronger relationships with each other. I also picture having my hands full in the most delightful and chaotic way.  

What I’m anticipating with the most apprehension is: There is a blissful ignorance with your first baby, everything is exciting and new. This time I know how hard being a new mum can be; the sleepless nights and wondering how I will go looking after you and Archie at the same time and making sure I give both my beloved babies everything that you both need. I am so excited that there will be two of you, and my heart feels so full at the thought, but I do feel much more apprehensive this pregnancy as I know everything will change and I hope it all changes for the better. I am also apprehensive about how Archie will handle his transition into brotherhood. I hope someday you will be the best of friends. 

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: Please stay put until closer to due date, I have a funny feeling that you may want to make a grand early entrance. If you could just cook a bit longer, I would really love that! Also, to tell them how much I love them already and I’m so excited to meet them (when fully cooked!)

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of the pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal)

36 Weeks Pregnant – Second Baby

Baby is the size of a: Pineapple, apparently!

Cravings: None really, but I certainly have more of a sweet tooth than usual.

Symptoms: Insomnia, tiredness (probably the result of the insomnia), and a little bit of heartburn starting, but not bad at all. My skin is looking pretty good and my hair is really lush, neither of which I noticed last time. 

My weight: 80 kg (gain of 11/12 kilos so far, four kilos less than total gain in my first pregnancy).

I’ve been feeling: Mostly happy, but a little anxious. Especially about how our 2.5 year old will cope and who will look after her while I am at the hospital. A few lovely people have offered but I don’t want to burden them or I’m not sure whether our daughter would be happy to go to someone else’s house, but we are living in Australia and have no family here, nor can they come from New Zealand because of work commitments. 

This week I learned: Quite a bit about subdivisions. 

My baby’s movements are: Fairly constant, especially when I’m working or when I first hop in bed at night, but I can tell he’s getting a little constricted now. Lots of little shuddery type movements, which I don’t remember from my first pregnancy. 

I’m still wondering whether: Everything is ok and whether the baby will be similar to his sister (and never sleep through the night). 

The hardest thing about being pregnant is: The waiting and not knowing. I’m a very impatient person and I just want to know how everything is going to go, and that everything is going to be ok. The antenatal care here in Australia is definitely not as good as the care I had from the community midwives in Auckland with my first pregnancy – I feel quite in the dark, no one seems to really have any oversight. The GP thinks that the hospital midwives will manage my care and the hospital midwives think the opposite. We should have just gone with a private obstetrician. 

The most uncomfortable thing right now is: Not sleeping. Carrying an older child. The occasional leg cramp in the night. 

The things which make me happiest right now are: Working, and when my 2.5 year old is in a sunny mood, she can be an absolute delight.

How I’m going with diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and other health goals: Definitely not as well as last time. I was so consistent with a healthy diet last time, I think because I was working at a regular desk job it was easiest just to eat the same old healthy things. Probably still a reasonably healthy diet though. Exercise – is really just transport now. I walk up the hill to take our toddler to Kindy and back at least two days a week, but that’s about it. In my first pregnancy I remember walking up Mt Eden a couple of times a week. 

If I could say anything to my baby right now it would be: Please be head down!

If after reading this you’d be happy to share your own experience of pregnancy, please email me at to send you one of the pages (or you can send a photo of your own pregnancy journal)

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