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21 Weeks Pregnant – Positive Affirmations

At 21 Weeks Samantha is over half way there! After sharing a previous journal entry earlier on in her pregnancy, she is back to share more of her journey, read on to hear how her pregnancy is going since we heard from her last. 21 weeks pregnant Baby is the size of a: Large Banana […]

28 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Number 2

28 Weeks Pregnant Baby is the size of a: Eggplant Is this pregnancy similar to your first and will you be finding out the gender? Yes indeedy, number two for us – Paige will be 18/19 months when her brother arrives…EEEK! This pregnancy took us by surprise and freaking the F out about two under […]

23 weeks pregnant nz baby grapefruit-pregnancy-size

23 Weeks Pregnant -Heartburn, nausea & dairy cravings

Another Mum to be shares her journal entry with us at 23 Weeks Pregnant, refer to the image below to hear how she has been feeling this week. Week: 23 Baby is the size of a: Grapefruit. Weight: 80kgs Symptoms: Heartburn, feeling sick, tired, frequently catching colds If after reading this you’d be happy to […]

19 weeks pregnant nz mango-pregnancy size

19 Weeks with Hyperemesis Gravidarum & Third Pregnancy

Baby is the size of a: Mango Cravings: Bacon & egg muffins & mandarins  Symptoms: Unfortunately I was diagnosed with hyperemesis so I have severe vomiting on random days mostly every morning, and sometimes from about 4pm onwards.  My husband would probably say I have severe mood swings as well haha! I’ve been feeling: a […]

23 weeks pregnant nz baby grapefruit-pregnancy-size

23 Weeks Pregnant – First Baby, first grandchild

With just under 18 weeks to go, things are full speed ahead, but she feels ready and happy to share how she is feeling just over halfway in her pregnancy. What’s the best piece of pregnancy advice you’ve received so far? This is our first pregnancy, it’s first grandchild in the family, and both my […]

18 Weeks Pregnant – Surrogate Pregnancy

Baby is the size of a: Capsicum. Cravings: Carbs! Give me all the hot chips! Symptoms: Nothing currently so enjoying these few weeks before heartburn kicks in! I’ve been feeling: Great! Time is absolutely flying by! I’m so busy with my own three kids that I don’t really get a chance to stop and think […]

26 Weeks Pregnant – Restless sleep

Week 26 Baby is the size of a: Red Cabbage. Cravings: Kiwifruit & Chocolate Symptoms: Tired, sore lower stomach Weight: 60kgs I’ve been feeling: TIRED! Suppose that this normal being pregnant with a toddler. Been really sore in my tummy, like growing pains/stretching. I have found this pregnancy very different to my first. I was […]

20 weeks pregnant miscarriage baby nz size banana

20 Weeks Pregnant after Miscarriage

I lost a baby mid last year and found out at my 12 week scan, all alone during level 3 lockdown. I discovered I had miscarried when I went for my 12 week scan. I had a dating scan at 7 weeks which showed a heartbeat, had been to the midwife at 10 weeks and she had found a heartbeat on her monitor but we couldn’t hear it as baby was sitting down by my hip but there was a clear 144bpm reading on her monitor, she even showed it to me.

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