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The Carrie Post… 10 Lessons in Love for your ‘Big’ Day (and how to get it right the first time)

“And we were dressed from head to toe in love; the only label that never goes out of style.” – Carrie Bradshaw

I love Carrie Bradshaw. A quirky and clever character who is not your typical american beauty, Carrie took self-love, fashion, and fabulous to a whole new level… and I was (correction, I still am) one of her biggest fans.

She taught us that love is not all fluff and fairy tales, and that being a crappy cook doesn’t make you any less of a woman. She gave us courage to take risks in love, life and fashion, and reminded us that above all, great friends are invaluable, through good times and bad.

And so today,  I give you ten lessons in love/ideas to embrace, inspired by the courageous Carrie, especially when it comes to planning your own ‘Big’ day ♥

one // “BIG’ is Better!

Its your wedding day, now’s the time to go BIG. Big hair, big dress, big flowers and a big band (ideally not all together) but hey if you want to go all out, who am I to suggest otherwise. Often you hear wedding experts suggest that women keep it classic, yet I’m not a classic type of girl so why would I want to look like someone I’m not on my big day? Yes a few decades later, you might be considered a ‘little out of date’ but at least you looked and felt like YOU (and it makes for interesting and somewhat hilarious photos for the kids and grandkids) Just do it (if it feels right of course)

two // Go crazy, mix and match.

Carrie is the guru when it comes to all things crazy. Mix and match, vintage with modern, spots with stripes, white top over black bra (a crime I often, and unashamedly commit). When it comes to your big day, don’t be afraid to mix prints or themes (within reason) and why not splurge out on that one must have item aka Manolo Blahnik’s, then save your pennies elsewhere by scouring second-hand shops for vintage vases and thrifty tablewares.

three // Everybody’s heard about the bird.

That first and oh so amazing vision of Carrie on her wedding day, had many of us wondering… “What the heck is that in her hair?”. The feather bird was a statement piece indeed, and although you may not want to be quite so risque on your big day, there are so many options, that can transform a simple bride into a stunning one. Feathers, flowers, lace and jewel encrusted head pieces are just a few of the options to get you started on Pinterest.

four // Cut back on the ‘Bergers’ (aka Burgers)

Ok, so I have always loved Mr Big (yes, Aiden wasn’t bad either) but Berger, my god that man was just a pain in the ass. Moody, complicated and completely self-centered, he made Carrie feel bad about herself in so many ways. There is another type of burger that can have the same effect, and in the countdown to your big day, you want to be healthy, happy, and feeling good about yourself. So if there is ever a time to flick the ‘burger’ and other unhealthy habits, this is it.

five // Hello Ladies!

Being a bridesmaid can be exciting yet extremely nerve wrecking for many, so don’t forget about your girls, and why not say thank you in a way that fits in with who you are (it doesn’t have to be expensive) A great idea is to make your own cards and favours (check out our FREE + DIY section) Alternatively,  hold a picnic in the park, share fish and chips at the beach, or simply just have a girls night in (wine, popcorn and sex and the city dvd’s compulsory of course).

six // Same same but different.

Why not let the personalities of your bridesmaids shine through on your day. A very popular trend right now is to dress your ladies in a colour and style that matches their shape and personality. Sure beats the drama of trying to find a dress that looks good on everyone and if you really trust your girls why not give them some colour options, and let them find their own.

seven // Have a laugh looking for the ‘One’.

This is hopefully your once in a lifetime chance to go crazy in a bridal store. So have fun, and take some pics, in fact have your own little photo shoot, and try as many dresses as time and money allows. And especially try the styles that you like the least. You will be shocked to learn that many brides end up falling in love with something they have only tried on for a mother/sister/friend. My sister was the perfect example. Mum thought wow, we thought, ewww and when she put that dress on, the room went silent. She looked breathtakingly beautiful.

eight // Go on a date to find your venue.

Carrie loved New York so much she often went on a ‘date’ with her city. This lead her to discover buildings and galleries she would never typically visit. Why not go on a date with your city or town and simply make a list of buildings you have never seen, venues you have only heard of, theatres, galleries, hotels, and public gardens you always by-pass on the way to work but have never paid much attention too… I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

nine // Forget about the ‘Russian’ (aka rushing)

I disliked Aleksandr Petrovsky from the moment Carrie met him. I feel the same about rushing. Ok, not quite the same but, ladies, please take your time. Most couples have around a year to plan their wedding, and it makes complete sense to use it. If you pick the dress as soon as you get engaged, promise a supplier you will hire them after the first quote, or book out the first venue you see…. there may be tears. A lot can happen in one year, and if you jump the gun before you have made at least 20 Pinterest boards, I’m afraid the chance of changing your mind is a strong possibility.

ten // Don’t forget the ‘BIG’ picture.

Ok so it’s true that Carries big day wasn’t all gorgeous glamour, in fact it ended up a total disaster (the first time round). All around the world women watched (and wept) as Carrie had her heart ripped out of her chest, and although, yes it is just a movie, I honestly think there is a lesson to be learned. Don’t forget about the big picture!

The break down in communication between Carrie and Big about what the day meant for each of them, the pressure it involved and doubts and concerns left unspoken, had heart breaking results, and the whole disaster could have been avoided with a good old chin wag and some ‘ I feel… ‘ sentences.

Communication is key, so if you have something on your mind, for gods sake talk about it, and remember to take some time out to ask future hubby how he is feeling (and yes you need to listen… without interrupting)

 If you have any wedding wisdom please share the love in the comments below!…

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