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5 ALMOST FREE ways to de-stress before your wedding day

6 ALMOST FREE ways to de-stress before your wedding day!

When things were feeling a little hectic leading up to my wedding day (not that anyone other than Blair knew about it) I remember turning to google to find out  ‘how to de-stress before the big day’.  What I found was not in the least bit surprising,  yet I was a little disappointed by the money I would need to spend to simply relax (Debt  = Stress… hello!?). And so today I have come up with 5 wedding budget friendly ways to de-stress. DIY style…

Have a Girls Night In

You know how this goes. Your favourite ladies, check. Delicious platter, check. Nail polish and toe separators, check. Sex and the City (all of them), Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bridesmaids, The Notebook and P.S I love you, check. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, check. Girls just want to have fun… so why not make a night of it?

If your girls are far from home, sometimes even a little face time (and possibly wine) is enough to calm your mind. Create a relaxing setting, book in a time that suits you both/all, and spend an hour chatting, laughing, and possibly crying – you’ll feel better afterwards regardless.

Write it all down – the Best Free Therapy you can get

When you feeling stressed, often the best thing you can do to help process what your brain is going through, is to get it out of your head and onto paper. Write down everything you’re thinking about: worries, anxieties and also the things that you are looking forward to. Turn to the things that are troubling you, and make a note of all those things which are out of your control. If you have no way of altering the course of action of those, then you need to find a way to move past them. Sometimes this comes in the form of writing down all the possible scenarios that could result, preparing for the best and the worst, and other times, simply having it written down will help.

Journalling is incredibly therapeutic in times of stress – that’s one reason our wedding planner book is not only an organisation tool, but contains a 12 month diary to recor every thought, feeling and worry you have in the lead up to your wedding. It really helps to spill your soul into the private pages of a book. Of course, you don’t need our wedding planner just for this – take any little book or journal which feels like a safe space to you, and give yourself some privacy to write.

Take a long, relaxing bath

I’m not talking about an in and out, body wash under the tap (guilty!) 5 minute soak. I’m talking about lighting scented candles, sorting out some tunes, even some meditation music (I have a great 10 minute FREE mediation phone app I listen to most Saturday nights), then get your biggest fluffiest towel, some pretty soap and get some YOU time in the tub. If you like to read in the bath, then take your favourite book with you (leave your phone in the lounge) and spent some quality time alone.

Get back to nature – glamping, camping or a romantic little cabin (No Wifi!)

Nature can be relaxing, but it’s the idea of packing up the truck with nothing more than a tent, sleeping bags, a chilly bin, and a bottle of red wine that really gets me going.

There is something liberating about sneaking away for a mini break, especially when it involves sand, sea, fireside snuggles and the odd curious possum (or fiance!) Bliss. Depending on your resources, this might be free (or almost free) or you might have a small accommodation fee, but you can definitely find something cute and cosy to suit your budget.

Spend time with Animals

If you have some, make some time to hang out. Animals are amazingly therapeutic, and will never judge your current state of being (I love that!) If you don’t own any, then find some to hang out with. Offer to take a friends dog for a walk, go offer your services at the SPCA, or simply visit your local animal park.

Animals are the perfect reminder that the simple things in life are beautiful… and that love is unconditional.

Watch the Sunset (or Sunrise)

This goes hand in hand with getting back to nature or camping. Again with the nooky, again with the natur, and again with remembering that the simple things in life are beautiful. Mother nature rules, and the sight of the sun rising, or the sun setting is always magical. Make it more special with blankets, hot drinks with marshmallows (go the flask!) and of course your soul mate (or soul sisters!)

Happy relaxing beautiful people xox

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