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9 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Day Jewellery

9 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Day Jewellery

With all the focus on the wedding dress, sometimes the task of choosing your wedding day jewellery falls til the last minute, just another small task to add to the long list of plans.
On the one day where you don’t carry a handbag, wear a watch or usually even see your shoes, jewels may be the only accessory you have.  If you’re stressing in the last few days about what jewellery to wear on your wedding day, you might find some inspiration here.
I opted for very simple diamond studs (with which you can’t go wrong) but here are my 9 tips for choosing your wedding day jewellery.
1. Flattering not flashy:
Don’t let the jewellery outshine the dress.  A little sparkle should flatter and accentuate, without competing for the centre of attention.  A little icing will go a long way.
This is especially so if your wedding dress is already heavily embellished or detail.  The jewellery is always a supporting act.
2. If you’re looking for timeless: 
Diamonds, pearl strands and Swarovski crystals won’t date, whereas chunky, costume pieces go in and out of style.  If you want something a little different, experiment with colour, or if you prefer large pieces of jewellery, a thick piece might look better as a bracelet rather than heavy necklace or earrings.
3. Consider Colour
While chances are your wedding dress is white (mine was blush pink), there are varying shades of white.  Cooler, stark whites best suit silver and platinum pairings, whereas ivory and blush wedding dresses pair with gold and rose-gold better.  Even a string of pearls can be a very different shade from your ivory dress, so do try them together in a variety of lights.  Of course, diamonds go with everything…
4. Never clutter the neckline
One of the main determinate for choosing what pieces of jewellery to wear will be the neckline of your wedding gown.  Again, because you’re looking for sparkle, and not to outshine, consider the focal point of your gown.  If the gown itself is already very sparkly, embellished or eye-catching on top, a necklace might be too much.  Similarly, if the wedding dress is one shoulder or halter-neck, the shape may not suit a necklace.  The last thing you want is a cluttered or over-bearing look.
A strapless or sweetheart dress is the easiest to accessorise.  It’s ideal for a collar necklace that mirrors the curve of the collar-bone, a shimmery accentuating bare shoulders and showing off your clavicle.
For a V-neckline, a long pendant paired with drop earrings are complementary.
Wide necklines: bateau, boat neck, deep, wide V neck and off-shoulder dresses suit a statement necklace.
5. Be careful
If you’re wearing a lace dress, anything with clasps or hooks may catch, especially on the wrist.  Be careful with your choice and have a trial walk around wearing the jewellery and dress together.
Delicate fabrics like silk and tulles too, can be easily damaged.  Don’t wear a diamond/Swarovski cuff or bracelet with rough edges if it could potentially pull the fabric.
6. Something blue
Just take it from Kate Middleton, sapphires are stunning and a pop of royal blue against a white wedding dress can be a spectacular accent.  It’s an easy way to add a pop of colour to an otherwise white ensemble, and ticks your “something blue” too.
7. Heirloom
As I’ve decided to sell my wedding dress, it’s also nice to have something I wore from my wedding day to pass onto my daughter.
Small, easily stored and won’t date or tarnish, jewellery is the perfect heirloom.
8. Spend or Splurge?
If it’s a last-minute spend and budget is on your mind, choose just one special piece of jewellery and spend a little more on it, instead of buying a bracelet, necklace and earrings.  I love cheap, fashionable jewellery, but I’d be wary of cheap metals marking my skin, snagging my dress or giving me a reaction.  That said, even high end jewellers have affordable pieces, or visit a second hand jeweller for beautiful sparkles priced for a fraction of what you’d expect.
If you’re lucky enough to have a big budget, again I’d say still to revert to the first tip: flattering not flashy.
9. Embellish with Earrings
Drop earrings or simple studs will make for even more glowing beauty shots.  Because my dress was so sparkly, I pared back with just diamond stud earrings.
What I love most about the earrings I chose for my wedding though, is that I can wear them literally every day (which is more than you can say for my dress).
They’re simple, classic, timeless and versatile – they weren’t cheap but I made the most of my budget by buying something I want to wear again and again.  It’s nice to have another piece of my wedding to enjoy whenever I want to feel a little glamorous, and my simple diamond stud earrings were perfect for that.

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