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Bad Beauty Habits to Break Before your Big Day

We all have bad habits. Whether it’s biting your nails when we’re stressed or snacking on sweets at 3pm, you’re only human, and bad habits can be really hard to break. However, when it comes to your wedding, there are a few bad beauty habits that need to be kicked to the curb, and there’s nothing a little bit of incentive to kick you off. Don’t wait for the New Year for these resolutions.

Bad Beauty Habits to Break Before your Big Day

Sleeping in your Makeup

I get it… some nights, washing your face just doesn’t even cross your mind. You’re tired, forgetful, you have had a long day and you just want to get some shut-eye (and you really can’t be bothered). We can all admit to being guilty of falling asleep in our makeup at one time or another. Of all the bad beauty habits to break though, this one is top of the list. Makeup clogs pores, which can contribute to numerous skin concerns preventing you getting the best skin for your wedding. Of course, if you’re skipping the most important step of washing your face, you’re also skipping all the benefits of your skincare.To break this bad, bad, bad beauty habit, make cleaning your face part of your daily routine, get organised, and find ways to really enjoy it. Start by getting ready for bed a little earlier, so that you aren’t too tired to remove your makeup, or do your skincare regime as soon as you get home, or after dinner, rather than right before you go to bed. Next, invest in products that make you look forward to having a skincare routine, something you really enjoy using – perhaps a massaging tool or silicone cleansing brush, which will not only improve your cleansing and exfoliating, but also give you all the benefits of facial massage. Even if you haven’t worn makeup that day, your skin picks up dirt and secretes oil during the day, so don’t skip your night-time routine. Finally, and as a last resort only, for a night out, perhaps, keep some makeup wipes and a moisturiser next to your bed.

Sleeping on a Dirty Pillowcase

Slipping into clean sheets at the end of a long day not only feels great, but it also has some huge skincare benefits too. However, changing your sheets is something that can easily be ignored, mainly because you can’t see (or smell) the dirt and bacteria building up on your pillowcase and sheets. Just like going to sleep without washing your face, a build up of dirt on your pillow has negative effects on your skin, possibly leading to clogged pores, skin irritation and breakouts. Break this bad beauty habit by changing your pillowcase and sheets on a weekly basis, as part of your house cleaning routine. Set an alarm on your phone for Sunday morning (not too early!) to remind you. While you’re at it, why not invest in a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases can improve skin and hair hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair every morning

Squeezing, Picking or Attacking your Spots

Smooth, poreless skin is the ultimate skin goal. We all want that airbrushed glow that models, celebrities, and that one friend (who claims to use no skincare) seems to have.
So, when pimples, zits, blackheads and other skincare foes emerge, it’s understandable that you want them gone, and quickly. However, squeezing blackheads, popping pimples and picking zits is up there with the worst beauty habits to be broken. While sometimes providing short-term satisfaction, it can result in infections, inflammation and even scarring. It can actually cause the pimple itself to become 10x worse and last longer, as you’re contributing to the bacteria build up by stimulating the area.
So, what can you do, besides exercise self-restraint. If you truly have a spot that is ready to go, have a shower or steam your face, apply a warm cotton wool compress, and then very, very gently apply a little pressure between two Q tips. If the spot doesn’t ‘break’ then it’s not ready (don’t just push harder). Never use your fingernails, a needle, or other instrument, and if you’re really concerned, see your facialist for help.
To avoid spots forming in the first place, your best bet is to have a consistent skincare regime with effective cleansing and exfoliating. Remember, neither is a 10 second job, you should be spending around one minute each time.

Overplucking your Eyebrows

Even with full brows on trend, the best of us can get carried away with the tweezers. Overplucking is a hard beauty habit to break, and while your brows will grow back even after the occasional over-pluck, you don’t want to be waiting too long for that, as your wedding day approaches.
Personally, I’d leave it to the professionals for your shaping, and use tweezers only to maintain the shape between times. If you really have overdone it, grab some Revitalash brow to help nourish the hair follicles and work towards a fuller-looking, more defined brow.

Not Wearing Sunscreen

Don’t even get me started on SPF. While not specific to the count-down to your big day, the worst thing you can do for your skin, especially in New Zealand, is to expose it to UV rays unprotected. I’m a huge fan of Dermalogica (you can use meg10 to save on your investment) and can’t go past their products.
Putting on high SPF moisturiser or makeup before leaving the house is as important as your morning coffee (so… pretty crucial!) SPF is vital to protect your skin from the damage that UV rays cause – resulting in premature ageing, sun spots, wrinkles and skin cancer.
Honestly, there’s no excuse for skipping this step – it’s so easy with the availability of moisturisers, BB creams and foundations with SPF. I love the Dermalogica suncare range – the SPF solar defense booster can be added to anything. Constantly touching your face. You can use ‘meg10’ to save on the entire range at
This is one of my bad habits too… I constantly run my hands over my forehead and temples, rest my face on my hands when I’m tired, and stroke my chin when I think. If your hands are clean, well great – go ahead and give your skin that facial massage it craves… but if you are at work, touching keyboards, phones and other things that are covered in germs, keep them away from your face.
The first step to breaking this bad beauty habit is to be aware that you’re doing it – put a mirror at your desk if you need to. While you train yourself out of the habit, at least make sure you’re practising good hygiene – wash your hands properly, and wash your face as soon as you get home.

Not Even Having a Skincare Routine

Only a very lucky few can use makeup wipes to remove all their makeup and wake up with their skin looking like Olivia Wilde, but I promise that won’t last forever.
For most of us, a 10 second face-wash (or worse still, no face wash) won’t be doing you any favours. Especially in the lead up to a special event like your wedding, having a skincare routine can make a big difference to your complexion, the way make-up sits, and the way your skin ages for the rest of your life.
This habit is simple to break but it can be costly to begin. Do some research, see a facialist if you can afford to do so, and start incorporating products into your morning and nightly routine. I have recently revamped my skincare routine and I wholeheartedly recommend products from the Savar and Dermalogica range (use MEG10 to save).

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Tools are essential for perfect makeup application, but once that makeup is on your face, tools are quickly tossed to the side and the task of cleaning them is a job often neglected. How often do you wash your makeup brushes and sponges? Most people would answer “probably not enough” and this is another bad beauty habit to break, for all the reasons discussed above.
Stop procrastinating and get the job done. In reality, it takes less than ten minutes to get your brushes washed, and you can leave them to dry in the sun or on the bathroom counter. I recommend using a brush cleaner like Sard Soap to cut through the build-up quickly.

Using Old and Expired Makeup

Maybe you are fond of your first MAC lipstick or have just re-located an expensive mascara (that you lost for three months) and you can’t bear to part with it now. While I am guilty of these, and others, it is really important to kick old makeup to the curb. Keep an eye on the ‘use within’ symbols on your make-up, which will indicate how long you should use it in. If it is expired, has changed colour, smells or looks different from when you first bought it, bin it. The last thing you want is an eye infection or allergic reaction the week before your big day.
With all of these bad beauty habits, the first step to breaking them is to recognise that you’re doing them – so just by reading this article, you’ve taken the first step. While it can be costly to replace products, or annoying to properly wash your face, brushes and pillowcase, honestly your skin, and your make-up artist, will thank you for it on the big day.

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