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Diary of a Bride to Be The best (and worst) things about being engaged....

You’re Engaged! Here’s what happens next (the best and worst!)

I couldn’t wait to get engaged, and I’m not the only one, but I was surprised by some of the ‘side effects’ of my new ring – both the best and the worst!
  1. You won’t be able to stop staring at your ring! From the moment Blair proposed, I was blinded (thank goodness I don’t drive often). Even if you’re not a “jewelry person,” you’re still obsessed. Oh, and your face hurts from smiling at it.
  2. Having your nails painted suddenly becomes a lot more important than usual, because everyone else is staring at it too (and your cuticles!)
  3. You drink A. Lot. Of. Champagne.
  4. You have to tell your proposal story a million times! Of course, that’s part of the fun, too. I recommend doing so over Champagne and passing it to your friends in ‘Chinese whispers’ and seeing what it becomes!
  5. Everyone wants to know your wedding venue and date, immediately. “Congratulations! When’s the wedding?”
  6. They also assume they’re on the guest list. “Just let me know when to book my flights – ha, ha”
  7. You can’t just relax, you have to start planning immediately… even if you really just want a long engagement and a casual wedding (sure you do…)
  8. People forget that you had a life before wedding planning (and that you still have one), and it becomes all they ask about. “How’s wedding planning going”
  9. You feel really, really bad if you argue with your fiancé, because you’re supposed to be on cloud nine which means agreeing about everything… obviously. Of course, that’s silly – you’re still the same people, and it doesn’t mean the engagement’s off every time you have a row!
  10. Everyone’s so happy for you! You announce your engagement and discover friends you forgot you even had. 
  11. People assume you’re stressed about wedding planning. Tell them you’ve got a little white book, and it’s easy.
  12. You feel legit! Well, I did – despite having been together for 7 years, being engaged made me feel really secure, serious and legitimate (marriage even more so!)
  13. You change your mind about everything on your Pinterest page, once you realise how much it all costs (see Tools other than Pinterest)
  14. You get sent ‘wedding inspo’ by all your friends (I still do – thank you everybody!) because they think of you when they see it (cool, huh!)
  15. Everyone has an opinion (and they’re all experts!) – and it’s not necessarily the same as yours.
  16. Oh, and they’ll tell you their opinion, whether you ask or not “You want to get married in May? Well, my second cousin’s friend got married in May, and they got a divorce within six months. I really wouldn’t risk it.”
  17. You realise how much easier this would be if money grew on trees (read how to start a wedding budget).
  18. You say fiancé (or is it Feyoncé) as often as you can, and kinda like it!
  19. You get decision-making fatigue! budget, guest list, wedding party, venue… and that’s just the beginning!
  20. You wish you could get the stupid thing over with already. Yes, really. You’ll consider eloping (hello Vegas)
  21. Not everyone will be happy… There’s usually at least one person who may come off as less supportive or elated as the rest of your friends and family.
  22. You watch wedding movies differently! P.S. Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding (1 and 2), Father of the Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding and 27 Dresses

Just reading over this list makes me kind of makes me miss that time!
Personally, one of the best things about being engaged is that I finally had an answer to “Why aren’t you guys married yet?”
I’d love to know what’s surprised you about being engaged – the best and the worst.
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