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Determine the perfect wedding photographer

Find the Wedding Photographer to Suit You

When you’re planning what possibly feels like the biggest day of your life so far, of course you want to be able to look back on it forever. Photos are such an important part of your memories – the day goes so incredibly fast, and it’s so special being able to relive it from another vantage.

Determining who should be your wedding photographer may be one of the most important decisions in the lead up to your wedding. Here are some insider tips on working out which photographer is the best fit for you and your future spouse.

Research your Wedding Photographer

Have you looked through their portfolio? Do you know what it is that you like about their work? Do you have a rough idea of their style? (i.e. are they documentary, or traditional, or are they serious or are they silly?) You don’t need to have an expert knowledge of photography, but pay attention to the vibe of your potential photographer, the moods that they capture, and their approach to weddings.

As a wedding photographer, meeting with clients who want something vastly different to what I offer can be one of the most frustrating experiences, and quickly dampens my enthusiasm for working with a particular couple. If you don’t know anything about my work, it’s probably wasting both of our time for me to meet with you.

I would strongly recommend meeting with your wedding photographer before you book them – even if it’s a zoom call, you want to ensure you feel really comfortable with them, and have a good vibe from the outset.

Just as you’re trying to decide if they’re the perfect photographer for you, they may also be trying to decide if you’re the right client for them.

A good photographer won’t accept a booking from someone they clash with.

Ask the Wedding Photographer Lots of Questions

OK, so you’ve done your homework. But you still have some questions about how the photographer works on the day. This is great!

Some ideas of questions to ask include:

–       What kind of techniques do you use to make us feel comfortable? If they can’t answer this question, my guess is they haven’t been shooting weddings for very long.

–       What are your thoughts on other people taking photos as well? Some photographers insist on ‘unplugged ceremonies’ some don’t. You need to know this as early as possible.

–       What format do my photos come in? Most photographers I know only hand out JPEG images, which are after the photos have been edited. It’s important to know if they’ll be edited, or if they’re giving you RAW files. (RAW is exactly what it sounds like: unedited, high quality photos.)

Don’t rush your decision

Too often, I meet with couples who have already booked a photographer and then regret their choice. Rushing to choose, or feeling pressured to commit, doesn’t lead to great decisions. Talk together in private, think of any new questions that might come up – even take the opportunity to meet other photographers for a comparison.

If you’ve already paid a non-refundable deposit or retainer but you know you’re unhappy with the photographer you have booked, don’t settle for something that you will regret twenty years from now. Your wedding photos are priceless, don’t undervalue them.

And finally…

Once you’ve chosen a photographer you’re really happy with, give your partner a high-five! You can relax knowing that you are going to have stunning photos of your magical day.

Henry Paul is an award-winning, Australian based wedding photographer. He has a unique ability to capture both the playful and the heartfelt moments experienced on any wedding day, and translate it into something artistically beautiful, and emotionally raw. For more information regarding Henry and his work, visit

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