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You know you’re a Millennial if your Wedding looks like this…

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How Millennial Weddings are Shaking up even the Most Traditional Celebrations…

There’s nothing like a wedding to encourage even the most modern among us to embrace a little tradition… but there’s no denying that millennial weddings are redefining what it means to get hitched in this day and age, as reported by Wedding Wire’s 2019 Newlywed Report.
Millennial couples’ wedding celebrations show they are clearly not afraid to shake up the wedding industry, rejecting all pressures and expectations, dropping outdated customs, utilising technology and social media, and getting creative and unique with everything else.

Millennials are Nailing Wedding Catering Like No Generation Before Them!

Maybe it’s the #foodporn influence of social media, or our enthusiasm for eating local, free-range and seasonal produce, but millennials are outshining Gen X-ers when it comes to culinary priorities too. While wedding guests used to have low expectations of wedding catering, whether that be a soggy buffet or an overcooked “alternate drop” of meat, modern weddings are outshining their predecessors when it comes to the food. It could actually be that we have the increase in allergies (and fussy-eaters) to thank for this, as couples opt to give guests plenty of choices of what to eat, to ensure they are catering to all dietary requirements.
Embracing contemporary cuisine styles such as grazing tables, a collection of food-trucks, or bespoke feasting banquets, wedding caterers these days aren’t afraid of thinking outside the square for their millennial couples’ wedding menus.
With food topping the list of the reception details wedding guests actually value (and are paying the most attention to), this comes as a welcome change.

You know you’re at a Millennial Wedding if you see any of the following…

  • Food trucks
  • Grazing tables
  • DIY Taco station
  • Donut (or pretzel) wall
  • Kombucha bar
  • Ice-cream carts
  • Frosé cocktails
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Millennial Wedding Gifts: Traditional Registries are SO old-hat!

With Millennial couples marrying later in life (average age 33) due to prioritising first-homes, education, careers and travel, it makes sense that traditional wedding gifts of fine China and crystal glassware are being dropped in favour of modern desires. Millennials tend to be more focused on collecting life experiences, not things (think trips, concerts, etc) and are more likely to take advantage of wedding registry features like a honeymoon, experience or cash registry.

You know you’re at a Millennial Wedding if you see any of the following on a Gift Registry…

  • Snorkelling trip in Hawaii
  • A GoPro (for the honeymoon, of course)
  • A glamping honeymoon
  • Amazon Alexa Personal Assistant
  • Charitable Donations (P.S. Your friends are amazing!)

Millennials start Wedding Planning Really, Really Early…

Millennials are all about immediate gratification – and they can’t want to wait to start planning their big day, In fact, two out of three millennials take at least one wedding-planning action before getting engaged – 15% more likely than Gen X couples to start process. Whether it’s taking screen-shots of wedding dresses or attire, creating a Pinterest board for inspiration, and research wedding venues well before the question has been popped.
As someone whose business revolves around engagements, I can certainly attest that the first thing many brides do (post Facebook announcement, of course) is buy the little white book and/or the planning pack, and start organising their big day!

You know you’re a millennial couple if you…

  • Chose your own engagement ring (how else do you ensure the right one?!)
  • Share your engagement on social media within a few hours
  • Order the little white book immediately (and thank you!)
  • Refer to the Pinterest boards you set up a few years ago
  • Google “How to Start Wedding Planning
  • Set up a wedding e-mail account
  • Get married within 12 months

Millennial Weddings are very, very Social!

Social-media that is. Speaking to the 99.9% of you who use instagram, chances are you’ve come across more than a few so-called wedding hashtags. Couples create witty hashtags like “#FinallyFitzgerald” or “MarryingMcKinley.” We had two – one for the groom #HutchGetsHitched, and for the bride #MegGetsHutched
Alliteration and wordplay aside, these hashtags actually serve a very useful, practical purpose. Whether it’s sharing snaps from the Bridal Shower, Hens Party, or the wedding itself, hashtags allow your guests to share their wedding snaps in real-time. If they’ve got a public account (or so long as you’re friends), this enables the couple and other guests to share in those candid, priceless moments and relive them immediately – as well as making new friends.
Of course, hashtags aren’t the only way millennials are social media savvy:

You know you’re at a Millennial Wedding if you see any of the following…

  • Snapchat geo-filter
  • Wedding hashtags
  • The ceremony shared on Facebook live
  • A selfie-station

P.S. If you’re looking for a hashtag, there’s a wedding hashtag generator for that (it suggestion to me #BlairsMegneticAttraction and #BlairIsMeganItHappen)

Millennial Couples Unafraid to Shun Wedding Traditions

Millennial Weddings are upending every customary expectation you have of a wedding, from unconventional venues to complete bridal party flexibility (best women, man-of-honour), non-traditional wedding attire, and more casual celebrations to name a few.
Couples are much more diverse, and paying homage to this blending of backgrounds often means a less orthodox approach to wedding traditions – incorporating different cultures, ethnicities and religions in their own unique and special way.
Millennials are also less fond of many wedding “customs”, preferring to spend more money on great entertainment, food and beverages to make their wedding stand out from the crowd, instead of details like escort carts, wedding favours, elaborate table settings, or even having dessert.
Oh, and the best thing about millennial weddings? While the best-man is optional, man’s best friend is being included more than ever, and that’s a wedding trend we all want to see more of!

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Consider yourself a millennial? What else won’t you be without on your big day, or what traditions are you happy to drop?
See also How to Use Social Media in Your Wedding and check out the Wedding Planning Index.

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