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Nelly & Paresh. A Divine Indian Wedding by Nisha Ravji Photography

I am in always in awe of a beautiful Indian wedding. Gorgeous intense colours, stunning intricate details and the jewellery (and amount of!) are to die for! Today’s wedding is breathtakingly beautiful and I am in love with the brides advice to future brides to be – Stay true to what you want, after all it is your day. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Perfectly captured by one of my favourite photographers Nisha Ravji, below you will find some very colourful inspiration for the perfect day, and the perfect photos (I love the sea-side session!) Enjoy x

How did your love story begin?

Paresh and I got introduced to each other two years ago. I was so busy at the time, so we squeezed in dates where we could. I remember being excited for our first date, he picked me up, opened the car door for me, and our story began. The more we spent time together, the more I fell in love with him. I had never met anyone that made me feel like this before.

Why did you say ‘YES’? 

Who says chivalry is dead?! Paresh was the most sweet, caring, humorous guy I had ever met. There was no question about it, he was most definitely the ONE! I remember not long after we had started going out, that he went overseas, and oh my god I missed him so badly!

Nisha Ravji Photography6
Nisha Ravji Photography7
Nisha Ravji Photography8
Nisha Ravji Photography9
Nisha Ravji Photography10
Nisha Ravji Photography11
Nisha Ravji Photography12
Nisha Ravji Photography13
Nisha Ravji Photography14
Nisha Ravji Photography16


Nisha Ravji Photography1
Nisha Ravji Photography3
Nisha Ravji Photography2
Nisha Ravji Photography4
Nisha Ravji Photography5
Nisha Ravji Photography17
Nisha Ravji Photography18
Nisha Ravji Photography19
Nisha Ravji Photography20
Nisha Ravji Photography21
Nisha Ravji Photography22
Nisha Ravji Photography23
Nisha Ravji Photography24
Nisha Ravji Photography25
Nisha Ravji Photography26
Nisha Ravji Photography28
Nisha Ravji Photography29
Nisha Ravji Photography30
Nisha Ravji Photography31
Nisha Ravji Photography32
Nisha Ravji Photography33

What was your inspiration or theme for the day?

Simple, clean cut, it was our day.

What music did you play for those special moments?

Civil ceremony: John Legend: All of Me

First dance: Van Morrison Crazy Love

Cake cutting: Beyoncé xo

Nisha Ravji Photography34Nisha Ravji Photography35Nisha Ravji Photography36Nisha Ravji Photography37Nisha Ravji Photography38Nisha Ravji Photography39Nisha Ravji Photography40Nisha Ravji Photography42
Nisha Ravji Photography41
Nisha Ravji Photography44Nisha Ravji Photography47Nisha Ravji Photography48Nisha Ravji Photography49Nisha Ravji Photography50Nisha Ravji Photography51Nisha Ravji Photography52Nisha Ravji Photography53Nisha Ravji Photography54Nisha Ravji Photography55Nisha Ravji Photography56Nisha Ravji Photography57Nisha Ravji Photography58Nisha Ravji Photography59Nisha Ravji Photography61Nisha Ravji Photography62
What advice would you give to future brides to be?

Stay true to what you want after all it is your day.

What do you love most about being a MRS? 

Sharing EVERYTHING with my Mr.

Photographer // Nisha Ravji

Second shooter // Becky Casto

Hair & Makeup // Joelle Taylor

Cake // Rocket Kitchen, decoration by Mrs. Gleeson

Invitations // My amazing creative husband designed our invitations!

I’m a Wedding photographer from an adorable little place called Pukekohe in an amazing country known as New Zealand. I’m pretty certain I have the best job in the world because I literally leap out of bed every morning to do what I love – and that’s capture your Wedding. I’m 26 and I have my dream job, it all seems a little ridiculous and maybe it is!

I’m a kiwi-born Indian, lover of nature, baking, dogs, travel, photography and my wonderful partner Todd. At the moment I’m also lucky enough to be photographing summer in the southern and northern hemisphere with splitting my year between New Zealand and the UK for all kinds of gorgeous Weddings.

My working style is super friendly, just like me – I’m relaxed and know that my number one job is to capture your relationship in the most unique and authentic manner possible. Nervous about posing? Don’t want to pose? Not an issue at all – I know how to get you two laughing, giggling and doing all kinds of cute things for my camera.

I love to work with couples who know that their Wedding photography is an investment, and want to get creative with me to create some incredible memories. If you think we’re going to get along like a house on fire and are interested in working with someone who is more excited about your Wedding photo’s than possible, then you should definitely get in touch

Nisha Ravji Photography64
Nisha Ravji Photography66
Nisha Ravji Photography67
Nisha Ravji Photography68
Nisha Ravji Photography69
Nisha Ravji Photography70
Nisha Ravji Photography71
Nisha Ravji Photography72
Nisha Ravji Photography73
Nisha Ravji Photography74
Nisha Ravji Photography75
Nisha Ravji Photography76


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