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One Month til Your Wedding - the Final Countdown

One Month til Your Wedding – the Final Countdown

All weddings are going to be a little different from each other, and in the final month of wedding planning countdown this will be clearest. If you have opted for a lot of DIY, this may be an incredibly busy month for you, as it could if you are organising a destination wedding, a dry-hire venue, etc.
This is a comprehensive one-month to go wedding planning checklist but it may not be inclusive for your wedding – so feel free to skip tasks which are redundant for you. If you haven’t already, re-check the 3 month, 6 month and maybe even 12 month wedding planning checklists.
As you may be picking this up anywhere from a few days out or with one month til your wedding, I’ve worked backwards from the big day itself. You could input these into your diary to help, this is how the little white book is set out, but as it’s a little late in the proceedings to buy one now, use your everyday diary as a subsitute. Why not get organised and pick up a copy of I still do for after the wedding.

Use your everyday diary if you don’t have the little white book

Turn to your wedding date. Go ahead and mark it ‘Wedding Day’ if you haven’t already, and then depending on how much room you have, break it down into an on-the-day timeline, a key contacts list, and leave room to make some notes in on the morning of the wedding (if you’re so inclined). Of course you also need to write the timeline and contacts list and distribute them accordingly – we’ll get to that later.

There’s no ‘checklist’ on the wedding day, but try to remind yourself to:

  • have a good breakfast
  • delegate everything
  • stay calm if you feel like there’s a crisis (there probably isn’t)
  • take a moment of peace and quiet to yourself.

Now you finally get to sit back, relax and see all your plans come together.
For each of these lists below, write them into your diary at the relevant dates. As you count down the final month, you’ll be able to ensure you’re keeping on track.

The day before your wedding day

  • double-check everyone who should have a copy of the on-the-day plan and key contacts list actually does
  • run through a wedding rehearsal
  • check your wedding day emergency kit (make-up, tissues, eye-drops)
  • check on your flowers if they’ve just been delivered
  • press/iron all attire
  • give the wedding rings to the best man
  • final tan and wedding day nail polish
  • go over your vows with your fiancé, and your speech with your maid of honour
  • write a note to yourself in your diary, if possible, and maybe a letter to your fiancé for the wedding morning
  • drink lots of water, apply your night moisturiser, and have a good sleep.

The week before your wedding day

To convert your diary to the little white book, you need to add tasks and checklists. The exact order of these will vary, but here’s the things you can expect to be doing in the final week before your wedding:

  • finalise the on-the-day plan and key contacts list, and distribute them. I’ve italicised finalise because you’ll have started this weeks ago.
  • finalise guest numbers with the caterers and any other necessary vendors
  • be in contact with every vendor to check in
  • double-check honeymoon reservations: check passports, insurances, bookings
  • pack for your honeymoon
  • pick up all hireage

Two to three weeks before your wedding day

  • work on your on-the-day plan and key contacts list if you haven’t already (very important)
  • based on the final headcount, finish the seating plan, give to your stationery designer
  • give your DJ or band a list of play/do-not-play songs
  • give your photographer a list of must-have photos
  • discuss with the MC, maid of honour and best man their duties and responsibilities
  • wear in your wedding shoes, test your wedding lingerie to ensure it’s comfortable
  • confirm all rental and hireage delivery times
  • pick up your marriage licence
  • confirm your rehearsal dinner

One month before your wedding day

  • begin working on seating arrangements, ready to finalise when you have the final guest count (chase up any tardy guests)
  • confirm on-the-day details with your stationery designer
  • have a final wedding dress fitting
  • have your hair and make-up trials
  • finalise all readings, begin writing your speeches and vows
  • shop for your bridal party gifts
  • pick up the wedding bands
  • confirm your travel insurance and passports are up-to-date
  • finish any DIY projects now

Whether or not you used a little white book it’s time to get started on I still do – your wedding anniversary journal. You can begin it straight after your wedding, on your first wedding anniversary, or any time during your long lives together that you feel like your marriage needs some love and attention.

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