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How to plan your wedding according to your Zodiac

How to plan your wedding according to your Zodiac

The full moon last night got me thinking (don’t even get me started on the Mercury retrograde December…*) about all you newly engaged babes planning your nuptials, and the importance of realising that not one wedding planning style suits everyone. Sure, we all need to cover the same important stuff like starting your wedding budget and writing your guest list, but what does astrology say about your wedding planning style?
*Incase you didn’t notice, Mercury retrograde is when the planet is apparently moving backwards when viewed from earth, sending conversations haywire, scalding carefully laid (wedding) plans, and seemingly wreaking havoc on everything from important work contracts to your iPhone and computer.


Your Star Sign, the Planets and Your Wedding Planning Style

Here’s how to plan your wedding, according to your Zodiac Sign and ruling planet. Each planet has an effect on our astrological makeup, and, in turn, our personalities and organisational style.

The ARIES Bride – Chaotic Passion!

Ruled by Mars, the Aries bride’s wedding will be one of high excitement and passion, and your wedding planning style will be of a similar vein. The Aries bride moves FAST with wedding planning, just like she does in her relationships, career or lives in general, so don’t be surprised if you’ve somehow got your wedding venue booked before you even announce your engagement.

Beware… Often more confrontational ‘Rams’ can find themselves butting heads with friends, family and wedding planners, due to their boundless energy. Be aware of this and don’t be in too much of a hurry to rush through planning your wedding without really thinking about each decision and vendor you book. The little white planning pack will help with that, giving you a very detailed checklist and FAQ for all the wedding vendors you work with, to ensure you are both on the same page.

TAURUS Wedding – Why the Bull is the most Beautiful Bride

Ruled by Venus, the ‘Bull’ pays close attention to details in all things, so wedding planning will be no exception. Drawn to all things beautiful and romantic, your ruling planet Venus – planet of love and attraction, will be your guide towards a picture perfect wedding.
Beware, this is a lavish affair – the Taurus bride won’t spare any expense, so stay on track with your wedding budget, and consider using the budget spreadsheet, as well as your little white book.

12 month wedding planning relax

The GEMINI Bride – Non-stop fun!

Geminis, you lucky brides-to-be, you are practically designed to plan your weddings: happy to let other people help out, while you have fun along the way, planning an understated but elegant wedding!
Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, making Gems the chatty, friendly babes they are. Happy to let their BFFs and bridesmaids take the reigns, fuss and organise your wedding for you, ensure YOU are still having enough input in your big day (even though you’ll love it whatever it is!). As well as getting amongst all the fun of the parties, do take the time to think about what marriage means to you, and how to make your ceremony personal and special. Don’t let the fun pass you by in a whirl either, take notes throughout the year in your little white book, and when it comes your vows and wedding speeches, you’ll have plenty to draw from.

Wedding planning with CANCER and the Moon!

The moon rules one’s moods more than any of the planets, so its significance to your wedding planning style is equal to any other. The moon instils the Cancer bride with palpable emotional energy, she is sensitive and sentimental. Your wedding ceremony will be personal and special, and the wedding itself oozes culture and uniqueness. Thoughtful vows, seating arrangements and tear-jerking speeches are the Cancer bride’s specialty.
What to look out for: sentimental Cancer won’t want to leave anyone out, so starting and sticking to the guest list can be a struggle. You will make sure everyone feels welcome, loved and special, but ensure you have time for those most important to you, by keeping the numbers reasonable. Throughout your wedding planning experience, of all the Zodiacs, you are most in need of taking time for yourself too. Take stock, relax, and reflect on your wedding plans in your little white book – the sentimental in you will love to look back on it in future years to come.

LEO – The Bold, Assertive Wedding Planner

Oh LEO, you Sun-ruled superstar, I cannot wait to see your wedding! Leo brides are not easily impressed, their powerful, fiery presence demand a big, bold and expensive wedding. You’ll need the best venue available and the most luxurious feel to your day – not to mention the fashionable statement you’ll want to make with your wedding dress.
While you should soak up every moment of the attention your lavish wedding extravaganza ensues, make sure you plan a wedding that’s all about you, the right way. Of course, you’ll also want to keep stock of the wedding budget, and when it comes to the big day, let go of the reigns, trust and relax – we all know you’re the boss!

The VIRGO bride (It me!) – Multitasking, organised precision and confidence (Perfection, right…?)

Like Gemini, this Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, but rather than chatty gem, we see Mercury’s energy in the Virgo Bride’s multi-tasking ability and capacity for organisation.
Executing wedding planning to-do’s with ease, you’ll be through the 12 month planning checklist within days (I booked my wedding venue 4 days after getting engaged).
While every single detail is important to Virgo, your fault-finding ways can have your friends, family and bridal party at their wits end helping you strive for perfection, and you also need to learn to let go. You probably don’t need me to tell you to keep on track of your wedding budget or your little white book checklists, I know you’re already working through it religiously.
Oh, and ensure to give thanks to everyone for their help, rather than merely giving constructive feedback!

The LIBRA’s Wedding Planning Style – Exquisite, Romantic Perfection

Libra and Taurus are the charmers of the Zodiac, sharing a ruling sign, though the Libra Bride is more likely to use their charms to achieve social harmony. Your ruling planet, Venus – of love and romance, further fuels that diplomacy.
The Libra bride needs everything to be in balance, with absolute, exquisite perfection. The goddess of love and beauty demands a wedding of soft, feminine perfection, a scene from a bridal magazine, with touches of love and romance throughout.
So, how does that affect your wedding planning style? While peaceful and loving, you can also be moody, stubborn and indecisive. Indecision is fraught with difficulty when wedding planning, as you need to be firm with your choices – a change of mind is difficult and expensive. Trust your instincts, Libra, and work with your partner. You also find it difficult to say no to anyone, and as a result can get stressed out too.
Take stock, relax, and reflect on your wedding plans in your little white book – the sentimental in you will love to look back on it in future years to come.

The SCORPIO Bride – Cool, Calm Collected

Scorpio born are passionate and assertive people, but mysteriously manage to stay cool, calm and collected under ruling planet Pluto. Resourceful and smart, you may wish to undertake some DIY projects, possibly leaving them til the last minute to finish off…

Your wedding itself will be exciting, you don’t do anything by halves, and Scorpio can be a little intense with their planning. You want it all done the right way (your way) and that’s a non negotiable.
I suggest you work closely with your bridal party, allow them to help out now and then, and be flexible about your expectations. While you have a tough surface, we know you feel emotions more deeply than most Zodiac signs too, so don’t be afraid to lean on your fiance a little.

A SAGITTARIUS Wedding Planner – The Lucky One

Planetary giant Jupiter rules the Sagittarius bride, one of the biggest personalities in the Zodiac. Sagittarius wedding planners like to dream big, with possibly a little too much optimism (i.e. that Pinterest wedding that’s way out of budget
Often impulsive, the ‘Archer’ star sign will have fun wedding planning, perhaps leaving things til the last minute and maintaining a little mystery. When it comes to your wedding, though, you can’t leave too much up to chance. While you’ll want to try your luck and never want to miss a last minute exciting opportunity, you also need to get organised and stay on track with realistic timelines and checklists. Some things just shouldn’t be left to chance and luck, you know. Start your 12 month checklist now, even if you’ve got longer to go, and keep on track with the little white book, while leaving just a few things up to chance!

The CAPRICORN Bride – Disciplined, Structured Efficiency

With Saturn as this Zodiac’s ruling planet, Capricorn is renowned for her discipline and maturity. Sometimes referred to as the ‘authoritative figure’ of the Zodiac, the ‘Goat’ wields efficient, planning perfection – you’ll have organised the bridal party before they’ve even had a chance to say “Yes” to “Will you be my Bridesmaid“. Saturn and Capricorn crave structure – yours will be a well planned production with sophistication and class, you’re budget conscious, but not at the expense of quality.
With so many considerations to wedding planning, you may feel a little overwhelmed from time to time – there’s so many guests to accommodate, so many things to add to the wedding budget, and so many things to get structured and organised (with outstanding discipline and efficiency).
You’ll thrive using the little white wedding planning pack, keeping on track with the excel budget template, updating your guest-list spreadsheet and ticking off those to-do’s in the little white book.

The AQUARIUS Wedding Planner – Anything Goes for this laid-back bride!

Individualistic Aquarius is inspired by ruling planet Uranus, planet of innovation and originality. Expect surprised from an Aquarius bride, this will not be a mediocre affair. Unique, personal and totally original, the Aquarius reading this will already be thinking of what she can do differently at her wedding – and anything goes.
How to plan a wedding that’s all about you (the right way) is the first thing you’ll want to read, Aqua brides, while thinking about your style and personality all the way through. Aquarians love to inspire and create change in the world (the perfect Bride Tribe babes!).
While you want to plan a wedding that’s totally ‘You’, don’t feel too pressured to make everything original and unique, you still want to have a sense of cohesion, and ought not put too much pressure on yourself to change the status quo.
I suggest you choose a few priorities, and make those your projects, inspiring each of those with your own je ne sais quoi, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel at every turn. Being original and different can also be expensive, so keep an eye on the wedding budget.

The PISCES Princess – The Zodiac’s Cinderella Wedding

Finally, the Cinderella of the stars, the Pisces Princess sometimes has her head in the clouds, and wedding planning can be no exception. She gets her most obvious traits (sensitivity, imagination and spirituality) from ruling planet Neptune, and her wedding will be enchanting, magical and whimsical. It’s all about love.

As ethereal as Neptune’s influence can be though, it can also be pretty intense, and you may be disappointed if others don’t listen to your dreams, or tell you they can’t be done.
In your quest for the greatest love story ever told, and most romantic, beautiful and magical wedding imaginable, you’re likely to encounter a few hurdles, and at times feel frustrated and stifled by less fanciful things like the guest list and wedding budget. Don’t let your dreams pass you by though, in the midst of wedding planning, write down your thoughts, hopes, and what you are grateful for in the little white book as you plan your magical day.
Now that you all know your nuptial attitude according to your zodiac sign, make sure to get and stay on track with the wedding planning index. Happy planning star-crossed lovers!
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