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The Single Girl's Guide To Surviving Wedding Season

The Single Girl’s Guide To Surviving Wedding Season

Feeling like the last single girl during wedding season (again!) is tough.
Even if you are more than content with being single, attending back-to-back weddings can still feel like a slap in the face for all the single ladies. Weddings are all about a celebration of love, and when we are single, it can make us feel our utmost loneliness. But weddings can just be as fun when you are single. Here are some tips for the do’s and don’ts to survive wedding season for the single ladies, a few tips for couples inviting their single friends, and the tweets that hilariously sum it up.

Do plan something fun with the girls.

Weddings bring everyone together. As adults, life can get so busy, making it hard to catch up with your nearest and dearest. So why not make the most of having all the girls together again, even if you’re the only one sans +1? Invite all the girls over to get ready together and have a couple of glasses of bubbles to celebrate – most of them will be overjoyed to have a girls’ morning instead of getting ready with their SO. Having a bunch of girls to get ready with also has its perks as you can swap items of clothing to wear, and share makeup to look your absolute best- because who knows who you will meet at the reception ;).
If you are getting ready together, you will have people to travel to the wedding venue with. This means you do not have to arrive by yourself and make yourself feel even more single.

Don’t bring a date for the sake of it.

Even if the bride and groom has allowed you to bring a plus one, do not bring them unless you are in a relationship with that person. If you have just started dating someone or are not in an official relationship, it is likely that they will become a burden on you at a wedding. It is likely that they will not know anyone at the event, therefore they will be hanging on to your side at all times.
Weddings are fun, but not much fun when you have someone follow you to the bathroom and wait outside until you are finished because they don’t know anyone else.  You will also probably spend the whole of the reception introducing your date to everyone… and possibly explaining your circumstances and why it’s totally inappropriate to ask him when he’s going to propose. Why would you want to do this when you could be dropping it low on the dance floor? You also must remember that you are not paying for the wedding. Weddings are expensive, and each guest costs around $100 just for food. Therefore, it is not fair on the bride and groom to be paying for a guest that you have only brought along to avoid being seen as that single girl.

Help out! Find yourself a task.

If you know you might struggle being alone at the wedding, why not lend the bride and groom a helping hand? There are so many jobs to volunteer for at a wedding – and you never know which other singletons may assist with you. These could include making sure everything is sticking to the time schedule, helping the DJ and setting up decorations. Keeping yourself busy and having a responsibility can keep your mind distracted from being alone

Have a bloody good time.

Don’t try and convince yourself that you should be sad cause you’re single – embrace having fun! Being seated at the singles’ table and meeting new people is not the worst thing in the world! The groom’s long lost cousin could end up being the one you marry, OR you could make a new friend for life. Enjoy the food, the drinks and the music. Make use of the opportunity to dress up, wear your favourite outfit and take as many insta-worthy pics you can.

Cry only happy tears!

There is nothing worse than being the sad, single one crying, especially when you’re drunk. If you know you’re prone to getting upset in social situations like this, limit the number of glasses of wine you drink and maybe switch to water or lemonade. You do not want to be remembered for being the ‘drunk single girl’ and even be responsible for upsetting the bride. If you’re crying at a wedding, they’d better be tears of joy!

You’re there to celebrate other peoples’ love – not your lack of it!

Their wedding (and their happiness) is not about you or your loneliness. This may seem harsh, but it is the truth and something that many of us need reminding of. Yes, single jokes are funny, but there is a time and a place.  You are there to celebrate the married couple and not dwell on your singleness, as hard as that can be.
P.S. Cheer up with these hilarious tweets about being single at a wedding!

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