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Top Wedding Suit Trends for 2022/2023 and How to Wear Them

There’s no denying that a bride’s dress takes centre stage when it comes to the wedding and it can sometimes take months of hunting to find “the one”. A men’s suit on the other hand is easy to pin down, right? Wrong! Stylist to the stars Lulu Wilcox talks us through the must-have suits for the upcoming wedding season!

There are so many suits on the market today, from the style and shape, to the colour and pattern. You’ll be amazed at all the choices in front of you and perhaps just as overwhelmed as you are finding the dress!

There’s also a lot of fun to be had with the groomsmen suits as well – you are no longer confined to the standard “blue wedding suit” of previous decades. Today I’m going to be tackling some of the biggest suit trends of 2021 and how you can incorporate them into your big day.

  1. Tweed

This classic fabric will continue to be popular for those rustic, outdoor weddings. It’s a timeless material that adds some real charm to a wedding and it comes in a huge variety of colours. If an entire tweed suit sounds like a little too much for you, keep things simple by introducing tweed in just the waistcoat or even the tie and perhaps the pocket square. Otherwise a statement plaid jacket can be such an amazing look if your groom is up for the challenge. (photo via Pinterest)

  1. Double breasted

The 80s favourite has been growing in popularity recently and it’s set to be a trend that sticks around for a while now. These boxy jackets feature two rows of buttons and generally have wider lapels. However, for a modern 2021 look, take the classic double-breasted style and update it with a tailored and tight fit, paired with skinny or straight leg suit pants. Similarly, we will also be seeing a lot of double breasted waistcoats this year, but I’d suggest pairing these with a single breast button suit. (photo via Pinterest)

  1. Tailored and fitted suits

This brings us nicely to trend number three! Suits for the past few seasons, and the year ahead, have had a tailored and fitted look. While I spotted Harry Styles rocking a pair of exaggerated flared pants to a wedding recently in the gossip mags, this is a trend yet to take off (well, in this era at least!).  Right now, nothing beats a fitted suit and skinny tie – it’s a great starting point and foundation for any fabric or colour of your choice. 

  1. Colourful fabrics

A black or navy suit is always a solid option, but have you thought about playing with colour? Blue is still by far the most popular colour for wedding suits, but now there are a lot more options on the market to choose between. Last year we saw a lot of green tones and burgundy creeping into wedding suits and in 2021 this is going to take off even bigger. The world is your oyster when it comes to what colour you’d like as a suit! (photo via Pinterest)

  1. Make it custom!

Bespoke and made-to-measure suits are becoming more and more popular right now. This takes us right back to the 20s when every man got their suits custom made. Why not indulge in the experience as a treat for your special day? It gives you the opportunity to customise everything from the colour and fabric to the design and fit. This also means you add some really special touches to the suit, like your future wife’s name embroidered on the lining, or perhaps a pouch for an antique family pocket watch. The options are endless!

And those are our top 5 trends for suits this season! Weddings are such a fabulous event and they deserve and equally fabulous outfit. I hope I’ve proven that it’s not only the bride who can have fun with her outfit on the big day. If you’re planning your wedding, use the best wedding planner book to stay on track.

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