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11 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement in 2022

11 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement in 2022

So you’ve just got engaged and you’re on Cloud 9, you want to shout it from the rooftops and celebrate with all your nearest and dearest, but it’s 2021 and many of us around the world are doing things a bit differently!

You may feel unable to plan a wedding yet, due to the restrictions (and risks) of Covid derailing your plans, so it might be all the more important to you to at least celebrate your engagement.

Traditionally, couples celebrate by planning an engagement party within 1-3 months of their announcement, but we don’t think there’s an reason to stick to tradition, especially in 2021, so we’ve thought of some special and unique ways to celebrate (with unique engagement party ideas included too!).

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11 Unique Ideas to Celebrate your Engagement

1. Take an Engagement Staycation together (“Engagement-moon”…?)

It might be a long, long time til you can properly plan the Honeymoon of your dreams (though I’m as hopeful as anyone that we open a ‘travel-bubble’ with a tropical island soon), so celebrate your engagement by getting out of town together.

Whether you want a luxurious city-staycation or a romantic country escape, a mini-break together is a great way to celebrate, as well as a good space to think about what kind of celebration you want to plan together in future. You can talk about your wedding priorities, even your potential wedding guest list (especially if you’re thinking about friends overseas and whether to wait until we can travel freely again).

2. Recreate your First Date

For something a little more low-key, return to the start of your love story by reenacting your first date. If you can’t go to the exact restaurant or movie you went to together, recreate the memories at home together. By returning to the memories of your first date, you can reflect on all the time that’s passed since and talk about your favourite moments along the way.

Fun fact: Blair and I went to Lone Star for our first date, and when we return every couple of years, I’m always taken back to memories of our night there over a decade ago!

Three Unique ‘Engagement Party’ Day Out Ideas

If your friend group is anything like ours (scattered all over the world) it may be hard to get a big group together for an Engagement Party, but you can still plan a day out together, locally or taking an out-of-town road trip. Think of it like you would a birthday party, what would you do to celebrate that? Here are my favourite Unique Engagement Party Day Out ideas.

P.S. Read How to Plan your Engagement Party next.

3. A Mini Golf ‘Engagement Party’ Day Out

As a couple, we love the challenge and competitive aspect of mini-golf, and it’s even more fun with a group of friends. We recently celebrated my sister’s birthday with a couple of rounds at ‘Holey Moley’ in Auckland’s viaduct, and it was the perfect mix of fun, socialising and competition (not to mention a few drinks).

4. A Karaoke ‘Engagement Party’ Day Out

While this idea is soooo not for me (I hate Karaoke!) I know how many people actually love it, and if you or your partner are keen singers, it could be the perfect way to show off your skills (a duet perhaps?), as well as being a great ice-breaker to introduce each of your groups of friends.

5. A Concert or Sports Event ‘Engagement Party’ Day Out

Sing along to your favourite band or cheer on your sports team and say ‘Cheers’ to your own exciting news at the same time. Depending on the number of friends, you could even hire a corporate box – with food and drinks included it could be an affordable ‘Engagement Party’ idea.

Plan a ‘Traditional’ Engagement Party with a Unique Theme!

If your budget allows, and you have enough friends locally or who can travel to you to attend an engagement party, celebrate your news in style, but in a way which is personal to you.

Whether you host your party at home or hire a venue, think of ways you can tailor it to make it unique to you. For example…

6. An Engagement Party with a City Theme

Wish you could be in Paris (or New York) this year? Have an engagement party inspired by the ‘City of Love’ (or the ‘City that Never Sleeps’). It doesn’t have to be quite as OTT as that Parisian Bridal Shower in Bridesmaids, but it can inspire your decor, music and catering, not to mention the Champagne (or perhaps a SATC inspired Cosmo if New York is your vibe!)

Bonus points for this ‘She Said Oui’ Cake Topper!

7. An Engagement Party based on your Favourite Movie

Host an at-home screening of your favourite romantic film, and encourage your guests to dress up for the occasion too. For an Old Hollywood glamour-themed party, invite guests to dress like their favorite vintage stars, or if you’re fans of an 80s movie, have a retro theme and sound-track to the evening.

8. ‘Star-Crossed’ lovers celebrate under the Stars

Is there a planetarium or observatory in your city? What could be more romantic than celebrating under the stars? Many planetariums and observatories offer venue hire, an incredibly unique place for an engagement party or wedding.

If you don’t have one available, grab some blankets and set up a magical picnic night under the stars at a park or backyard! If you love all things celestial, have a look at this romantic Custom Star Map print too.

9. Set Sail at Sunset

Want the perfect sunset photos, combined with a perfect backdrop? Invite your friends to set sail just before sunset, a private and intimate way to celebrate your engagement. You could even have a photographer on board to take both your engagement photos and snap your guests looking picture perfect.

10. An Engagement Shoot to celebrate your Engagement

What better way to document this moment than to capture it in an engagement shoot? As well as forever being able to look back on the photos, you can use them on your wedding website or Save The Dates, it’s a great chance to meet your potential wedding photographer, and good practice for being in front of the camera too (not the most natural thing for many, especially our partners!).

Oh, and make sure to actually print your beautiful photos too! I use Happy Moose for mine, they do the most incredible framed prints (making the job so easy for you!) and you can use ‘meg‘ at checkout for 10% off.

11. Get Immortalised in a Digital Portrait

Not everyone wants an engagement shoot, so these Custom Engagement Illustration Portraits are such a divine alternative, and I also like these Personalised Engagement Maps (or save this for an Anniversary Gift – your first wedding anniversary gift is traditionally ‘Paper’)

Of course, however you celebrate your engagement, make sure to write all about it in your little white book wedding planner – an invaluable planning resource and keepsake of your engagement.

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