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Do I need a Wedding Planner for my Small Wedding?

When planning a wedding there are so many things to think about, even the small details that you may not even consider (even for a small wedding). Hiring a wedding planner could just be the best decision you make, to help with all of decision making to leave less time for you to stress and more time doing the fun stuff. However, it’s important to know exactly what they are doing for you before you book a wedding planner.

What is the role of a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner, or coordinator, acts as an agent between you and every other wedding vendor (and sometimes even between you and your family!). They are your event manager, communicator and wing-man, turning your vision into a reality. While you’ll be making the decisions about your Big Day, they’ll be organising those choices into a cohesive plan.

For instance, Emma Newman says “I see myself as being like an “Event and Wedding Executive Assistant” for a client, couple and their family.”

Rebekah of The Event Girl says “From style and design, all the way through to on the day management and post-wedding pack-up, I am for anyone who wants to set aside the stress and focus on creating truly magical moments.”

1. A Wedding Planner can help you Budget

Often, one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is money. You have so many ideas and dreams you want to bring to life, but how do you do this in the most cost effective way, ensure your money is being used in the best way possible?

With each wedding vendor being priced individually (and likely not advertising these prices online), it makes it hard to choose and also find the best deal whilst doing so.

Sitting down with a wedding planner and letting them know your budget can help immensely. Leave it all up to them and take some of the weight off your shoulders. They may also be able to get you the best deals and help crunch those numbers.

2. A Wedding Planner communicates with your Wedding Vendors

So many questions, so little time… communication with vendors can be one of those things on your to-do list that you can just find yourself too busy at times to do. The same goes with contracts and paperwork, both of which your wedding planner should be very experienced in. They will read all of the fine print and maintain communication with the vendors to work through any potential issues. Even if you have a small wedding, you are likely to have a lot of vendors.


3. Wedding Planners come with a wealth of experience and ideas

You may already have hundreds, maybe thousands of ideas by now. For many it’s a dream to get engaged, you may have planned your wedding in your head a thousand times, let alone the hundred (plus) Pinterest wedding inspo boards. You may think you know exactly what you want… but your wedding planner has most likely been in the game for years, and has helped with all sorts of weddings, incorporating different cultures, traditions and other ideas. Your wedding planner will be a wealth of insight and knowledge to pass on if you are stuck with anything.

4. A Stress-free Big Day – you can let your Wedding Planner take the reins

So long as you’re hiring your wedding planner to help with on-the-day coordination, you can sit back and relax on your Big Day, knowing everything is taken care of. Your wedding planner will make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible during your special day, so you can just soak up the best moments instead of being pulled in multiple directions. Your wedding planner will deal with timings for the day and even deal with last-minute changes in weather conditions, implementing your back-up plan so that you can get married without a hitch..

They will handle it all in the most effective way possible.

Most of all, on your wedding day, you just want to have fun and soak up all of the wedding goodness. Because before you know it, it will be over in a flash. So get started, search for recommended planners and also start off with our best selling little white book (wedding planner book) to record notes along the way as you work together to create your magical day.

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