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Why start using a wedding planner as soon as you’re engaged?

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life, and you will be feeling all sorts of wonderful emotions. You will be so loved up, full of excitement and may also feel bit panicked with everyone now asking the question… “So when is the wedding..!?”

Take your time before you start wedding planning

Most likely, you are just trying to soak up the engagement bliss and haven’t made any ‘set in stone’ plans. That’s a good thing – take your time before you start wedding planning, you have to make some pretty big decisions for your ‘Big Day’, and you’ll be able to do so in a better frame of mind once you’ve had some time to mull things over.

However, while I do recommend you wait before actually planning your wedding, here are a few reasons why you should buy (the best) wedding planner book right away.


Why you need a Wedding Planner before you start Planning…

1. Record the proposal, and your story so far, to look back on one day.

Relive the butterflies. The time can seem to go so quickly when you’re planning, and then counting down to your wedding, so rather than rush into it all, write it all down.

Take a moment to reflect and record about the day you got engaged, how you shared your news, and what you’re most excited about. Include pictures of the moment, how your family and friends reacted, and all the special memories you have of the day.

Were there screams of excitement? Did you get sent anything special in the mail from loved ones? Was a dinner planned? Any surprises arranged with loved ones waiting for you to celebrate after the proposal? In the little white book, there’s plenty of room for reflections and photos – because we think these moments are just as important as all the others to come.

2. Brainstorm ideas with your partner about what your dream day might look like

Before you really start planning your wedding, it’s time for the fun (okay, and sometimes serious) stuff…

Brainstorming! What wedding venues have you always loved the look of? Is there a style of music, or a band you both immediately agree on? Pinterest is great for brainstorming and finding ideas…. if you haven’t already started, I know I had 😉 Then incorporate these into your wedding planner book, print photographs and make a scrapbook of ideas if you’re more of a visual person. Or if you like anything in a bridal magazine you can stick those in too.

3. Write about your love story – it will help with your wedding vows later

Before we get onto wedding planning, the little white book has a section all about your journey so far. It’s called ‘our love story’, and by filling them in now, you can return to them later and reflect on your journey together to remind yourself what is important to you both, what you are celebrating and help you write your vows.

This section includes journal prompts are thoughtfully curated from our couples journal (also called ‘our love story‘). Including prompts such as ‘what do you think has made your relationship strong, and kept you together?‘ and ‘why is it important to you to get married?’

4. Use your wedding planner to write down the advice everyone is passing on

Don’t forget a thing. Wedding advice is great! Not that you have to follow all of it, but it’s great to hear others’ experiences of wedding planning, and write down anything that resonates.

Friends who have been recently married may be able to give you tips on wedding vendors, or even assist with budgeting (i.e. how much they spent on catering). Take what advice best suits you and names of business contacts recommended for later when you starts making bookings/appointments.

5. A wedding planner book is a space to bring all your wedding ideas and inspiration together

Now that you’re engaged, you may just start finding inspiration everywhere. Try to keep a note of everything you and see and like, and then you can start finding a common thread of ‘style’ and ‘theme’ to draw on later.

Having all of your notes and memories in one space not only makes wedding planning easier, but also creates the most special keepsake of planning, moments that you can cherish and things to look back on together in the future to bond together while you flick through your gorgeous wedding album. As a bride with ADHD, I found it really hard to remember all the little things along the way I was supposed to check off, so writing it down also really helped!

6. Starting a wedding planner makes it feel real!

Starting to write in your wedding planner really makes it feel real. You’re engaged, you get to marry the absolute love of your life, so start by recording all the feelings and memories you felt when it all started. Use your wedding planner to record feelings and memories to look back on.You’ve got one special place to make and record all of the plans for your special day.

Our wedding planner book is a chic, understated A5 hard-cover journal, which has a 12 month diary throughout – so that it can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. It’s the wedding planning tool that you’ll keep close to you, and really use throughout your engagement. As someone with ADHD, I need deadlines, checklists and extreme help staying organised, and that means having a wedding planner book I really wanted to keep opening and using too. This wedding planner is exactly that. The best part is you can download a sample here to see if it’s the best wedding planner book for you!

wedding planner book little white book

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“Undoubtedly the best wedding planner book!” 

Frequently voted the best wedding planner book and featured in international magazines and publications (Cosmopolitan, Glamour UK & CNN to name a few), the little white book is a the ultimate wedding planner, 12 month journal, diary and keepsake.



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