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How to write thoughtful Wedding Thank You Notes

There’s something so special about receiving letters in the post these days, and it doesn’t get much more special than receiving a truly personal hand-written thank you note. While it might be the last thing you feel like doing post-wedding, writing thoughtful thank you notes is such a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with all of your guests, reflect on your memories of the day and with them, and express your gratitude for their presence (and possibly their gifts too).

I’ve also included some stunning personalised thank you cards at the bottom of this article, with links to where to purchase.

Get Organised Early: Order your Thank You Cards

You can organise your thank you notes with your wedding stationery designer at the same time as creating your invitation suite, or wait until after the wedding and send a photo thank you card.

To encourage me to do so, I organised my thank you cards at the same time as the rest of the wedding stationery and had them sent out to me pre-wedding.  Since the wedding a month ago, having the stack of cards and envelopes by my bed has been the perfect reminder of the time I spent with my friends and family. I enclosed a photo of the two of us, and where possible, a photo of our guests, which I had printed through Happy Moose (use ‘meg’ for 10% off).

Start writing Thank You Notes early

According to tradition, you have up to a year to write your wedding thank you’s, but in the instant-communication era we live in, you should aim for 3-6 months. Slowly but surely, I’ve been working my way through the cards, thinking about the time I spent with each of my guests and taking the time to be grateful for each of them and writing truly personal notes from the heart.

The guest list section of our wedding planner book has space to record the gift received from each of your guests, besides their name and address, allowing you to quickly refer to and write your thoughtful thank you card with ease, writing the address out on an envelope, and reminding you of the particular gift you are thanking your guests for.

What to write in your Wedding Thank You Cards

You don’t need to write an essay, just a few sentences expressing your gratitude for their presence, thanks for their gift, or if they contributed to your wedding wishing well, you can let them know how you plan to use the money.

If you can, make it personal – what made your wedding so special – was there something unforgettable during the ceremony or speeches? Did you particularly enjoy this guest’s song choice, over-the-top dancing, or were they just fun to be around? Remind your guests of your experience together, and make them feel special for being part of your Big Day..

Write special Thank You notes for family and Wedding Party attendants

Your family and wedding party have likely spent a lot of time helping you in the lead up to, and on your Wedding Day, so writing a longer, more thoughtful thank you card for their contribution and time is one way to show your appreciation. Some couples choose to give a small gift too – for family this could be a high-quality framed photo print of you all together (make sure to add this to the photographer’s photo list), or a small piece of jewellery or homeware for your wedding party.

Once you’ve finished writing and sending your thank you cards, it’s a great time to reflect and reconnect with your new spouse too, think about starting I still do – a couple’s journal and wedding anniversary diary to continue to work on your relationship long after you’ve sent the last thank you card.

Wedding Thank You Card Inspiration & Purchase Links

PearlyPaper (Downloadable then print with Happy Moose ‘meg’ for 10% off)

Mallory Hope Stationery (physical prints)

thank you note card inspiration 2

Wild Bloom Printables

wedding thank you card note inspiration

Sydney Bernadoni (Printable)

Wedding Thank You Note Card Printable 1


How to write thoughtful Wedding Thank You Notes

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